Jun 05 2006

Western Traitors Heading To Iraq

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One has to wonder at those who shun the open life provided in the West to do and say anything you want with certain death working for a brutal thug who cannot discern animals and human beings. But they are out there, Al Qaeda’s useful idiots who are traitors to the countries that gave them the right to make idiotic choices:

Up to 150 Islamic extremists from Britain have reportedly traveled to Iraq to join the foreign legion of Al-Qaeda to fight coalition forces, the Sunday Times of London reported.

The report quoted senior security sources as saying leaders of the Iraqi insurgency have set up a “foreign legion” composed exclusively of westerners to fight with the insurgents against British and U.S. forces. According to the report, some of the radicals are trained for basic combat skills while others are planning to carry out suicide attacks.

These Western foreign fighters are suspected to be under the direction of the Al-Qaeda commander in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Little evidence is available, but according to Saudi and Israeli investigations of 154 foreign fighters in Iraq, “The largest group [of foreign fighters] is young kids who see the images [of war] on TV and are reading the stuff on the internet. Or they see the name of a cousin on the list or a guy who belongs to their tribe, and they feel a responsibility to go.” This suggests that foreign fighters come self-motivated, ready to sacrifice before funneling themselves into insurgent networks within Iraq.

The young Islamic extremists moving from western Europe to Iraq has been on the rise over the past two years, fueled mostly by growing resentment about US and British policy on Iraq, said the Sunday newspaper.

Thankfully their are not great numbers of these sacrificial lambs to Darwin’s Evolution. But it does show that without a strong family, our prized possessions (our children) are there for the taking by others who simply need bodies to throw away in their power mad schemes.

The original Times of London article can be found here. It is worth a read.

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  1. Bill in AZ says:

    The holy bug zapper called Iraq. Better there than here. And if our troops weren’t there drawing them like bugs to a candle – like murtha and countless lunatic libs would prefer – they WOULD be here practicing their mayhem in the name of their so-called religion.