Nov 26 2012

How Bengazi Led To The Middle East Flare Up

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The 9-11 Terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya – which resulted in the murder of our Ambassador and the death of some of his security attachment – are the roots of the unrest we now see in the Palestinian areas surrounding Israel, in Syria and in Egypt. And expect this unrest to expand since the Islamo-Fascist smell blood in this incompetent administration.

Only an incompetent administration not only fails to beef up security at this exposed and previously attacked location, they actually reduce security leading to 9-11. That is a sign of criminal ignorance in my opinion, since the result was 4 dead Americans. It was an avoidable result running up to 9-11. It was an avoidable result during the attack, as nearby forces were told to stand down and not intervene. As we learn more, the missteps and mistakes are stunning.

The cover up afterwards was nothing more than a desperate attempt to hold onto power prior to national elections. It is obvious that Obama political appointees wrote over (and therefore attempted to hide) the  after-action assessment of career warriors who have spent years focused on defending this nation and its people, at home and abroad. So obvious:

According to CBS News, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) head James Clapper will take that hit.

Granted, the CBS report doesn’t pin the blame directly upon Clapper himself, but only locates the edits in his “office”. Yet since his subordinate, former CIA Director General David Petraeus, recently testified before a congressional intelligence committee that his agency knew terrorists were responsible from the very beginning, he can hardly plead ignorance of that same information.

If this administration is trying to hide behind ‘the office’ – as if the head of that office has zero responsibility – you can tell how panicked they were right after the coordinated and planned attack on our consulate. Some may bite on this, but it is clear the effort was not on the threat of attack, but threat of political fall out.

As for plausible deniability, the CBS report is clear that the White House and State Department did not make those changes.  However, for all practical purposes, James Clapper is every bit as much a part of the White House staff as the president’s national security advisor. He attends Oval Office meetings, and is very aware of wishes held by the president and senior staff.  His DNI serves to centralize authority over all intelligence organizations. Ambassador Rice would be privy to that classified information because it is shared at the Cabinet level.

Yes, a stupid, bush-league cover up.

Which the Islamo-Fascists also notice with glee. Since they also know their attack was planned, coordinated and successful, they realized what the White House response implied. Unlike either George Bush or Ronald Reagon, the panicked focus on PR by the White House was an inviting signal. It meant this White House was impotent. Something we knew when it took three tries and a near act of treason to take out Bin Laden once his whereabouts were established. It meant this White House would not condemn or attack those who attacked the US or its allies, it would only spin madly.

So this leads any half-wit, Islamo-Fascist in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya or Palestine to realize Israel and the other centrist nations (Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Iraq) are vulnerable. If all this White House will do is throw top generals under the bus when attacked, then obviously they have 4 years to take action and try and gain ground.

Obama is the modern Neville Chamberlain – the man who let Hitler out of his box to pillage and kill. So far the response to the escalation in the Middle East has been tepid at best. I know much of this goes through private channels, but the public signals seem weak. Sooner or later we (America) either send a signal to stop, or we find ourselves facing a mid- East meltdown.

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4 Responses to “How Bengazi Led To The Middle East Flare Up”

  1. kathie says:

    Muslim’s know that they have Obama in their pocket, the radicals are taking advantage of his stupidity. Why he can separate the terrorists from other Muslim’s I have no idea. When Jordan goes down we will watch a war between the Sunni and Shea and what a mess it will be.

  2. scaulen says:

    AJ, reading back to your link about the Bin Laden take down makes me wonder. What are the odds that this whole Patreus affair and forcing General Ham to retire isn’t the white house taking revenge for the Intel community forcing his hand?

  3. joe six-pack says:

    wars have a bad habit of going out of control. It is only a matter of time before nuclear weapons enter the picture. We are heading for this at a much faster rate than before. It may be incompetence but I am not so certain. After all, President Obama seems to be benefiting from all of this.

  4. momdear1 says:

    Gen. Ham was relieved of his command because he refused to “Stand down” and was preparing to send in troops to rescue our people who were under attack. His second in command informed him he was releived of his command while he was preparing the rescue mission for it’s send off. the only person who has authoritty to releive a general of his command is the President because he is the commander in chief.

    This is the smoking gun. The Prez could not allow our people to fght back because Muslims are forbidden from making war on other muslims. Comprende? At his news conference he said he ordered all our agencies to do what was necessary to rescue our people without inflicting colateral damage on “innocent” civilians> Why is it that US and Israel are the only countries who can’t inflict collateral damage? Those mainics thrive on collateral damage. We had almost 3,000 people who were collateral damage on the first 9 11.