Jun 05 2006

Iraq Out Of Control, Or Al Qaeda?

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OK, I am scratching my head on the news about 50 abductions in Baghdad by armed men.

Gunmen wearing police uniforms raided bus stations in central Baghdad, abducting at least 50 people, including drivers and passengers preparing to travel outside Iraq, an interior ministry official said.

The attackers also seized people working in the area, where several travel agencies are based and buses pick up passengers traveling mostly to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, Lt. Colonel Falah al-Mohamedawi said.

The victims were herded into more than a dozen vehicles. More details were not immediately available.

Why abductions? What good are hostages from the general populace? These animals shoot unarmed children and then raid bus stations? It is important to realize the vast majority of the country is stable and quiet, except when Al Qaeda does one of these brutal and bizarre acts. I do not see a strengthening insurgency evolving. I see Al Qaeda falling into chaos as it executes these ruthless acts. But these people cannot intimidate the Iraqis. They are not sheep. They put up with Hussein for thirty years and have their country back. They are not going to simply march off into slavery again.

This may shake up the left in this country – but they were shaken at day 1. I doubt Bush is going to change his position if Kerry calls for surrender every day this year. Even if the Reps in Congress lose their spine, Bush will never stop trying to get over the last hill in Iraq until his last day in office. There is no reason for him to quit and take a false loss. These acts of animal brutality are just that. Attempts to make people in the West cower – not Iraqis. It would save a lot of lives if the liberal media would stop their handwringing about Vietnam Iraq.  Everytime they wail their doubts more Iraqis die as Al Qaeda tries to keep the screaming their heads off here.  Wake up media and get some self control.  People are dying because of your egoes.

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  1. Dadmanly says:

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    The Associated Press (AP) continues to carry water for al-Zarqawi and Al Qaeda, demonstrated in the way in which they frame todayÂ’s report of ongoing violence. This time, itÂ’s to juxtapose the killing of 21 Shiite students north of Baghdad, killed in…

  2. Terrye says:

    I heard this and I almost wondered if it was for real. There are still a lot of Baghdad Bobs over there and it would not be the first time a rumor took flight. 50 people is a lot to control. Seems strange to me.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Seems to me that if I were in a group of 50 people abducted the day after 20-some were shot in cold blood, it would be time for some Flight 93 style resistance. Hell, if we are going to die anyway, you have nothing to lose by making the experiance more difficult for the captors. If every single person put up as much resistance as they could, it might get them killed (they are going to get killed anyway) but it would also slow down the operation and be more likely to spur bystanders to assist in overpowering the abductors.

    The people of Iraq need to stand up to these animals or they are going to keep getting attacked by them.