Nov 06 2012

GOP Is Blowing It: Live Blogging The 2012 Election: 7 PM Eastern – Gut Check Time

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10:58 PM: So, clearly I should stay away from predicting elections. Good night all, better luck next cycle.

10:44 PM: CNN notes it is coming down FL, not Ohio. Not good for Romney

Post Final Update: Karl Rove pulled me in off the ledge. I had done a county-by-county analysis of Ohio and Rove is right – there are more red counties than from 2008, so I will hold off (one more scotch) to see if this can be pulled off. It is 163-163, with room to win.  It is still down to FL, NC and VA.  Let’s see what happens.

Final Update: I am watching GOP senate races go down to foolish social conservative losses – thanks Aiken and Murdouch. We even lost Scott Brown. One of my readers asked me if the GOP still can screw up? Well RT, apparently yes. We have lost so many senate races, so many states. And with a President who has been a huge failure. Losing the Senate is bad enough. But at 9:50 PM we have yet to get A SINGLE swing state call. Not one…

President Obama gets 4 more..Good night America! This independent is sadly going to sign off and figure out how the conservative/libertarian movement can be taken out of the hands of those who lose.

If you want to cling to some hope, go to Hot Air – end update

Still cautiously optimistic for Romney. First round of states could set the tone. VA has to go big for Romney to establish a path to the White House. Hearing that government workers in Northern Virginia (and the many more government contractors) are going for Romney tells me the government employee unions are not going to carry the day. This is what you get when you hold the sword of Damocles above the head of voters in the one area of VA that the president must carry.

So, here…. we…. go…!

Update: 8:27 PM Eastern: Rove is bullish on VA and OH. My prediction could hold up, if all we are seeing are early/absentee voting and not real election day votes.

Update: 8:24  PM Eastern: Painfully slow. Hat off to the Obama GOTV. Should not be this close. VA, F, OH, and NH still open. Sleeping tomorrow!

Update: 7:40  PM Eastern: Wow, this is close. VA, FL and NH not called yet.  I will be 3 sheets to the wind before we get past the east coast. SC and WV goes to Romney!

Update: 7:00  PM Eastern: VA – too close to call. Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia go to Romney. VT to Obama. SC and VA hold out.

Update: 6:56 PM Eastern: Fox is planning on calling states right after 7 PM???  Anticipation!

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4 Responses to “GOP Is Blowing It: Live Blogging The 2012 Election: 7 PM Eastern – Gut Check Time”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    I think you meant that Vermont got called for Obama?

  2. DJStrata says:

    Thanks for the catch Lurker.

  3. Mike M. says:

    This is going to call for some serious after-action reviews.

    My take? The Republicans started with a weak field, and the powers-that-be backed a candidate who was “nice”, not “strong”. Reagan in 1980 had bold ideas – Romney in 2012 didn’t. He was running on managerial competence, not making a case for a bold new direction for the country.

  4. oneal lane says:

    First of all I had a bad feeling after the storm hit. I posted as such, that Obama was saved by the air time he drew from that storm coverage. Add the Christie incident and a lot of swing voters who are typically totally visual, and not logical, went for the visual image of Obama in charge. That kind of advertisement you cannot beat. It totally took Lybia off the screen.

    Secondly, I never bought the notion that Democrat turnout was going to be low. All the polls were using “plus” Democrat turnout. There had to be a reason. Those folks are not idiots.

    Thirdly, I never believed in the magical “insurgent voter wave” that somehow mysteriously colluded together to not answer poll calls. The Rass, a Gallup polls in this election were very accurate. The Tea Party never poked its head above the sand. I had long suspected the The Tea Party was a blip pon the radar screen of politics. It died after the 2010 elections.

    Lastly, and sadly as a nation we have “jumped the shark”. The tipping point has been reached. The majority of the nation want to be taken care of by the government. After tonight watch the Republican party run to the “left” Shortly we will look just like the UK. Two leftist partys fighting over who can best manage the handouts.

    There is no turning back, if history is any indicator. God save us!

    I want to thank AJ for putting up with my posting here. I know sometimes I have been a irritant to him and often jab him in the ribs when I disagree. But he has been generous and tolerant.

    Gosh guys I just want to cry!