Jun 02 2006

Zarqawi Sounds Desperate

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Zarqawi is begging Sunni’s to start a civil war and die for him.

The leader of al-Qaida in Iraq urged Sunnis to confront Shiites and ignore calls for reconciliation in a new audiotape posted Friday on the Web, saying Shiite militias are killing and raping the Sunni Arab minority.


“Oh Sunni people, wake up, pay attention and prepare to confront the poisons of the Shiite snakes who are afflicting you with all agonies since the invasion of Iraq until our day. Forget about those advocating the end of sectarianism and calling for national unity,” al-Zarqawi said.

Emphasis mine. Shia is a major Muslim sect. It is quite pervasive as can be seen in the fact Shiites are the easy majority in Iraq. Zarqawi’s insult on Shia is a huge blunder and cannot be seen as anything but a panic move.

I seriously doubt Al Qaeda wants to start a Muslim civil war with the Shiites. While that may actually make us a little safer in the short term as radical Muslims face off against their moderate brethren if that happened, I do not think we want that either. At least not wide spread.

What I do see is Zarqawi pleading for someone to go out and die for him. So the noose must be getting quite tight around him. Quite tight indeed. Al Qaeda is not going to be getting a warm welcome in the Shia regions of the world I would guess. Which is good for us.

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  1. WWS says:

    It’s amazing how both Zarqawi and his coy cheerleaders, the MSM, continue to buy into the “big lie” of a civil war between the Sunni and Shia in Iraq. They all love to play it up as either happening already or just around the corner.

    Reality check – Shia are 60% of Iraq, Kurds allied with them are another 20%, and the Sunni make up barely 15% – 20%. And let’s be generous and say maybe 1/4 of the Sunni would like to revolt. (that’s half of the men, and the real number is probably a fraction of that)

    What does anyone think will happen when 5% of the population of any country starts a war with the other 95%? Or even with 60%, with the other 35% sitting it out? Not hard to figure that one out, and it’s the obvious proof that there is no real civil war – because if there was, the Sunni would be exterminated in very short order. Traditionally, the Sunni in Iraq justified their dominance by telling themselves that the Shia were sheep, fit only to be slaves. Well the slaves have risen up and thrown massah’ out of his house, and no amount of shrieking by Zarqawi is going to put those who used to be slaves back in chains.

    This is a great story of the newly found freedom of an entire people – how can the MSM ignore this story completely and instead only find time to cheer on the last hope of the old oppresor’s. the “enforcer” Zarqawi?

  2. The Sandbox says:

    Friday Wrap-up…

    As I begin looking forward to my weekend, I realize blogging has been pretty light lately. I’m three weeks away from packing up out here in California and heading back home for a little while before I start Officer Training…

  3. crosspatch says:

    how can the MSM ignore this story completely and instead only find time to cheer on the last hope of the old oppresor’s. the “enforcer” Zarqawi?

    Because it is what they do. They see their world view as noble. They find nothing wrong with “making the world a better place” through their occupation as a “journalist”. The problem is that they don’t understand that their reporting invalidates their status as journalist. They have become commentators.

    By failing to report something, they make that something non-existant for a portion of the population. If your entire perception of the world is based on the news you hear, then things you don’t hear about don’t exist. If you never hear good news, there must not be any. If all you hear is “George Bush is the worst President in history” and bad news about Iraq, you can cause a large number of people to believe that is true. It must be true, you see, because the government doesn’t allow them to put stuff on the news that isn’t true! And you have no idea how many people actually believe that. My grandmother once told me that directly to my face. If it is on the news, it is the truth, period. So … they control what is on the news … so they control many people’s “truth”.