Nov 03 2012

Sandy vs. Katrina: Liberal Duplicity

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Katrina was a Cat 3 hurricane when she slammed into the Gulf Coast in 2005. She was much larger, stronger and deadlier than Little ‘Ol Sandy when She made landfall

Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the costliest natural disaster, as well as one of the five deadliest hurricanes, in the history of the United States.[3] Among recorded Atlantic hurricanes, it was the sixth strongest overall. At least 1,833 people died in the hurricane and subsequent floods, making it the deadliest U.S. hurricane since the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane; total property damage was estimated at $81 billion (2005 USD),[3] nearly triple the damage brought by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.[4]

Hurricane Sandy was only a Category 1 Hurricane when she slammed into New York City, unfortunately riding on a super high tide. Timing is everything. But due to the population density, Sandy will rival Katrina in dollars cost.

In both cases, proper preparation would have saved lives and money. New Orleans had actually weathered the brunt of Katrina fairly well – until levies broke that were not engineered to the proper specifications. Years of diverting hurricane preparedness money into political largesse had left chinks in the armor of New Orleans. The warnings were there and mostly headed. But it only takes a small crack in the defensive systems to produce an epic failure when faced with this much natural force and fury.

So too with New York. Another city that has been warned over and over that Hurricanes do make land fall high up the east coast:

All that was needed to prevent mass destruction from the storm surge in New York City was a sea barrier of the type that protects major cities in Europe, some scientists and engineers say.

The multibillion-dollar price tag of such a project has been a hindrance, but may appear more palatable after the damage from Superstorm Sandy has been tallied.

“The time has come. The city is finally going to have to face this,” said oceanography professor Malcolm J. Bowman at Long Island’s Stony Brook University. He has warned for years of the potential for a catastrophic storm surge in New York and has advocated for a barrier.

Instead of enforcing a ban on large sodas, Bloomie (Mayor Bloomberg) should have been thinking about what happens if even a small, Cat 1 hurricane hits the most densely populated area on the East Coast. Especially if it hits at high tide.

Now they know. But Bloomie is not showing he gets it.

I can’t figure out what disgusts me more, the fact small-imagination liberals could not fathom how large and devastating nature is (and therefore blamed the Bush administration for what is simply a natural disaster) or that those same duplicitous liberals now turn a blind eye to the suffering in New York? Where is the outrage we saw against President Bush when he faced a larger natural force? More here at Hot Air on Bloomie’s Folly.

And of course, ‘Ol Al Gore is out there blaming nature’s own natural gas (CO2) for something that has happened thousands of times on the East Coast of North America. Watch out New York, Gore would divert funding for barrier walls so he could establish a carbon exchange and line his pockets to heat is massive mansions and fuel personal jets.

So, how would the media reacted if George W Bush had callously, coldly diverted critical resources (like food, power, and shelter) from the after math in Katrina to run a marathon?

The ING New York City Marathon is going on as planned Sunday and today Mayor Bloomberg is getting some harsh words about his choice not to cancel this event. “Fox and Friends” Friday morning talks about the massive generators that Bloomberg plans to use for the NYC event and suggest that these generators could help so many Hurricane Sandy victims instead. Alfred P. Doblin from North on Friday, Nov. 2, 2012 calls Bloomberg’s statement about not canceling the event, “Insensitive and idiotic.”

The only idiot here is Bozo Bloomie and his media fawns.

Generators are needed to pump the gas which so many people need right now to move relief supplies and working crews in to restore services. NYC hotels are full of refugees that were on the verge of being evicted back onto the cold streets to run Bloomie’s show. And it was not until the cries from thousands of saner minds finally got through his thick skull, did Bloomie finally wake up and smell the disaster around him.

All the while President Obama turned away and said it was a local issue as he headed back onto the campaign trail.


Update: Was anyone really prepared for the post storm relief effort when you read this:

“Red Cross is here with hot chocolate and cookies. We need blankets, we need pillows, we need clothing. We can get hot chocolate and cookies, we need help!” resident Jodi Hannula said.

Really? NY and America better read this story about how PRIVATE COMPANIES are better prepared than the bloated government bureaucracies:

Waffle House Inc. has 1,600 restaurants stretching from the mid-Atlantic to Florida and across the Gulf Coast, leaving it particularly vulnerable to hurricanes. Other businesses, of course, strive to reopen as quickly as possible after disasters. But the Waffle House, which spends almost nothing on advertising, has built a marketing strategy around the goodwill gained from being open when customers are most desperate…

The company fully embraced its post-disaster business strategy after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Seven of its restaurants were destroyed and 100 more shut down, but those that reopened quickly were swamped with customers.

The company decided to beef up its crisis-management processes. Senior executives developed a manual for opening after a disaster, bulked up on portable generators, bought a mobile command center and gave employees key fobs with emergency contacts.

Read the whole article because the only sane conclusion to this mess is we should hand over disaster relief to Waffle House. Big Government should be ashamed.

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  1. momdear1 says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is sitting around waiting for someone else to solve their problems. When Hurricane Hugo hit SC it left a path of destruction 100 miles side that looked like a huge tornado had passed through from Charleston SC to charlotte NC.. Winds were clocked at 100 pmh when it passed through Charlotte NC. The only people who showed up to give assistance was the Southern Baptist Convention that sent in mobile kitchens almost immediately to provide free food to anyone who could get to one of their locations. Although the tidal wave took out the first two rows of beachfront houses from Charleston to the NC state line, and damanged most other nearby properties, there was only one fatality due to Hugo was reported. An infant who was killed when a tree fell on a house in the interior. This miraculous survival story was the result of SC gov. Carroll Campbell’s sending in the national guard and forcably evacuating the coastal areas before the Hurican hit, and having National Guard trucks loaded with water and Ice follow in the wake of the Hurricane. We didn’t see any outside or Federal assistance until the Feds came in to hand out food stamps a month later. SC survived because it’s people set about cleaning up the mess and assisting each other immediately. The Feds showed up a couple of weeks later and gave out food stamps to people who had lost their food supply due to the electricity being off for over three weeks. The Red Cross eventaully showed up and handed out used blankets, but the only organization that really made a difference was the Southern Baptist Convention. The People of South Carolina helped themselves. We didnt’ have able bodied people on national TV complaining that nobody was helping them. If those Yankees dont’ want to experience another disaster like the one they have now, I suggest they elect competent officials who know how to respond in emergencies, and stop electing people who promise to give them something for free. You may have figured it out bynow. there aren’t any free rides and God helps those who help themselves.

  2. OFg8r says:

    As I continue to read about the sea barriers that were never funded for NYC, I sit here in California and contemplate the Federal dollars invested in our wonderful high speed rail to nowhere.

    I have been trying to create a song based on the theme of the the train to nowhere; I envision it to the tune of “A horse with no name”. So far I am struggling, but I have a lot of time before that train actually leaves the station.

    I also have some passing thought to the trillion dollar stimulus that was supposed to go into infrastructure and shovel ready jobs, but oozed away to green energy failures and various boondoggles.

    But back to flood control, I wonder if Bloomberg and Christie gave thought to asking their pal Barack Hussein Obama to come down to the shore and keep the ocean from rising. Oh, I suppose he couldn’t spare the time–important fund raiser in Las Vegas. Besides that would have required thinking ahead. So would canceling the marathon before the runners showed up from all over the world and your distressed constituents were thoroughly pissed at you.