Aug 29 2012

Earth To Obama & Dems – You (And Government) Are Not “The Creator”

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I had an epiphany during Paul Ryans wonderful and powerful speech.

We know the debate this year is about where the heart of America lies. As I said yesterday, I thought WI Governor Walker nailed the Democrats by pointing out the Dems measure success by how many Americans rely on government to eek out an existence, and Reps measure success by how many Americans achieve the American dream. That is a major element of our choice this year.

So when Ryan underscored another big difference that ties into the entire “You didn’t build that, government deserves the credit”, I saw a great summation for this election.

When the GOP reads these lines in the Declaration of Independence, they see the American people plowing their individual paths into the future:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

When Obama and the Dems read this line, they see themselves as “Their Creator”, exercising their power as “Creator” through government policy and regulation, powered by taxation and confiscation of personal wealth. Thus the whine “you didn’t build that, government did”….


Ryan noted that Obama and the Dems want everything to be free – but the individual!

So now we understand the core differences in the parties this cycle. The GOP humbly recognizes the gifts our creator provided the individual to move humanity into a promising future – following the very same insights of our national founding fathers.

And Obama sees himself as The Creator of all goodness and success….

Look for a landslide as the self-anointed “O” discovers that those faux Roman columns were only cheap props….  Americans don’t want or need this egotistical nonsense.

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4 Responses to “Earth To Obama & Dems – You (And Government) Are Not “The Creator”

  1. Redteam says:

    “Obama sees himself as The Creator of all goodness and success….”
    but strangely, NOT as the creator of the 5 Trillion debt. As Gov Martinez said, about the debt, ” Mr President you did create that”

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Ask the left to define the word, “Creator”, and you’ll be surprised. Maybe?

    They don’t understand the extent of this famous line.

  3. Redteam says:

    For anyone that wants to say Eastwood’s speech was not a good one. So, maybe he did ramble a little, but he knew what his message was and he clearly didn’t appear to be lying or trying to mislead anyone. You can tell how successful it was by the fact the Left is laughing about how bad it was. If it was genuinely bad, the left would be supportive of him. He didn’t appear to reading off a teleprompter(tho one was there) and what he said was what he believes. Give us more such honesty.

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