Aug 28 2012

How Does America Measure Success? – Our Choice This November

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So far the GOP convention¬† is doing well.¬† They are exploiting President Obama’s unforced and terminal error on small businesses and claiming businesses are not built by individuals.

We built our American Story. We built our company and employ people. I proudly proclaim with LJStrata “We Built This!”

Main Street is going to rise up this November, just as it did in 2010. And we will build a new America.

My hat goes off to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker for defining the next phase of this election. Governor Walker nailed the Democrats by observing how we have a choice this fall. We will chose between those who measure success by the number of people relying on government to exist (dems), verses those who measure success on how many Americans are self sufficient and don’t rely on government (i.e., other peoples’ money) to succeed- the GOP.

Is success simply existing on the government dole? Or is success as created by the individual by achieving the American dream of financial independence? If that is the choice this fall, Obama and the Dems will be swept out of power at all levels of government, making 2010 look like a practice run for the upheaval that can come in 2012.

How do we want to measure success? I vote for success to be measured by the number of Americans who DON’T need government to barely exist. I want American success to be measured by the number who succeeded and can proudly say “We Built That!” Let’s Build That America!

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  1. Layman says:

    Walker was good, but…

    Mia Love… WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How can the people of Utah not elect her to Congress?

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