Aug 28 2012

What I Need To Hear, What I Expect To See

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I have thankfully been way too busy to delve into politics of late.  But that changes tonight as I dial into the GOP convention speeches.  If I can stand it long enough….

What I need to hear this week from the GOP is how they plan to forgo any social issue (i.e., use the power of the federal government for conservative intervention into the lives of Americans, which is only marginally less bothersome than liberal heavy handedness) and focus on trimming back government. The main theme better be serious Libertarian, no delays.

Not holding out much hope.

What I expect to see next week is a dramatic shift in the polls as the liberal news media shift from polls of ‘adults’ and ‘registered voters’ to polls of ‘likely voters’. This will cement Barackus Obama’s fate as a one term wonder. This is because Obama is hovering at 45-46% in a lot of polls of registered voters (see here for example), and when the likely voter screens come down he is going to drop like a rock. The GOP convention *may* give a bounce, but that depends on the thrust  of the convention message and how close it hones to the Tea Party, Libertarian, Insurgent Voter mindset.

So what I expect to see next week, as we go into September, is a series of awful polls for the incumbent. The doom will set in and become a fait accompli. Obama’s demise will become in September an unavoidable fact in the mind of the electorate.

No telling how long it will take the liberal media to clue in. My guess is in ‘years’…


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