Aug 02 2012

Government Motors Running Into The Ditch

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Is this really a shock – or just a fait accompli?

General Motors’ profits fell 41% in the second quarter as troubles in Europe undercut strong sales in North America.

America’s largest automaker made $1.5bn in the second quarter of 2012, compared with $2.5bn for the same period last year. Revenue fell to $37.6bn from $39.4bn in the second quarter of 2011.

One of THE WORST commercials playing with the Olympic games is this socialist pile of sh… crap:

Every time this moronic ad plays I bet GM loses 100 potential Chevy customers. What kind of sales pitch is this? I don’t want a deal, I want all of us to be treated the same no matter the cost to me? Since when?!

Between this and the Chevy Volt disaster it is not surprising that discerning car buyers just aren’t buying Government Motors.

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6 Responses to “Government Motors Running Into The Ditch”

  1. patrioticduo says:

    Yes, the marketing department at GM is obviously full of people that have no idea how to market anything in a free market. They have no idea how people actually buy cars. They are so clueless in fact, that they can’t even recognize how pathetically absurd their ad is with its underlying idea that a buyer would simply step up to the seller and say “I shall pay the sticker price”. Anyone that has bought a new car knows that one has to shop around different dealers to pit them against each other in order make them compete for your business. Those two GM “customers” have the word “sucker” painted on their foreheads. For those of us in the real world, the back and forth parlay of Car Salesman vs Customer is one of the more enjoyable aspects of the free market. It’s a competition of wit, savvy and intelligence that both sides know has to be played. Sometimes you drive out of the lot feeling like you made the best deal ever (only to discover later that you were suckered after all) and sometimes you drive out feeling like you didn’t get the best deal but the car is great anyway (only later realizing that you did far better than you had originally thought). And who hasn’t spent a night or two truly wondering if your overly friendly car salesman isn’t in fact only the most conniving sham artist that ever walked the earth? Meanwhile, the GM marketing department probably don’t even realize how much they insult each and every one of us who have far more intelligence than the lemmings they portray in their stinking ad. Who the heck are they pitching these ads at? Oh and the Volt sucks too!

  2. Dan Kurt says:

    Re: GM marketing

    The biggest example of GM genius has to be the decision to start SELLING SUBURBANS in 1934 and continuing to the present date.

    Any large family finds the Suburban as the perfect vehicle for its life style.

    Thanks GM.

    Dan Kurt

  3. Redteam says:

    patrioticduo, so true. I have had a few car sales people ‘refuse to negotiate’ in the past and I didn’t buy from them. A person always wants to feel like they got a ‘good’ deal and that is one of the objectives of being able to negotiate. This is just an ad campaign and won’t last long. It won’t sell cars, that’s for sure.

  4. raven397 says:

    I know for a fact I will never buy a vehicle from a govt car company. I have owned Chevy pickups in the past, and I currently have a Dodge Dakota PU which is great. when I need a new rig, it will be a real American private enterprise vehicle, like a Ford, Honda, or Toyota.

  5. Layman says:

    Subject change.

    AJ: in about 24 hours the most sophisticated and ambitious science probe ever launched will be attempting to land on Mars. We can focus on failure like GM or we can root for the success like NASA, JPL, and their civilian contractors. I say, “Go Curiosity!”

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