May 26 2006

The Right Is Now Officially Blind

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When someone compares Mexico to Bin Laden and Al Qaeda it is time to write them off your list of people to listen to:

Consult with Mexico about securing US borders? Can you imagine?

That’s like conferring with Osama bin Laden prior to implementing airport security.

You know, if you cannot discern the difference between a democratic ally and neighbor and blood thirsty terrorists you have some serious issues.  The mindlessness behind this kind of analogy is pure hate and zero reason or rational thinking.  Is this more ugly than childish?  Tough call.  But people so worked up into a foam-at-the-mouth lather that they equate Mexico (which is not perfect, but it is not at war with us) to Al Qaeda is a sign someone needs to walk away from the subject.  And if they can’t, we will certainly walk away from them.

This is tantamount to declaring war on Mexico, when we need to engage them so they can do something on their side of the border to assist us in border control.  Insults do not make allies.  Mexico and Fox do not like what we are doing.  Fine, they are entitled to their opinions.  If they can disagree with respect I fail to see why too many over here cannot even exceed that minimal level of professional decorum.  The world sees us as emotional ranters, so freaked out by fear of terrorism we are screaming our heads of at each other and potential allies.

I bet from the outside America looks like one big basket of fruits and nuts.

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26 Responses to “The Right Is Now Officially Blind”

  1. wiley says:

    Love checking your website for your insights, but you are way off on the ILLEGAL immigration issue. Our border is a sieve and it is a national security issue. Plus, the amnesty being offered by the Senate and the President will have long-term, draining consequences for our country economically. There is nothing wrong or racist or illconceived with getting real control of the borders, now, by whatever means necessary (i.e., fences, walls, virtual fences, increased border patrols, national guards, etc.). Once the borders are secure, we can debate what to do about the ILLEGAL immigrants already here. But please, don’t knee-jerk those wishing to uphold our laws and favor enforcing the legal immigration process as wacko or unhinged. House republicans need to stand firm or risk voters wrath in November.

  2. crosspatch says:

    Making the border 100% secure would stop only 50% of the illegals. How is that going to fix the problem? Only 50% sneak across the border. How are you going to prevent a family that is crossing at a regular checkpoint as tourists to take their kids to Disneyland from staying when they should have gone home? How does building a wall fix that?

  3. Terrye says:


    I don’t agree. For one thing I do not consider Bush’s immigration policy to be about amnesty. For another, the opposition seems to have no plan at all as to how to dieal with the people already here. They say enforce the laws, fine, do it…what’s been stopping them for the last 20 years?

    The truth is normalizing some of these folks and putting them on the tax rolls will remove part of the reason many of them are here in the first place.

  4. AJStrata says:


    Where did I say I was against beefing up the border? Why is it only one or the other with you folks? It can be all of the above. That is why the comprehensive bill is much, much better. It is a multi-pronged approach which doesn’t overly criminalize working for a living. A job without proper paperworks is the same thing as a car without proper paperwork. It is not a high crime. Good people go through life doing the best they can without all the proper paper work.

    Get used to the idea. Otherwise you cannot be a libertarian, small government conservative. If lack of proper paperwork is your crutch, then the government can control anything and everything.

  5. wiley says:

    I never said to deport all the illegals . I did say that the priority is to secure the borders, first. And you can’t be serious if you think the Senate bill is a credible attempt at border security. Yes, I and most of the others who want immigration reform know that the vast majority of these people are decent and hard-working. But, not all — you underestimate the criminal and drug trafficking elements — and immigration policy is more than simply letting in any and all who want a decent living in America. And for those who do, there is a legal process to follow, which millions do.

  6. Trust an easy thing to lose. Why did President Bush fritter it away on illegal immigration? Ver 2.0…

    Finally when the President looks around the room and takes stock of those who are in the fight on his side does he feel good? Is he comfortable working with Senator Kennedy?…