Jul 15 2012

The 2nd American Revolution Is Coming

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If the government ‘elites’ had any common sense (or an ounce of humility) they would see the coming storm rising out of Main Street USA.  They would understand they had overstepped their boundaries (and in too many cases their abilities) and reign  in the meddling of government (at all levels) in the lives of the American people. Their ‘elite’ status is a myth they use to propup tei mad schemes. The government is now nearly guaranteed to screw things up beyond all recognition (yes FUBAR it) while trying to fix something. From top to bottom, the government is not listening to the voters – who have been sending a clear message calling for minimal government (cost, screw ups, arrogance, etc).

Today’s news contains a disturbing series of stories exposing our government madly out of control. Government working at odds with its citizens, hiding from its citizens, lying to its citizens and punishing any citizens (inside and out of government) who cross it. It is more disturbing thand Orwell’s 1984. And it is pernicious. The cancer now spreading out from bureaucrats run amok (with the support and help of legislators) will force upon this nation a second revolution. It will bring to a head the question of whether this country truly stands for the individual and THEIR right to pursue life, liberty and happiness, or whether we go with government doling out life, liberty and happiness to those government prefers at the time. Our time for choosing is coming.

Let’s begin with the obvious example in the news – Obamacare. Obamacare is a government take-over of a huge chunk of the private sector. A concoction of lies that at their heart mean to drive private sector health care into bankruptcy so government cronies can pick up the pieces and earn all the profits. We will replace the consumer driven market with nameless boards that ration health care (as oppose to the individual pursuing the care they want). The recent US SC decision making Obamacare a tax against those who defy the will of government has been an eye opener to many who did see the truth through the media PR storm. But now even the President has come clean on his desire to use Obamacare to rule us all:

“By the way, if you’ve got health insurance, you’re not getting hit by a tax,” President Obama said.

So its his way, or you pay. Sounds like extortion to me. Don’t think this is an isolated example – it is not. It is how the government enforces its will on We The People all the time.

This next story comes from the most bankrupt state in the union – California. Ignorant to the last decade of global climate cooling, and to the fact all the IPCC’s claims about Earth’s Climate, what we know about its historic trends and forces, and where we are heading (answer is – no one knows), California voted in a Snake Oil Salesman’s dream. California’s legislature voted to increase CA energy costs (passed onto consumers and businesses both directly and indirectly) by the creation of a carbon trading scheme. First (and last) in the nation.

What happened next is criminal:

CARB [California Air Resources Board] formed a company called Western Climate Initiative Inc. (WCI), to manage its upcoming cap and trade auction.  This shadowy corporation, registered in Delaware, will be responsible for imposing billions in hidden energy taxes on California ratepayers and small businesses without public scrutiny or accountability.

SB 1018 was a “gut and amend” bill, with over 100 pages inserted the day before the bill was signed into law along with the state budget.  This legislation did not go through one committee hearing and most legislators probably never had a chance to read it.  But buried in this bill in Section 12894(b)(2) is a line exempting WCI from a critical provision of the California Constitution, known as the Bagley-Keene Act, which provides meetings be open to public scrutiny.

Read the whole story to understand the depth of this mess. To go to such lengths to hide the activities of this company run by political cronies (a.k.a., political appointees) is a blaring red warning signal someone is up to no good. Why is the entire energy costs for California not being managed by a government entity in the open? It is a government tax being levied and managed by a private company – is that even legal? Sure smells funny to me.

The fact this happened is a sign of how far the ‘elite’ will go to steal the taxes of hard working Americans and line their own pockets. The truth is no CO2 levels will be impacted by these paper money trades. The Earth’s climate will not be adjusted. But billions of dollars could be stolen from the middle class to fund pretend work and make more politically connected rich people. The energy required to power any pursuit to happiness in CA is now in the hands of some unknown, out of state, political cronies all under the umbrella of an exemption to standard practices.

Finally, we see what happens when the few honorable people in government try to stop the madness. This story is particularly troublesome because the liberal elites who are doing the dirty work here probably railed against the same tactics applied to terrorism. This story uncovers illegal monitoring of US citizens just doing their jobs, something the NSA, CIA and FBI are forbidden to do. But some very bold idiots decided the FDA did have the authority (madness):

A wide-ranging surveillance operation by the Food and Drug Administration against a group of its own scientists used an enemies list of sorts as it secretly captured thousands of e-mails that the disgruntled scientists sent privately to members of Congress, lawyers, labor officials, journalists and even President Obama, previously undisclosed records show.

Moving to quell what one memorandum called the “collaboration” of the F.D.A.’s opponents, the surveillance operation identified 21 agency employees, Congressional officials, outside medical researchers and journalists thought to be working together to put out negative and “defamatory” information about the agency.

The extraordinary surveillance effort grew out of a bitter dispute lasting years between the scientists and their bosses at the F.D.A. over the scientists’ claims that faulty review procedures at the agency had led to the approval of medical imaging devices for mammograms and colonoscopies that exposed patients to dangerous levels of radiation.

This is extraordinary. The FDA spied on its own scientists, all those they communicated with, journalists and members of congress. All of whom where concerned with the safety of the American People. And to this day the perps don’t even see an problem with what they did!

This is a great example of what will happen with Obamacare. When those death panels start rationing health care dollars and deciding who is worthy of which medical procedure, there will be no real checks and balances. Why would Obamacare be different from the FDA, or CA, or DMV?

These three stories are three stunning examples of why the Tea Party libertarian view of government is spreading like wild fire. Just like the body deploys a wave of anti-bodies to ward of sickness, the body politic is beginning to target the core sickness now infecting this once great nation.

Which side will prevail? Will America return to  the very same Constitutional tenants that made it the world’s beacon for freedom and success? Or will it be dragged down into the sewer of cronyism, greed and propaganda for the benefit of just a few? It seems the time to pick a path is rapidly coming upon us, and we will have to not only take a leap of faith, but deal with the upheaval a significant change in directions will entail. Time to stop being complacent and accept the coming storm.

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  2. ivehadit says:

    AJ, we ALL need to take everyone we know who is like-minded to the polls… as many as possible on Nov. 6th. WE are the majority. WE need to VOTE. America is worth fighting for!

    I fear we have many among us who enjoy watching this train wreck(destroying of America)…regardless of the outcome for themselves and their children’s children. If obama wins, then there are those who will get the government they deserve, imho.

  3. joe six-pack says:

    I agree in that something big is going to happen. A lot of things seem to be really unstable:
    1) Economies of Europe and the U.S.
    2) Political upheaval in U.S. as a result of our extreme government actions and leadership. (It makes sense that we will be seeing more extreme examples of corruption with all of the government allocation of our natioal resources)
    3) The war Islamic nationalism is waging against us. (While still under control, wars have a nasty habit of going out of control)

    These economic ‘crisis’ seem to be happening every week now. Maybe this is just me, but it seems that these types of ‘crisis’ seemed to happen only every 5 to 10 years.