Jul 13 2012

George Zimmerman’s Defense Is A Fraud

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More evidence was released yesterday, and it is quite extensive and damning. Zimmerman’s defense team was given first shot to cherry pick the evidence made public. It turns out this was a subset of all the evidence collected, evidence that shed the best light on what transpired. But now with more information available it is clear George Zimmerman concocted his testimony (since the evidence and witnesses discredit it) and it is highly likely he will be found guilty of Murder 2.

I don’t have time to do an extensive post, but I can present some key points. First, the depraved mind aspect of Murder 2.

It seems George Zimmerman has had a history of calling the police on African American males in the neighborhood who are guilty of ‘looking suspicious’. All his ‘evidence’ of ‘suspicion’ is pure nonsense. As it was the night GZ gunned down young Trayvon Martin. He thinks he can see into the soul of people, but in reality all we get from him are people walking and looking around. To George’s depraved mind, this is suspicious.

That night he literally profiled Trayvon Martin like he had other black males before. Zimmerman is the poster child for racial profiling, turning a person simply walking into some nefarious character without a single iota of real evidence. It is why any pro-gun, pro-law enforcement, stand-your-ground conservative is making an huge mistake defending this guy.

Not only does Zimmerman profile Martin, but then he follows him – admitting to the police dispatcher he has convicted this kid in his mind of being a criminal before he even says one word to the kid. Then the depraved mind of George Zimmerman, wannabe cop who now has numerous failed attempts to bag the bad guys, goes stalking Trayvon against the direction of the dispatcher. That is depraved. He is now hunting the person he has convicted in his head of being the culprit in all these break ins.

What happens next is NOTHING like that portrayed by ZImmerman in his own testimony. Crime scene drawings in the report (page 145 in the link above) are proof positive events did not unfold the way GZ claims. The crime scene actually supports many witness accounts, who tell a very different story of what happened.

As GZ  sat in custody and realized his actions were not defensible, he realized he needed to adjust events so he was not seen as the true criminal. If that is not depraved, I don’t know what is. GZ thinks of TM as ‘the suspect’ all night in his testimony to police – trying to prove to police he is one of them and he acted righteously. He did no wrong, so he must change events to prove it. Talk about twisted.

Here is the crime scene drawing with some of my augmentations (click all pictures to enlarge).

Note how far the scene is spread in terms of evidence. Up at the top are GZ’s keys and small flashlight – where GZ and some witnesses state the altercation began. Some 30-40 ft away lays TM’s body, surrounded by bullet casings and GZ’s larger flashlight. And further down still is TM”s cell phone, which he was on when the altercation started according to TM’s girlfriend. The distance in all looks to be 40-50 ft (or more).

The drawing is not to scale, and ZM”s keys are not directly in line with the end of the buildings, so don’t try to do straight interpolations from it. For example, the distance between the left-right sidewalk (making the top of the “T”)  and the ends of the buildings looks to be 10-15 feet. The body is more than 20 ft from the T.

You can see here in this picture where GZ’s keys (Item A) where found. Note TM’s body way off in the distant background. This picture, taken the night of the incident, is from the T-intersection of the sidewalk (from a previous post).

What we have is a crime scene that spans a large distance and does not reflect GZ being ambushed, punched, and then mounted by TM in close proximity. That DID NOT happen. And we have witness testimony that confirms a wide ranging incident, that begins with belligerent yelling, includes a short chase, then turns frantic as TM (likely) begs in a panic for help. [Note: why would GZ stop screaming for help once he shot TM IF GZ felt TM was not really shot as he claims? Is TM not still a threat? Riddle me that!].

In this daylight picture of the scene I layout the key items again, and note the testimonies of Witness 11 and 20 who I believe lived right at the scene of the crime.

In their testimony they mention the dark shades on their screened in porch, which is why the could not look out.

They note they were home watching TV with the door to the back open to enjoy the rain and fresh air. They heard the initial arguing up at the T of the sidewalks and muted their TV to listen. They hear 3 rounds of interchange, and then a struggle that moves across their back door and down towards where TM is staying. They call 9-11 and it is their call that so clearly registers the desperate cries for help and the gunshot (because their door is open and they are only feet away).

When you combine this with other witnesses (TM’s girlfriend on the phone who also hears an initial confrontation, not an ambush by TM) it is clear GZ lied in his statements.

My guess is GZ ambushed TM. I think he waited until TM thought the coast was clear (remember, he told dispatch he would tell police where to find him,). I think he was tired of looking like the fool when police responded to his ludicrous calls. I think he was going to show everyone – for once and for all – he was worthy of being a cop.

I think he surprised TM. I think it was GZ hiding in the dark (GZ seems to have a pension for switching the roles when he made up his story – which is a good plan if you want to confuse witnesses, etc). I think once confronted TM laid a sucker punch on GZ and put him on his arse. And I think it was that broken nose punch that called GZ’s internal, hidden Mr Hyde to the come out and kill. I think it was GZ who said, as he stood with gun being drawn, TM would ‘die tonight’.

GZ has a penchant for being over violent in a snap. This too is coming out in the broader evidence. I think TM decked GZ, and then made the fatal mistake of not running immediately. Zimmerman gets up, pulling his gun – now in a fit of blood hot anger. TM finally runs as another witness (Witness 2) testified. TM is running back home now, and trips or slips, because GZ catches him (which would not be possible unless TM trips). GZ tries to detain TM physically, getting angrier and angrier. TM is desperately trying to pull away towards his home. And GZ guns him down.

The only issue with this scenario is how TM’s phone ended up so far away from the body, and farther down the T.It rests a good 10 feet away, towards TM’s home.

If TM was standing when shot with phone in hand, he could have thrown the phone as his body twisted and fell to the ground. Or the incident could have started way down in the middle of the buildings, with GZ marching TM back to the T.

Who knows. But we know one thing – it did not happen as GZ claims. And it takes a truly depraved mind to concoct a story full of half truths to cover up his vigilante killing. GZ thought he was in the right. To this day, he could be so pathologically sick, the need to prove himself so strong, that he still feels no remorse in killing – let alone lying to cover it up. The evidence and witnesses point to GZ hunting TM, getting sucker punched, and then GZ losing his cool and shooting the defenseless boy trying to flee back home.

Here are some additional data from the crime scene sketch.

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  1. bey says:

    This everything I have been saying. You are so right. I believe it took place almost pretty damn close to what you are saying.

  2. Neo says:

    Federal civil-rights investigators interviewed dozens of George Zimmerman’s friends, neighbors and co-workers, and no one said he was a racist, records released Thursday show.

  3. Neo says:

    The FBI found no racial bias behind George Zimmerman’s shooting of Miami Gardens teen Trayvon Martin, according to dozens of documents related to the case released Thursday.

  4. ks says:

    So? Does that change anything that GZ did? Not surprised that his friends and others gave him the “But, he was such a nice boy” treatment. Anyway, you can still racially profile somebody without expressing racial animus to other people.

    But the real point is that the prosecutors are using TM’s age, not race, as an aggravating factor in their charge against GZ.

  5. Mata says:

    Those that thought it was racially motivated are the irrelevant racial mouthpieces like Sharpton and Jackson.. attempting to make themselves relevant. Then again, this isn’t the only event they seize on to do that.

    So the only reason this is being brought up, and used as a positive in the media headlines, is because some of the FBI interviews for the federal hate crime investigation is included.

    But most don’t believe it was racially motivated… including Serino and those charging him with murder two. Never expected the feds to find that it was.

    What is far more interesting is the psychological profile of Zimmerman that comes together from the interviews, among them the ex fiance. Via his office cohorts, he’s a man who doesn’t have many close friends, but is cheerful and pleasant at work. Yet he seems paranoid enough to have to chain and lock a personal office chair to his work station. Odd how many people remembered that incident. Tho it was “handled in a professional manner”, it must have been the talk of the office.

    Who in the world would think that a robbery in an insurance claims office, with file cabinets loaded with personal IDs for theft, would be pining for an office chair??

    The ex fiance’s account of their relationship is also interesting. She left him because he was “over protective and territorial”, demanded she “dress more conservatively”. Said he was a “good talker” and despite her move to an Orlando condo, he still stalked her residence late at night, leading to the altercation and restraining orders event.

    Seems his family was the dysfunctional one, with another interviewee saying he has been estranged from his parents *until this incident*. Makes you wonder about Poppa Zimmerman’s testimony now, eh? Momma Zimmerman was described as physically abusive and controlling, Daddy Zim not caring enough to step in. George was painted as always desperately trying to please his mother and grandmother.

    Got so bad later in the family relationship that Zim shut off his mother’s electricity, locked the electrical panel box, and left her without power.

    There more, backing up his own Joe G MySpace page, about how he likes to brag about his VA friends who are happy to “handle” anyone who dares to “disrespect” him.

    Last, but not least… ex fiance attributes his bad temper to drug use.. in that case, Accutane. Makes you wonder if he’s been one of the Ritalin children since school years, put on it by his parents, and taking Ritalin or Adderall along with the Accutane during that relationship. That can sure screw a body and personality up.

    Zimmerman, who admits to twice daily doses of Adderall – a stronger and more abusive Ritalin type drug – never tells his co-workers that he has ADHD or takes drugs for both the stimulant, and another one to help him sleep since the stimulant keeps him awake. All of them say he doesn’t take drugs, so he keeps it a pretty closely held point of discussion in public circles.

    Looks like those who want to use drugs in this case as a factor (i.e. Martin’s casual use of marijuana or liking cough syrup) should be looking more at the documented tendencies for violence by those being treated for ADHD and other personality disorders. Especially long term users since childhood.

    Personally, I think Zim has a great case for a plea bargain, using his drug use as a temporary insanity plea for his aggressive behavior.

  6. ks says:

    The latest news is that GZ is trying t get Judge Lester recused. A big sign of desperation.

  7. Mata says:

    Yup… the filed Motion to Disqualify was filed today.

    This is, and has always been, the right of the Zimmerman defense. The “strong” evidence comment wasn’t enough for him to use this option. But Lester reading Zimmerman the riot act in his granting of the second bond let Zimmerman know that the Judge didn’t find Zimmerman of exemplary character. He knows that they wouldn’t stand a chance with an immunity hearing in front of him, since it totally hinges on Zimmerman’s truth and credibility, putting the burden of proof on him. All he’s got for “proof” is his word, and some non fatal injuries.

    So I think the icing on the cake was Lester’s harsh criticism in his ruling granting the increased bond.

    Of course, it doesn’t matter much. All the orders, motions, rulings and evidence will still remain in the file for a new judge to read. Altho O’Mara put it in writing in the motion for disqualification that the opinions expressed in the bond ruling should play no role in any immunity hearing. All I can say is, good luck with that. The robed ones most certainly have their own coffee room chat, and any ensuing judge will be aware of Lester’s ruling.

    Desperate? Perhaps. But it’s O’Mara’s job to seek friendly venue in both a bench and, ultimately, a jury to benefit his client.. guilty or not. I’ve got no problems with this. I’d say Lester is likely to give him what he asks for, but it still won’t make a difference in the long run… save possibly to the defense’s peace of mind.

  8. OFg8r says:

    What a piece of offal. If it weren’t summer, and this was on actual paper, I could at least light a fire with it.

    Strata you have gone overboard with your attacks on Zimmerman.

    Are you so short of material that you cannot let the trial play out? What is the urge within you that requires that you repeatedly on your forum prejudge the guilt or innocence of this man?

    But to the topic at hand. Who believes that it the business of Judges to express their opinions of a defendant’s character–before a trial? This guy went way over the top. Every civil libertarian in the country–every lover of individual rights–should be castigating this arrogant individual. I would go so far to say that he should be removed from the bench. Today, not tomorrow. The Defense would be terminally negligent if it had not filed this motion.

    So, the Judge got his panties in a wad because–at some point– the Zimmeraman defense fund had collected more money than had been stated at some previous point? BFD! Never mind the question as to whether Zimmerman knew the status of the fund.

    BTW, I had never considered the premise that bail would be based essentially on the defendant’s ability to post it. If defense is required to provide the Judge with up-to-the-minute information of net worth, solely so the Judge can arbitrarily set bail above a level that can be afforded, why have bail in any case? Is this case different from most? Well it is due to the media hysteria, shared by some bloggers unfortunately. But, should the Judge have the leeway to use a sliding scale so as to put bail out of reach of those defendants he, or she, does not like? Or, as seems to be the point here, to strip the defendant of the funds necessary to pay for a competent defense? Is that where our system is in the 21st century?

    I have always labored under the impression that the decision to grant bail, and to a degree in what amount, was based primarily on the defendant’s flight risk–which we know in this case was low–or potential threat to the community if the defendant were freed, also low.

    Stata you have been my go to guy for AGW commentary, but I really don’t see the value of your site if you continue with this obvious vendetta.

  9. Frogg1 says:

    I stopped paying attention to this case as soon as it was obvious there would be a trial where evidence would come out in it’s proper form and with proper legal presentation and challenges. Everything always looks different once you get to hear it in full and in its proper perspective. However, the Orlando Sentinel aritcle confirmed that very little new evidence was released (most of it is old), There was little new that appeared to help the state’s case, there was a new witness which supports Zimmerman, there is some evidence (two witness statements) which challenges some of Zimmerman’s account as to the length of the exchange, etc; but, summarizes that most of the new evidence appeared to favor Zimmerman.

    FBI interviews: No evidence Zimmerman a racist

    If I were on the jury, the thing that would matter the most to me is “who started the physical assault?” Who punched first? And, how severe was the attack? I really don’t think it matters if Trayvon was acting suspicious or Zimmerman walked on the same sidewalk and spoke to him. No crime in either of those although it might not be advisable. What would matter to me is who started the physical fight and the details that followed. I still haven’t seen any evidence (new or old) about that other than how it ended.

  10. mbabbitt says:

    Yes, I have to say this Zimmerman case coverage here seems obsessive and jclose to jumping the shark territory. From people in the law profession that I been reading it seems that second degree murder is almost out of the question and the racism charge has been quite knocked away. And then there’s the two witnesses now that claim TM was on top of GZ. I prefer a trial instead of a blog prosecution.

  11. ivehadit says:

    From The Miami Herald:
    “Telling the FBI that he was concerned that people inside the police department were leaking information, Serino cited Sgt. Arthur Barnes, officers Rebecca Villalona and Trekelle Perkins “as all pressuring him to file charges against Zimmerman after the incident,” an FBI report said. “Serino did not believe he had enough evidence at the time to file charges.” The summary of Serino’s statement does not mention the race of the officers who allegedly pressured him, but sources told The Miami Herald that Barnes and Perkins are black, and Villalona is married to an African-American man. All three, the source said, had been called in by their supervisor and questioned about leaking information in the case.”
    hat tip: thegatewaypundit.com

  12. ks says:


    I’m sorry but your comment is absurd. Judge Lester granted GZ bail of 150K after the first bail hearing based on representations made by or on behalf of GZ. He subsequently found out that those representations were false and that GZ and Co lied to the court to obtain that 150K bail so he revoked bail. The lying and scheming was transparent and obvious (e.g. the code, the money movements, the 2nd passport, etc.)

    SZ was charged with perjury and then JL held a new bail hearing in which O’Mara admitted his client mislead the court and that his client’s wife lied to the court. The only defense he offered for his client was that his client was a “confused young man” and then he went into an irrelevant tangent about self defense.

    Despite the judge reading GZ the riot act in his order about his shenanigans, HE STILL GRANTED GZ BAIL. O’Mara knows he has no legal basis for asking the judge to recuse himself and the prosecution will object to it. Frankly it’s a bad sign for the defense and show that O’Mara has lost control of his client.

  13. ks says:


    If I were on the jury, the thing that would matter the most to me is “who started the physical assault?” Who punched first? And, how severe was the attack? I really don’t think it matters if Trayvon was acting suspicious or Zimmerman walked on the same sidewalk and spoke to him. No crime in either of those although it might not be advisable. What would matter to me is who started the physical fight and the details that followed.

    And that’s why you wouldn’t be on the jury. You couldn’t simply ignore the “depraved mind” element of Murder 2. The physical fight was the culmination of events which you seem to understand but amusingly downplay. TM supposedly acting suspicious was merely GZ’s characterization of him and it’s hilarious how GZ following TM becomes merely “walking on the same sidewalk”. The events before the fight really aren’t in dispute at this point.

    To recap: TM was were he had a legal right to be and was not committing and crime. For whatever reason GZ found him suspicious and watched him, called the dispatcher, followed him in his car, got out of his car to chase him, claimed he stopped when asked and was looking for a street address which is now contradicted by his statement to two other witnesses who said that GZ told him he continued to follow TM.

    When they finally met, TM asked him either why was he following him or you got a problem? GZ didn’t identify himself and by his own admission WAS REACHING INTO HIS WAISTBAND (he says for his cellphone) when TM supposedly hit him.

    You think a juror is going to ignore all that and simply focus on the fight? Good luck with that.

  14. ks says:


    From people in the law profession that I been reading it seems that second degree murder is almost out of the question and the racism charge has been quite knocked away. And then there’s the two witnesses now that claim TM was on top of GZ. I prefer a trial instead of a blog prosecution.

    Depends on who you read. There is no racism charge. But I do get a kick out of the since friends and family said he didn’t make racist statements, therefore…. Btw, you know that Witness#9 statement has been released, right? Again it’s besides the point because the prosecutors are using TM’s AGE, not race, as an aggravating factor in their charge.

    The two witness you are referring to one of which is the notorious “John” who’s credibility is questionable, both saw only a part of the overall struggle.

    Stop with the “blog prosecution” posturing. You simply prefer an opinion you agree (like certain people in the law profession) with as nothing said here will have the slightest effect on the outcome of events.

  15. Redteam says:

    If it don’t fit, you must acquit.
    Until someone can explain how the cell phone got where it is, they do not understand the crime. you can if, and, or but, but if you don’t explain how the cell phone got there you don’t know what happened.

    TM dropped the phone on his way back from BG’s headed toward the T where he attacked GZ. That means he ‘was not on the phone’ at the time it happened. It means DD did not hear what she says she heard.

    Don’t waste time trying to talk around it. If it don’t fit, you must acquit.

    I’m waiting for the humerus answers to flow.

  16. mbabbitt says:

    Ks, I am so glad you can read my mind. /sarcasm just in case you can’t read my mind.

  17. Tzar says:

    Excellent Article
    Let Justice Be Served

  18. NYPumaGirl says:

    Wow. I stumbled here and am amazed by all your hard work on this case. Thank you. I agree with every item of it. I want to add something.

    George Zimmerman was taking Accutane. I am not sure if you guys know what Accutane is for, but it has a quiet, sinister little reputation among the communities of darker-skinned people in America, such as blacks and Latinos.

    Accutane was sold by the company Roche as a prescription acne treatment medicine. To the best of my knowledge, it was recalled in 2009, and at the time he murdered Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman should not have been in possession of it. The reason is Accutane’s second, darker, more secretive medical purpose.

    The number one side effect of Accutane is reduction of melanin in the skin. It is a skin bleaching chemical that was widely used by African-American and Latino celebrities during the 1990s. Michael Jackson, Prince and Sammy Sosa have used it. Beyonce was also rumored to use it. She is said to have stopped because of Accutane’s number three side effect: severe physical defects and mental retardation of any fetus of women who become pregnant while using the drug. But Accutane’s second and most deadly side effect is psychosis. It causes the user to behave bizarrely and suffer paranoid delusions. I’ve often thought it was responsible for much of Michael Jackson’s Nineties behavior.

    As Zimmerman’s skin has largely been rather clear during his adult years, according to the many (many) mugshots of him floating out there on the interwebs, I believe our self-hating Latino was using it to lighten his skin and appear more Caucasian. Many Latinos still illegally acquire and use this prescription drug, misusing it as others do Oxycontin and that family of drugs. The goal is to look as white as possible, regardless of its dead side effects:

    Such as possibly becoming so delusional from the drug it causes you to kill a young person whose skin is dark, the way yours are when you aren’t trying to conceal your actual race by taking it. Right, Zim?

    George Zimmerman: “White Latino” by prescription only.

    Read about Accutane here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isotretinoin

    And how do I know so much about blacks and Latinos using Accutane to “lighten up” and “rise up”?

    Because I am mixed black and Latina.