Jul 09 2012

Long Slow Election Year Summer

America is in bad shape, thanks to the irresponsible and naive leftist policies that were rushed into place under Obama, Reid and Pelosi starting in 2009.  Sadly, one of the three is still in control of a major portion of the  legislative process, so while 2010 brought us one of the most historic political drubbings of all time, and the most historic in living memory, the fact is there will be no change in America’s direction until January of 2013. So here we simmer and wait, until that time democracy speaks clearly and loudly.

The June jobs report was no surprise. Once again the work force size is historically small (should be about 65.5% of the population). So the classic unemployment number is a fiction hiding a sea of economic pain out there in the country.  While the U3 index says we have  8.2% unemployment, if we had a normal workforce size the real unemployment number is almost 11%. Millions who want to work and can work, are not even being counted as unemployed. They go unnoticed by the bureaucrats in DC.

The only economic recovery is occurring in states with GOP governors:

Voters in 17 states elected new Republican governors in November 2010. This new breed of fiscally-conservative, tea party-supported Republican governors took office in January 2011. Here is how those states have fared since then, in terms of their unemployment rates:

Every single one of these 17 states has seen its unemployment rate decline since January 2011.

Every single state with a newly minted, Tea Party (aka SMALL government) backed, governor has shown positive results in only 1.5 years.  Obama?  3 years in and he is still sucking wind. Ignorance can do that to a ‘leader’.

The Democrat led states seem to be accelerating their doom. Look at what California just did:

The Democratic governor, whose party controls both the Senate and Assembly, received authorization to spend $4.75 billion from bonds to begin construction of a bullet train in the most indebted U.S. state.

The vote follows adoption of a budget that will chop three weeks off the school year for 6 million public-school students if voters reject Brown’s tax initiative. At the same time, the 74-year-old governor and fellow Democrats are at an impasse on lowering public-employee pension costs, while polls show waning support for the rail project.

“It’s incredibly tone-deaf to reject something voters want, like pension reform, while approving something they don’t want, like high-speed rail,” said Aaron McLear, a spokesman for the anti-tax campaign. “Enacting billions of dollars in unpopular spending while dismissing popular reform is not the way to sell” a tax increase.

Those state funds will be augmented with over $3 billion of federal money – all of to be pissed down the drain to lay track in the middle of nowhere.  A high speed air mover.  Note to California – you are hereby on your own. When your economic idiocy finally falls down around your shoulders, the rest of the country will point to this waste of money to make sure those of us being frugal (and sane) are not stuck with your bad checks. You are not going to get any bailout money from us. Not after this insanity.

To set the context of the election, here is how the left creates jobs:

A tiny amendment buried in the federal transportation bill to be signed today by President Barack Obama will put operators of roll-your-own cigarette operations in Las Vegas and nationwide out of business at midnight.

Where does the federal government get to restrict legal businesses like this (and yes, smoking is bad for you but still legal)? In a transportation bill no less?

This is why we have to dismantle government. This is why the libertarian grass roots movement (sometimes labeled the Tea Party, though there is no party) is still alive and preparing to kick.

Romney and the GOP will NEVER see broad energetic support from the voters until they start cutting back the government and neutering its ability to control Main Street. Promises mean nothing. If they are seen as another flavor of DC arrogance, they will only be given enough power to neuter the opposition. But if they are ready to take back America from DC, they will win landslide after landslide.

Finally, for all those HS Science Class rejects (yes, I am talking about you journalism majors), while we have been quite warm the last few weeks, overall the GLOBAL climate has been decidedly cool, with no end in sight:

BRITAIN is facing its “worst ever” summer with cold wet weather ruining family holidays and blighting the Olympics, forecasters warned last night.

August is set to be a washout following a miserable July and the wettest June since records began – meaning summer is effectively over.

We happened to have experienced the rare pocket of warmth, that intensified as it was blocked by cooler air masses west, east and north. It is not uncommon to find hotspots in any gas or liquid, and we just experienced one. Just like last week was not GLOBAL WARMING, this week will not be GLOBAL COOLING, but the departure of a well formed, stable hot spot. Click the image to see how much of the “globe” is unseasonably warm versus unseasonably cool.

See here and here for more on this ISOLATED atmospheric event.  Clearly, the Green Leftists are out crying “WOLF!” again.

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