May 21 2006

Suspicous Acts On A School Bus

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I am with Michelle on this one.

Mana Saleh Almanajam, 23, and Shaker Mohsen Alsidran, 20, both of Tampa, were charged with trespassing on school grounds as unlawful riders on a school bus.

Deputies say the two boarded the bus at a regular bus stop at Fletcher Avenue and 42nd street. Deputies said the bus driver and the students saw them and became concerned by their presence. The driver notified her supervisors who, in turn, called authorities.

I find it strange to Saudi’s here on education visas (where have we heard that before) cannot get their stories straight on why they were hitching a ride to a local High School on a school bus.  The two Saudi’s are supposedly enrolled in the University of South Florida, which is around 8 miles from the High School they were apprehended at (see map).

I find it hard to believe they needed to lie about their nationality initially.  Let’s just say this one looks really, really suspicious.

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  1. patch says:

    The University of South Florida?

    How about this:

    Sounds like a nest of trouble.

  2. The Bus Riding Saudis…

    Michelle Malkin has been all over the story about the two Saudi men arrested on a bus in Florida:
    SOMETHING DOESN’T SEEM RIGHT…with the story of the two lying Saudi men who boarded a school bus in Florida. And it is not racist to say so.

  3. Terrye says:

    Well if Michelle is the primary source I would wait up before I got too excited.

  4. Students in danger, in Sderot and in Tampa…

    In the first news report, another case of rockets being fired from the reign of the Hamas/PLO dictatorship against Israelis, this time landing at a school in Sderot, Israel…

  5. crosspatch says:

    Might want to have a look at this article from UPI.

    Warning: Beslan could happen in U.S.

    WASHINGTON, May 17 (UPI) — Another atrocity comparable to, or even worse than, the massacre of schoolchildren at Beslan will happen in the future, the chief reporter in a film on the tragedy says.

    “I think the monstrous imagination (of the terrorists) means that the next time it will only be bigger,” Jonathan Sanders, an expert on Russia and former CBS News Moscow correspondent, told United Press International.

    Sanders spent the fall of 2004 reporting on the aftermath of the Beslan siege for his film.

    The new documentary about the three-day siege on an elementary school in Beslan, Russia, by Chechen terrorists in September 2004 reveals never-before-seen footage shot by the Chechen terrorists contained in a video camera found in the rubble.

    “Three Days in September” is a brutal glimpse into the last hours of the 331 people — 176 of them children — who perished after suffering three days without food, water or access to toilet facilities. Narrated by Julia Roberts, it opens with 16-year-old Dariya Fadeeva, the older sister of one of the hostages, giving a guided tour of Beslan. Fadeeva, who speaks English and studied abroad in Texas, stayed with Sanders during New York’s Tribeca Film Festival and was there when the film debuted.

    Sanders said his and Fadeeva’s visit to a Brooklyn elementary school reminded them of how easily a Beslan-like catastrophe could happen.