May 21 2006

Is The Left Tired Of Whining?

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Yes folks, Bush Derangement Syndrome can be a downer:

THE COUNTRY still has George W. Bush to kick around for 2 1/2 more years. But the thrill is gone. Bush-whacking isn’t as much fun as it used to be.

For one thing, everyone’s doing it.

The joyless political left started up in 2000 and shows no signs of letting up. Today, you can add bitter political conservatives to the anti-Bush brew. Radio host Rush Limbaugh lambastes the president as regularly as Boston Globe columnists and the Michael Moore crowd. And Bush’s current critics dish it out right in the president’s face, as Comedy Central’s faux talk show host Stephen Colbert did at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner.

But, truthfully, lampooning a president is much less satisfying when the president is as diminished as Bush.

So spitting in his face (figuratively) and smearing his character and accusing him of every crime committed by the Nazi’s and Kmher Rouge is just not fun anymore? LOL! What a pathetic existence the last 6 years have been for the left.

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  1. Terrye says:

    It seems to me that Bush and Truman have a lot in common.

    I think the left has run out of material, just in time for the right to come along and show that when it comes to being morons their mirror images on the left have nothing on them. Instead of calling Bush Hitler, they call him ElPresidente.

    Extremes meet.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    AJ I was looking around the net yesterday for related analysis of Fritz’s issues in the Libby prosecution. As search engines can do, I came across a story, that has had me in a modest slow burn since then.

    First it does not have any value as to the validity of the case at all, it is only a clear hatchet job about someone indirectly related to this issue. The story is admittedly based in part on a source that is a self admitted liar even in the story. The title of the article seems to profess invasion of privacy but then proceeds to do so in reckless abandon.

    I am old enough to remember yellow dog muckraking journalism and this story can only be classified to be of that genre.

    I won’t post the direct link now to give this tripe more airing than it deserves.

    But still, it is so out there, that I would have hoped that reaction to the story would be one of universal disgust.

    So I will demur for now, but if AJ wishes me to post the link or contact me to send it to him for independent evaluation I will.

  3. AJStrata says:


    Feel free to post the link.


  4. AJStrata says:

    LOL! The title alone is priceless. Ever notice how liberals never grew out of their need to make a sexual reference at every turn? Sure sign of sexual insecurity in my opinion. All you need to know is in one sentence fragment:

    “Fast forward several decades”

    All the abuse happened under liberal concepts of dealing with drugs. What a moron. While he was connecting dots, he seemed to miss the most obvious one. Besides, if the program (a) helped his sister and (b) allowed him to avoid her fate it worked.

    I doubt the program promised to make him successful. Hard love is ‘abusive’. Any one who truly cares will do the hard thing to help someone stop killing themselves.

    Another fine example of the liberal intellect at work.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Yup a tough love drug treatment program was the prototype for Abu Gharib.. what a reach

  6. MerryJ1 says:

    I went to a breakfast yesterday sponsored by Peter Roskam, the Republican candidate for Henry Hyde’s seat. His guest and featured speaker was Karl Rove (and I was surprised and delighted to find him warm, funny and very entertaining).

    I was also surprised to see a half-dozen half-baked wackos with picket signs at the road-side near the entry drive. Can someone please explain to me how protesting an advisor (a very effective one, yes, but not elected and not wielding direct power) makes any kind of sense?

    I guess it’s not really worthwhile to try to figure out what drives these malcontents, but it is worth noting the predictable result IF the same number of Republicans match their time investment, but with door-knocking and phone-bank volunteerism, while the wackos keep busy with their little hissy fits.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Can someone please explain to me how protesting an advisor (a very effective one, yes, but not elected and not wielding direct power) makes any kind of sense?

    It doesn’t but haven’t you noticed that real idiots consitantly go to unusal lengths to demonstrate their idiocy any time they get the chance?

    One thing I learned a while back was that arguing with an idiot is a waste of time for both sides. Rather than arguing with them or shouting at them or trying to use logic, I have found that the most effective thing to do is laugh at them. Maybe carry some red rubber noses with you to hand out to them next time you see a gaggle of this type.

    Also, ever notice their repetitive chants at protests? They usually go something like: What do we want? (item!) When do we want it? (now!). To see how childish it is, substitute “a pony!” for the item. Then feel free to join in with their chant … What do we want? (A pony!) when do we want it? (now!). See? Simple!

  8. pull says:

    The Left is not tired of whining. This is what rebels do. They grumble and complain. We may call it “whining”, but that is not what they call it. We should not their “whining” has a very dark edge to it. There is nothing lovely or babylike in creating and dispersing the kinds of lies that they do.

    This “whining” has been going on since the baby boomer generation. It is not letting up. It is only gathering momentum and turning into something else.

    I work around “20 somethings” and see far left political propaganda passed around frequently. I have always seen this. These people eat this stuff up. There is no abating.

    We can laugh it off, but what happens to these things twenty years from now? Will we say twenty years from now will be nothing because thirty years ago it was nothing and still is? What I see having happened is a great nation divided. I see a people who so hate their own nation they will do and say just about anything they can to destroy it.

    We should remember this kind of slander takes many decades to work into a people… such as we saw with Pre-Soviet Russia, Pre-Nazi Germany, Pre-Genocide Rwanda, and in many other places across the planet. We saw decades of slander and organization of “whiners” before the collapse came.

    We can note that there were a great many decades of such talk in the British Empire. And what really killed the British Empire but their own hatred of themselves? They did not end up like the Nazis or Rwandans or Russians… they merely ignored the burgeoning threat on their horizon. They ignored it in such a way one must wonder if they did not ultimately welcome it.

    But is our nation in such a place yet that it would eat itself alive… as Germany or Rwanda did? Maybe in ten years? Twenty years? Or, are we merely in such a place that we will see a burgeoning demise on the horizon and do nothing about it?

    Do not be mistaken: Britain could have been saved the trouble of WWII had they properly reacted when Churchill was trying to get them to react. We all could have. If had any any mettle at all. But, we did not.