May 21 2006

Rejoice The Democratic Iraq

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If someone told me after 9-11, but before we took out Saddam, that we would be able to rid the world of one of the most brutal and maniacal dictators and, in his stead, stand up a popular democratic government in under 4 years I would have never believed it. But it happened:

Iraq’s first constitutional government since the fall of Saddam Hussein took office in a televised ceremony Saturday, with unfilled cabinet posts and last-minute sectarian bickering underlining the difficulties it will face in bringing peace and order to the country.

Classic dead ender news media. Their predictions of failure were the only failure. But their morbid obsession with seeing Iraqis suffer so Bush will take political hits (and of course they would be vindicated) cannot hide the victory we see in Iraq. Yes, the violent Al Qaeda members are still out killing randomly, but not the Iraq’s – by enormous margins.

We have had gangs killing sprees here in the US before, but it is not civil war. DC has been the murder capitol of the nation due to its drug and gang problems – but we are not struggling to keep our democracy together.

The only ones struggling are the liberals who must face facts: Iraq was the most successful effort to remove human rights demons and provide a vast number of people a whole new lease on life and their futures. And the future is definitely brighter for us. While Saddam trained terrorists (2,000+ a year) this new Iraq plans on eliminaing them:

“The new post puts me and my brothers and sisters in front of exceptional responsibilities,” Maliki said in a speech laying out his program. “We will destroy terrorism and tyranny.”

Now that is not a trivial difference. Another juxtaposition is in the next paragraph:

The seating of the government completes a process that began in January 2005, when Iraqis elected an assembly to write a new constitution and form an interim government. The Bush administration hopes the new government will take the country’s problems into its own hands, confront or win over insurgents and clear the way for a withdrawal of U.S. forces.

Not “America hopes” or “US Government hopes”, because that would imply broad hope with the President. The media is pathetic in this country. They have been repeatedly wrong, which is not the problem. But they have stubbornly denied to themselves they were wrong, and keep escalating the hyperbole against Bush to avoid facing they were wrong. The left cannot even see the immense accomplishments in this day due to their now permanent state of hate for being so wrong. They hate Bush because he proved the haughty naysayers where just big egos following a big mistake in judgement. And those egos are not yet mature enough to see what just happened. They are still trying to surrender, after all this progress. Maybe they should surrender the Balkans?

Addendum: The WaPo article makes a big deal out of the fact a few Sunni’s walked out of the ceremony and vote. I guess the entire country is at risk of falling apart – just like the state of Texas did when democrats ran away from the state to avoid redistricting! I guess there is some solidarity between those who want a return of Saddam in Iraq and the Democrats here in the US after all.

Addendum: If you want to see what to rejoice about, check out Powerline’s reporting on a moving moment of thanks from an Iraqi Mayor.  Makes you proud to be an American

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  1. Terrye says:

    I agree with you here. I wish the Iraqis luck.

  2. Bukko in Australia says:

    Why are you rightists so happy about this puppet government? It doesn’t control anything outside the Bremer Walls of the “Green Zone” and every one of its members would quickly be tortured to death with electric drills if there weren’t rings of American troops protecting them from the citizenry. Battery-powered electric drills, that is. No telling when the power will be cut, and you don’t want the bit to stop spinning when you’re only partway through the eyeball. The Cheney administration is so incompetent that it can’t even put a proper puppet government in place until six months after the “election”. The Repugs dithered so long, like they did with everything else in Iraq, that they let time go by with more chaos growing whilst hacks and thugs argued over who got which captain’s chair on the Titanic. Exactly what is it that America has accomplished in Iraq? Giving them less clean water, electricity and medical care than they had under sanctions and Saddam? Turning the place into anarchy so that Islamic terrorists and Shiite death squads could run rampant? At least with Saddam, people knew where their killers were coming from. Letting Iran gain control over much of Iraq? Bad move there, letting one of your sworn enemies expand its power. The only people to “win” from this war were the corrupt companies like KBR and Dyncorp that were paid hundreds of millions on contracts for work that they didn’t even do, and the big oil companies, whose profits went up by billions because of the oil shortage caused by taking Iraq’s fields out of production. The U.S. got more oil from Saddam than it does now that Iraq is under the control of its own troops. Are you rightists happy that you’re paying $3 a gallon to fill your SUVs and enriching countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia? I don’t defend Saddam, but Iraqi life was actually better under him than under the U.S. That’s a sad achievement. The whole place is going to collapse, America will lose another war, Saudi Arabia will be destabilised and eventually your country will have an economic collapse because of what you’ve done. You’ll get your karma, mate. But even when you suffer the consequences of your actions, you’ll still blame the liberals. Wake up and smell the fascism, boyos.

  3. AJStrata says:


    So you have been to Iraq (my guess not)? Are you aware 16 out 0f 18/19 provences are peaceful? Why are we happy 25 million people are out from under the brutal and murderous Saddam regime and now a beacon of democracy?

    LOL! If I have to explain it to you, then you need to seek help.

  4. Bukko in Australia says:

    Nope, never been to Iraq. Never been to Hell, either. But from what I read, Iraq is a living hell. A “beacon of democracy”? Gimme a break! Surely you don’t believe a place where women can’t go outside without Islamic garb, where death squads kill people of the opposing Muslim sect, where random violence can strike at any moment, is a “beacon.” More like a burning car shell after the suicide bomb went off. And 16 peaceful provinces? Which would those be? The ones where the Poms are getting their choppers shot out of the sky, and having to fight their way in to collect the wreckage? The ones where the Kurds are kicking out the Turkomens and Sunnis? The one with the town (Haditha) Bush said was pacified, and more U.S. troops were killed in fighting earlier this month? It’s all falling apart. Your country replaced a brutal and murderous Saddam regime with a brutal and murderous anarchy. One is as bad as the other. But the one now in Iraq is YOUR fault. And the trouble will spread. Once Iran’s Shiite militia party takes control of Iraq, they’ll extend the anarchy into Saudi Arabia and overthrow the despots there. Then your way of life will be destroyed. In your heart, you know you’re going down. Your LOL has the tinny sound of someone whistling their way past the graveyard, mate.

  5. Mark_for_Senate says:

    You must be an MSM journalist! Good luck with your fantasy world, and Doom and Gloom predictions. History books will tell a different tale, and although the changes in Iraq are not out of troubled waters yet, it is definately a positive change for the entire region, especially as far as human rights are concerned. What do you expect in 4 years? Our Republic took longer than that, and is now the leader in power, technology and humanatarian aid for the whole planet. If you fail to see ‘the new Iraq’ as an improvement over Saddam’s rule you are truly blind. You must be very miserable, but I’m sure you feel better by blaming Bush and the US for it all. Good luck.

  6. pull says:

    Excellent comments.

    I face this everyday when talking with Leftists.

    But, let us face facts: the Left did not care that the Soviet Union imprisoned half of Europe… enforcing totalitarianism on them. They only respond to this by stating it was a Republican plot. They did not care about the Afghanistani’s when they were being overrun by the Soviet Union. They did not care about the Tutsi’s of Rwanda. They do not today care about the people of Iraq. Yesterday, they did not care that South Vietnam was being ruthlessly invaded… nor Cambodia, nor Korea.

    Today, on any of these issues, they will only defend them, never speak of them. When they are forced to defend these issues, they have a conservative plot for all of them.

    Though their political intelligence consists of little more then such observations as “Bush is stupid” or “Republicans are Nazis”… they are not dumb. They are maliciously ignorant. They are knowingly wicked.

    The well being of any of these States is not something which matters to them. Face the facts: this is a power struggle. They want power. That is all that they want. They will submit to every and any lie in order to get power. The power they want involves the end of Democracy. Democracy is their great enemy.

    But, what do we expect? For them to come out and say it?

    They are just not that stupid.