Apr 15 2012

The Power Of Stupidity – Or How Snark Killed The Democrats This Election Year

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The Democrats were basking in the glow of a really bad GOP primary season. They had successfully turned GOP candidate misfires into the image of the bad ‘ol GOP of yester-year (preachy, prudish and pompous). There was the rich against the poor – with Romney being the near-perfect stereotype of the rich man who won his treasure on the backs of Main Street workers.

And there was the war on women, which erupted after the debate on restrictions for public payment of abortions and birth control, etc.

Then Hillary Rosen lead the charge against Ann Romney in one of those apparent coordinated media attacks you see from political pundits. This was because Ann Romney was deemed to be the biggest threat to the Obama campaign. A threat I failed to see until last week. Little did I know!

Rosen went full-on-dumb snark when she claimed “Ann hasn’t worked a day in her life”. The typical left wing feminist organizations followed suit – right over the electoral cliff.

Rosen’s sin was she attacked the backbone of America – The Family. If there is anything more powerfully toxic to a politician it is attacking the ‘home’ of Americans. We can disagree on solutions to pressing problems all day long, but no one disses the family. And the heart of all families is the mother – who sacrifices so much for her family. Every decent husband, and all the children know, moms give up a lot to do the hardest job in America.

Raising good and successful children.

Who doesn’t have a memory of Mom coming to your aid when you were hurt, or knowing when to spoil you with a reward and punish you when you went astray. Who doesn’t recall being sick and turning to Mom, or being heart broken and turning to Mom, or being proud for making a big achievement and turning to Mom …

Husbands know, Mom is first on everyone’s mind.

The point is, the luckiest amongst us have a Mom and Dad in our lives a lot, as positive influences (as opposed to people who fail at being Mom and Dad – sometimes horrifically). And those who don’t have this fortune muddle through wishing they did.

What Rosen and the left did (primarily the twisted feminist far left) is reopen the real battle lines in America. The war of the family against a society run amok. A society run amok through the power of government busy bodies looking to demonstrate their superior intellect and morals (which always begs the question, what kind of superior being settles for a government job). [BTW, I have 100% respect for all those ‘normal’ people working for the government without arrogance and disdain for all those outside government].

The family is under attack from the tag team of big business and big government. And it is these forces of oppression We The People want reigned in. So when Rosen and the far left snarked their true disregard for the family, they provided a clear and uncomplicated target for Main Street’s frustration. They provided Americans with something to rally behind as wrong, evil and needing to be eliminated from mature thought. There is no need to overthink this, Rosen and the feminists have given everyone and easy place to vent all their frustrations.

Over at Bookworm Room the essence of this misstep was made crystal clear. The selfish feminists are now in full battle with selfless mothers. This line especially hit home:

This is not just a war of tired old feminists who are trying to justify the fact that most of them paid illegal, undereducated women, many of whom speak little or no English, to raise their children.

This actually does appear to be the crux of the matter. In between the Ann Romney types (wealthy enough to stay home) and the liberal elite who are so self absorbed they outsource their kids to surrogates, live the rest of America. Many of whom hire help or utilize day care, but who would prefer more time home with the kids. They would love to be in Ann Romney’s shoes.

Recall that the left see children as burdens, not the treasure they are. For evolution-believing types they are ignorant of the power of parenting in regards to biological success. Feminists and liberals talk about the conception of life as a parasite. Got that? A blood sucking parasite. Not a rare gift – a once for all time spark. A parasite that can be destroyed at a whim, and paid for by taxpayers.

I have a biology degree and I know for a fact the individual of any life form is unique. There never will be another like it ever again, and they are the one only to exist in all of history. To see this rare event as a parasite, or some burden that takes from expressing one’s inner whatever, is sad. Pathetically sad. It is where Main Street parts with the elites and rightfully looks down on the wasted existence of said hollow elites.

The happiest families have balance. Dedicated parents who share the time and responsibility with the kids. Whose free time is dedicated to the kids. In this modern world, Moms working paid jobs are not much different from stay at home moms, and they all get along well in every community in the country. These are children-first types – not the Rosen-nuts. They are repelled by Rosen’s callousness.

Bookworm makes one more point, which to me is just an offshoot or aberration of the guilt-avoidance mentioned above:

Part of the socialist experiment was that children would be raised, not within family units, but as part of the cooperative.  Only in that way could the kibbutz [socialists] defeat unhealthy, selfish individualism and assure a new generation of people dedicated to the movement.

Yes, to eliminate individualism would require breaking the bond between parents and children. Then children can be programmed to do the state’s bidding. Nazis and others discovered this issue decades ago. Cults employ this strategy. But ironically, it is those who are selfish with their own lives who fall for this myth. You cannot take the parent out of humanity – it is our long parenting period that made us who we are, and why our children imprint on their parents and stay with them for decades. Social engineering cannot win against genetics.

I feel the left is riddled with insecurity. They are intimidated by the rich, the powerful (see our military), the successful (another form of rich), and the happy. They thrive on sustaining the moment they revolted from parental oppression (be it religion, sexual orientation, taste in clothes, whatever). Why they even consider having or raising kids is beyond me. Maybe it is more of that lashing out and trying to prove they were right when they went full anarchist to leave the nest.

But I do know this. The tolerance for individual choice ends at the individual making the choice. The minute that choice is mandated on others, or others are oppressed (for what else is snarkasm but a way to oppress diversity) then the line is crossed and the spines go up. As bookworm noted, once the selfless parental instincts kick in – so does the mother lion protecting her cub instinct. Or the family’s instinct to protect its matriarch.

The minute Rosen and the left waged their war on mothers (which this was), they were doomed.

No one disses the mom of the house. No one. Being the husband I can tell you for a fact the kids and I would never let our tolerance for diversity extend that far. Them fighting words.

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  1. Redteam says:

    I don’t own animals, so that’s not a problem to me. But I’m not familiar with what you’re talking of.
    Lurker, I think Vick has ‘seen the light’
    On Hannity tonight, Hannity tried to get Romney to talk about the ‘dog story’ but Romney cut him off by saying he wanted to talk about jobs, not dogs. Thank goodness, that dog story got old about half way through…….

  2. lurker9876 says:

    It takes a long time to explain the issues with HSUS. Bottom line is that I hope none of you are donating one penny to HSUS and other HSUS-affiliated rescues. There are not many non HSUS-afiliated rescues left. HSUS collects millions of dollars; yet, donate only one percent or less to the rescues that actually help animals. The goal of HSUS is to eliminate animal ownership…take a look at the Wayne Pacelle’s quotes…one generation and out. They don’t care about the due process and private property rights.

    Anyway, not sure Michael Vick “saw the light” as he is affiliated with Wayne Pacelle.

    The good thing about the dog story is that David Axelrod can no longer use the Romney’s Seamus on top of a car (normal back in those days as per baby boomers) story again. He’s lost that campaign gimmick…that was successful in bringing down Mitt’s polling points. No more.

    Mitt laughing in response to Hannity is telling…he knows that the Seamus story is dead because of Obama’s statement in the book. He knows that he no longer has to deal with it anymore. He is also telling us that he has other aces up his sleeves.

    Good for Jim Treacher to find that gem of the dog eating comment in the Obama book.

    I see that his lovely Reverend Wright has shut out the media at his upcoming sermon in some TN church. Is he afraid of something…that what he will say will destroy Obama? Is he seeing something that he no longer likes?

    That poor Farrahkan…I hope he’s talking to himself….only himself. Does he still have any credibility left?

  3. WWS says:

    rather sickening editorial in the Dallas Morning News today (behind an online paywall so I won’t link it) There was a democratic party contest in Dallas last week over who would get an endorsement for the seat in the all-black south Dallas district. (eddie bernice johnson’s seat, I believe)

    Basically they weren’t complaining about how black votes are for sale, , but what they were appalled that some of the party organizers had gotten so blatant that they were openly handing out bundles of cash at the event. Also, they were upping the price; apparently everyone knows that the black vote goes for $30 per head, in cash, and these guys were trying to upset the system by doubling it.

    Is anybody being charged? Aw heck no; that’s just an every day fact of life in the democrat party today. And everyone (in the press, at least) knows it.