May 20 2006

Democrat Making Deals With A Killer

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I wonder how Americans are going to react to the news that a Democrat Senator was currying favor for a Korean businessman with a sadistic killer, Sadam Hussein:

According to the documents, Mr Torricelli, nicknamed “the Torch” for his incendiary political style, had a series of meetings in the late 1990s, when he was a congressman, with Nizar Hamdoun, then the Iraqi ambassador to the United Nations. During these meetings, Mr Torricelli allegedly urged the Iraqi authorities to help Mr Chang and Bright and Bright get oil-for-food contracts on good terms.

The first meeting between Mr Torricelli and Mr Hamdoun took place on March 10 1996, when, according to an Iraqi document that has been described to the FT, Mr Torricelli reportedly suggested that he was willing to play an active role in improving US-Iraq communications.

The two talked about Resolution 986, which was going to set the rules of the oil-for-food programme. Mr Torricelli said a number of US companies would be interested in doing business with Baghdad, and specifically mentioned Mr Chang.

According to the same Iraqi document, Mr Torricelli met Mr Hamdoun again two days later. At that meeting, Mr Torricelli said that since their previous conversation he had spoken with Edward Gnehm, the deputy US representative to the UN, who was leading negotiations with Iraq about the oil-for-food programme.

On June 22, according to the same document, Mr Torricelli allegedly met Mr Hamdoun again. Mr Torricelli told him he had heard that the Iraqis might not give US companies any contracts and advised him that this would be a mistake. Mr Torricelli told Mr Hamdoun that he expected to win a US Senate seat in the November election (as he later did), and said that Bright and Bright was important to him and his election campaign and that he hoped that the company would receive contracts from Iraq.

According to the Iraqi document, Bright and Bright initially asked for 60 per cent of Iraq’s oil contracts and a discount of $1.50 a barrel. Then on June 11 1996, a Bright and Bright executive wrote to Mr Hamdoun asking for government contracts worth as much as $300m in the first 90 days of the oil-for-food programme. In return, he said Bright and Bright would continue to support the normalisation of relations between the US and Iraq.

Will the news Democrats (or this Democrat) will do just about anything for campaign donations affect the November elections?  Well, it would probably have an enormous impact if the dates I highlighted were put into some context.  So let’s look at 1995, and one Hussein Kamel.  This is what transpired the previous year to Torricelli’s efforts:

Kamel rose through the army ranks to become Iraq’s minister of military industries, heading the Military Industrialisation Commission and supervising Iraq’s weapons development programs from 1987.

He married one of Saddam Hussein’s daughters, Raghad Hussein, and lived in Iraq until 1995. On August 7 of that year, Kamel and his wife defected from Iraq …

Hussein Kamal exposed Iraq’s nuclear and biological weapons programs.  He has been called by some on the left a testimony to Iraq’s disarmament and innocence.  I am sure that is why Saddam had his son-in-law killed upon his return.  In any event, Torricelli was discussing deals to relieve sanctions on Saddam less than a year after his son-in-law spilled the beans on his hidden WMD capabilities.  That tells you all you need to know about the Torch and anyone who defends him.

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  1. The Colonel says:

    Just a quite reminder, we are responsible for these officials we elected to do the Nation’s business and to represent us. Read the Constitution of the United States; particularly Article 1, Section 8 to find out who the culprit really is regarding immigration.

  2. AJStrata says:


    Couldn’t agree with you more. Sorry for the comment being held for approval, happens the first time you comment. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  3. bobsunshine says:

    Mr. Torricelli is a disgrace to the office and as an American. Don’t forget this from “Flopping Aces”:

    “Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., led congressional efforts in the mid-1990s that handcuffed the CIA’s abilities to recruit spies – a key policy that helped allow the attacks of Sept. 11 to take place with no intelligence warnings.

    Current and former CIA operatives say that Clinton administration policies, which forbade the CIA from recruiting known terrorists and other criminals, left the U.S. government bereft of all intelligence about such terrorist groups.”

  4. WWS says:

    Sadly, I doubt that the majority of Americans will have no reaction to this at all, since they’ll never hear or see a word of it in the MSM. Hate to be cynical, but I’m betting this disapears just like a pebble thrown in a mud puddle.

    Now if it had been a REPUBLICAN senator, then all hell would break loose! And it would be Bush’s fault, of course.

  5. smh1012 says:

    WWS: Amen to that. The question is, what can we do as ordinary citizens to turn this around?

    One answer I suppose is to continue to elect Republicans and drive the media crazy. Or simply do not support those publications which have an obvious media bias..gee that about eliminates all of them doesn’t it? Remember, if we don’t buy, they don’t survive.

  6. Kaz-Man says:

    My brother, who lives in New Jersey, left me a message this morning that almost sent coffee through my nose, “The Torch, the gift that keeps on giving!”

  7. While this may not get much play in the MSM, Rush Limbaugh talked a little about it on his show on Friday. So millions of listeners across America now area aware and can tell others.