Feb 22 2012

Lying Through Omission

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When good liars lie, they do so by only telling half the truth, leaving out that part of the truth they need to hide. One definition of a half-truth is this:

A deceptive statement, especially one that is only partly true, is incomplete, (misrepresents reality by telling part of the truth), or alters the time sequence of truths.

Right on the heels of ClimateFakeGate, we learn that the entire next report out of the IPCC is one big fat half-truth lie:

For the 1750-2010 period examined, two variables correlate strongly with the observed warming (and hence with each other). Solar magnetic activity and atmospheric CO2 were both trending upwards over the period, and both stepped up to much higher levels over the second half of the 20th century. These two correlations with temperature change give rise to the two main competing theories of 20th century warming. Was it driven by rapidly increasing human release of CO2, or by the 80 year “grand maximum” of solar activity that began in the early 1920?s? (“Grand minima and maxima of solar activity: new observational constraints,” Usoskin et al. 2007.)

The empirical evidence in favor of the solar explanation is overwhelming. Dozens of peer-reviewed studies have found a very high degree of correlation (.5 to .8) between solar-magnetic activity and global temperature going back many thousands of years (Bond 2001, Neff 2001, Shaviv 2003, Usoskin 2005, and many others listed below). In other words, solar activity “explains,” in the statistical sense, 50 to 80% of past temperature change.

As I will fully document, all of the evidence for a strong solar magnetic driver of climate is simply left out of AR5. Of the many careful empirical studies that show a high correlation between solar activity and climate, only three papers are obliquely referenced in a single sentence of the entire First Order Draft.

Nothing could be more perverse in such a circumstance than to unplug the modern world in a misbegotten jihad against CO2. The IPCC’s omitted variable fraud must stop. AR5?s misattribution of 20th century warming to CO2 must stop. The evidence overwhelmingly supports the solar-magnetic warming theory.

This is a damning report from an actual AR5 reviewer.

Around 2000 the infamous Hockey Team’s tried to hide the fact that tree rings had diverged from modern temperature records in the late 20th century (and showed cooling instead of the predicted warming). They did this by splicing in different data  and deleting the important part of the tree ring data record. This was an instance of fraud by a small cadre of egotistical klutzes. They made their bed and now have to wallow in it.

But to have the entire scientific record of solar induced warming ‘hidden’ by the IPCC stinks of Orwell’s Big Brother and the tricks employed by Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels (one of the most gifted propagandists of all time). These fanatics (no one should ever confuse them with real scientists) are desperate to save their failing CO2 theories. So desperate they have tried to hide the truth.

Bunglers and liars. That’s all these people are. All true scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and professionals should shun these people.

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  1. Neo says:

    “Solar magnetic activity and atmospheric CO2 were both trending upwards over the period”

    Here I thought they were going to say that increasing man-made atmospheric CO2 was causing increasing solar magnetic activity.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Simply what is going on here is that they are trying to put together something ,anything and will go to any means to keep their cash flow and grants in place.

    Lies,denials of real science, data falsification and models which could show Jupiter is the cause of global warming here or anything else they figure they can pass off would be done.

    When you think of all the money that has been wasted on this junk science you can support not just charges of fraud but perhaps even treason by many of those who were the key players.

    This was never about global warming it is a pure leverage tool for their political and self interest goals and far to many are greasing their palms with our money and likely enriching themselves in the process.

  3. Redteam says:

    Merlin, I made that point about fraud and WWS pointed out that while it is probably or likely fraud that drove it, it would be extremely difficult and likely impossible to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. He’s likely correct. The people of this country have been so hoodwinked by politicians and political government grants, that there seems to be a standard that, that is the standard. It’s expected. It’s not fraud, it is simply con artists pulling their cons to get the positions and political payoffs. In other words, we aren’t defrauded, we were just supporting the con artists as we are actually expected to do. Just like all these millions that went to obama’s buddies on the solar energy ripoffs. Nothing will happen to those people, they were just playing the system. They supported the president getting elected in return for the payola that would flow from his election. They have not been disappointed.

  4. Frogg1 says:

    British Parliament heard devastating testimony overturning the global warming hoax