May 13 2006

To Die For Your Phone Number

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Another post I lost yesterday was the one discussing the Democrat strategy of killing our efforts to detect terrorists in order to protect our phone numbers from the Feds. The democrats are introducing or planning to introduce legislation that would stop the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program.

Members of the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees introduced legislation Thursday to require the NSA comply with the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which requires the executive branch to seek a surveillance warrant from a secret court. Historically, the court has approved nearly every request for domestic surveillance. ”Americans have lost trust in a White House which refuses to brief Congress and insists it is above the law,” Harman said.

Civil liberties groups echoed those criticisms.

”I am reminded of Alice and in Wonderland, the more we find out, the more it grows and grows,” said Bob Barr, the former Georgia Republican congressman who is now a fellow at the American Conservative Union.

The story I had linked to yesterday discussed the planned legislation by far left Democrats to stop the program all together. Bob Barr and the media are the ones living in Wonderland. All us normal folks know that the NSA doesn’t have any power to bring charges (unlike the IRS and FBI etc). We also know that there are more than 10’s of millions of phones in the US so this program is not nation wide (elementary school level math).

We all know the world has our phone numbers because of all the G-damn telemarketers who call us (even when we are on the Federal do not call list). Geez, if my phone number can help track down a terrorist and doesn’t inflict calls from mortgage companies all day long why would I care? What the left is asking us to do is risk attack so we can protect our phone number from the Feds. They want us to die for our phone number. Are they crazy?

Well, if the Democrats want to go into the fall elections with the rallying cry we should die for our phone numbers – who am I to argue?.

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  1. wickedpinto says:

    I think there are NUMEROUS phone conversation/contact/info programs in action right now. To depict one as THE program is silly, and if it IS THE program? then we are flogging pathetic.