May 19 2005

Welcome to The Matrix 2005

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The souless ghouls who want to create life for spare parts is cheering a break through in South Korea which sounds like a breakthrough akin to Henry Ford’s production line for cars:

In what scientists say is a stunning leap forward, a team of South Korean researchers has developed a highly efficient recipe for producing human embryos by cloning and then extracting their stem cells.

Writing today in the journal Science, they report that they used their method to produce 11 human stem cells lines that are genetic matches of patients aged 2 to 56.

OK, I have a BS in biology and I can tell you that an embryo is a unique human individual, which if given proper care can process through the stages of human life (fetus, baby, toddler, child, etc – which are stages of life, not different life forms). Want proof? Test the DNA. The same test that identifies rapists and other criminals in court today will unambiguously identify the embryo (again, a stage of life not a form of life) as human.

So while we will not use these human beings as power cells, we will harvest them for spare parts. Pathetic.

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