Jan 21 2012

Newt’s Big Win In SC!

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As I expected, Newt must have just walloped Romney in SC. Fox News called it before 1% of the vote was in and based on exit polls only. The exit polls must be so one sided to be amazing given the way the media is reacting. The talking heads are acting as if Romney’s candidacy is just about toast.

Update: CNN is now acting as if Romeny might lose FL. The talk across the dial is this was devastating loss for Roomney.

Update: Krauthammer notes that 2/3rds of the voters decided this week and went with Newt. Can’t wait to see the final tally. It really is becoming anyone but Romney and Obama.

Update: Exit Poll data here, and a big hat tip to Hot Air. Romney’s ‘concession’ speech is a real snorer….

He’s boring his own supporters in his own campaign room.

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  1. Frogg1 says:

    GOP Strategist ‘The Establishment’ Will Try To Replace Gingrich

  2. Frogg1 says:

    January 22, 2012

    PPP: Romney/Gingrich “Neck and Neck” in FL

    The effects of South Carolina are already being felt in Florida as Public Policy Polling is stating the following about their new poll in Florida on their Twitter feed.

    First night of our Florida polling: Romney and Gingrich are neck and neck.
    2 more people picked Mitt than Newt out of about 600 people we polled tonight…that’s how close we’re talking.


  3. Insider Advantage is reporting the first post-S.C. Florida poll thusly:

    Newt Gingrich 34%
    Mitt Romney 26%
    Ron Paul 13%
    Rick Santorum 11%

    link: http://davidwissing.com/?p=17202

  4. […] Readers have begun posting new polls showing a surging Newt. Reader Trent_Telenko links to a poll with Newt up by 8, while reader Frogg1 points to a PPP Poll showing Newt tied with […]

  5. DJStrata says:


    Sadly this race cannot come down to who wins in VA. Only Romney and Paul are on the ballot due to missed deadlines by other candidates.