May 09 2006

Democrat Civil War Erupting On Impeachment

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For the far left there is only one issue this election season: Impeach Bush.  If that issue is not front and center they will not come out to support Democrats.  The civil war breaking out will heat up all summer.  One of the first skirmishes is in California where a Democrat resolution to Impeach Bush is being blocked by Democrats:

An impeachment resolution introduced into the California Legislature by Assemblyman Paul Koretz (D-West Hollywood) may be blocked from reaching the floor, RAW STORY has learned.

“I think there is a shot,” Koretz said when asked what odds Assembly Joint Resolution 39 has of winning passage. “The question is whether the leadership will let it move. There are a lot of bipartisan issues we’re trying to work on this year,” he added. (Text of the resolution.)

Democrats control both houses of the California Legislature. But leaders may be wary of losing Republican support for budget and tax measures, which require a two-thirds majority for passage under California law, one legislative insider told RAW STORY.

The measure calls on Congress to investigate potentially impeachable offenses committed by President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Personally, I think there will be some Reps willing to let the Dems commit political suicide.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    The donks are a minority party. Losing voters. And, not gaining them back.

    Anyone in retail would tell ya; if you lose a customer the likelihood that they return slims down by significant margins. Wanna test my theory?

    Once upon a time, in America, our cars were considered the best in the world. And, families drove one maker’s model, no matter what! In other words, kids grew up with Fords. Then went out to buy FORDS. Kids who parents chose GM, then went out and bought their own.

    But in 1974 OPEC hit this country with manufactured gas price hikes. And, the tides turned. The little car that did well was the DATSUN. Notice that the Japanese, worried that their car could fail, chose NOT to put the NISSAN name on the bumper. Better to fail as an “unknown” brand, than to take the company’s name with ya.

    A decade later it had all changed.

    And, what my mom pointed out was that people were no longer loyal to the brand name of their parent’s car. On the other hand, it is said if you’ve bought one Toyota, chances are you’ll buy another. How’s that? Well, it seems a company that caters to good engineering got something that would have blown away most Americans in the 1950’s. (In the 1950’s Japan’s reputation was they they produced JUNK. They sold cheaper versions of more expensive products. But it was all JUNK.) My how the world turns.

    The donks are an old party! Goes back to Andrew Jackson. Who won the presidency in 1824. But had the win stolen from him by John Quincy Adams. And, Henry Clay (of the Whigs). The theft went unanswered for four years. But Adams was a one-termer. The Whigs got put out of business shortly thereafter; when Lincoln jumped ship.)

    And, Andrew Jackson, among other things, was the first ELECTED Man-of-the-People. He didn’t have the aristocratic background thought necessary. And, as old as he was, he won in 1828. And, then, again, in 1832.)

    Politics is a funny business. Warren Harding was an empty-headed empty suit. Who stood tall. And, had a deep voice. And, the GOPster’s crowned hiim President. ONLY TO LOSE IN THE LONG RUN.

    I think our President, now, will be remembered in history just like Lincoln. Both men stand tall for what they want. They SAY want they want out loud. And, then they do it. Bush, too (II) also has a better veep than Lincoln had. So the murderous insiders are left to do their mischief through the press, alone.

    And, it seems to be counter productive.

    Ann Coulter spouted some great lines up at Cornell, when she went up to talk to the students. She said given the losses in prestige to the donks’ … and their failures to grab the White House for the past 25 years, except with failed presidents, and nominees) … Oh, of course, except for Bubba. But she said what surprises her is that they don’t close up shop and re-open “under new management” and with a name change.

    Maybe, it’s not so easy?

    Of course, one party has to be in the minority, if the other party is leading. Not that the senate hasn’t set up fifedoms. All those committees, which exist because the senate allows business to be run that way, are really only money pits for the providers (the lobbyists) to enrich the chair-holders.

    How long can this keep going on?

    Well, you tell me. Minstrel shows were once successful and drew crowds. So did vaudeville. Where are they now? How do venues die? Well, first, the money stops.

    Then, ya gotta add that the Internet is a new tool. Is very successful at grabbing opinions from run-of-the-mill Americans. People who never had access to reaching anybody, short of how far they could talk and shout. Not exactly the ways of audiences. Though vaudeville did have a hook. Where a theater manager could grab off a no-talent, like Colbert (for instance), when the house didn’t laugh.

    Vaudeville died. But if the MSM wanted to regain some audience, they wouldn’t do so bad if they took a hook to some of their overpaid talent.

    Other than that? When people get angry they vote. Even in off year elections. The Internet may encourage more people to stay tuned and to show up in November, than not? I’m waiting to see the results up ahead. Aren’t you?

  2. Kaz-Man says:

    A year or so ago, I thought Howard Dean might tap into the anger of the Left and quit his DNC chair to run as an independent in ’08. I doubt that now, as Howard seems to be content with occasional flirtrations with the mainstream.
    I think Al Gore will wind up funneling the support of the Kos-kids his way. A battle royal between Hilary and Al may be taking shape. If Al loses in a close race for the Democratic nomination, will he fade away? I don’t think so.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    Just a question to all, here in the south I am starting to pick up light rumbling that some of the “Southern Dixiecrat” types are leaning toward a possible shift in part affiliation………wheels withing wheels