May 08 2006

Hoekstra Still Cowering

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New day, same Hoekstra. Many fine people who I admire have emailed and commented to me that some people just feel unconfortable about too many military leaders. Well, I don’t find that argument persuasive. To say that still implies there is something negative about people in the Military. The round of discussion came when I posted yesterday how I lost any and all respect for Hoekstra to imply such a broad negative conotation against the people out there risking life and limb, as well as sacrificing life and limb, to protect us and take out the terrorists.

My position has not changed. I still find Hoekstra unimpressive and unworthy of anything but derision. Today he came out at and confirmed my suspicions that he is simply cowering in front of the media:

“The debate in the Senate may end up being about the terrorist surveillance program and not about the future of the CIA or the intelligence community, which is exactly where the debate needs to be,” Hoekstra said on CBS’ “The Early Show.”

Hoekstra is just afraid to have the debate we are going to have anyway. We need to engage the conspiracy theorists and set the record straight. We need to show America the liberal fringe is only good at exposing true national security secrets, wrapped up in fantasy conspiracies, to win votes. Whoever got the idea they could expose the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program to help Democrats put us all in serious danger. So cowering is not an option when the Democrats plan to investigate this program if they take back the house. Better lance this boil now.

No, I have not changed my mind about Hoekstra, and everytime he opens his mouth he digs his hole deeper.

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  1. ivehadit says:

    I heard on Fox from General McEnerny just now that the CIA was founded by a GENERAL.

  2. sad says:

    W wasn’t good enough to be president because he didn’t have enough military background. Now the proposed head for the CIA won’t work because he is military. Get a grip people!!!

  3. liontooth says:

    Can you blame Hoekstra for wanting to avoid the confirmation being totally sidetracked? It isn’t like Frist – the most godawful, weakest, most useless girlie-man Senate leader in US history – will do anything to counter the predictable Democratic attack.

    Without Hoekstra’s help, the Iraqi documents would still be in some warehouse gathering dust.

  4. Sirc_Valence says:

    Here’s a better question Liontooth: Could whatever got to Hoekstra here happened with Goss too? Both the resignation and the “wrong man at the wrong time” nonsense is bewildering.

    Apparently both of them are tied to a shady character named Brent Wilkes.