May 07 2006

Hoekstra Slams Military As “Unwanted”

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People sometimes question my bona fides as an ex-Democrat, conservative independent.  Of course if they noticed my positions on Miers and Immigration they would see a non-hardline (I am not moderate – I am very passionate) position.  But then some Republican leader opens their mouth and reminds me why neither party is saintly or worthy of my name being attached to their cause.

Today we had Rep Pete Hoekstra come out and slam our military as somehow being, unfit, unqualified or unwanted to lead the intelligence war on terror:

the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee bluntly calling him “the wrong man at the wrong place at the wrong time.”


“We should not have a military person leading a civilian agency at this time,” Mr. Hoekstra told Fox-TV.

Why Congressman?  What in the bleeping bleep are you afraid of?  For one thing, the CIA doesn’t have the lead role in intelligence anymore – that is now under the civilian Director of National Intelligence.  What were you doing the last few years in Congress?  And there have been military leaders of the CIA before this.

So what are you insinuating Congressman?  What is so bleeping terrible about having someone in uniform lead this dysfunctional agancy?  What are you implying?  Incompetence?  The potential for a military coup d’etat? What is your beef Congressman?

Are you just afraid you might lose some VOTES!  While brave people sacrifice life and limb to protect us, our Congress cowers in the face of media polls.  This type of side-swiping slam proves why Americans are fed up with both political parties.

One thing I will be posting on sometime is the parallel’s between
Ariel Sharone and George W Bush.  Simply put, the left stop supporting Bush in 2003 with Iraq.  The right stopped supporting Bush in 2005 after the world did not conform to their views fast enough.  This is a 30-30-30 nation (D-I-R).  The reason Bush has support in the 30% range IS NOT because the center has left his side.  This country is prepared the jettison the far left and right so that we can (a) make some progress, (b) do it in a serious, professional manner and (c) don’t have to listen to all the maniacal screaming across the middle.

I have no idea what Hoekstra was thinking, but he should never, ever had implied that to wear the uniform was wrong or bad or disqualifying or dangerous to our nation.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee bluntly calling him “the wrong man at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Sounds like he may have been a ghostwriter for John Kerry

  2. CJ says:

    General Hayden can retire from active duty and always be recalled back at anytime which was done recently. Several of the retired generals who were recalled are now assigned to PACOM where my AF hubby is assigned. Hubby says General Hayden would make an awesome CIA director. Maybe Hoekstra should compare his credentials to General Hayden’s? Hoekstra is a disgrace!!

  3. Jane W says:

    Hoekstra didn’t offend me at all with his view. I think there is an argument to be made that the CIA should be not tied with DOD and the military.

    I don’t have a strong opinion in that regard, but I can understand the argument which is more than I can say about a lot of opposition voiced about everything. Hoekstra seems concerned that Hayden would be a COO (to Negraponte) not a CEO. That doesn’t bother me under Bush but it sure as hell might bother me under someone else.

    The real problem is who would be a better alternative.

  4. Terrye says:

    No Jane, the real argument is not who should be the alternative but why it is that a Republican Congressman takes it upon himself to second guess Bush. If this is Bush’s choice then that should be enough.

    Remember Colin Powel? Dwight D Eisenhower? What did they have in common? Well for one thing they used to be Generals.

    And isn’t this the man who runs the NSA? I just think Hoekstra is trying to distance himself from Bush’s choice. Moron. And I agree with the 30-30-30. I for one wish the left and right could stop screaming, and threatening and posturing and just come up pragmatic solutions to problems.

  5. Oldcrow says:

    Hoekstra has been doing a great job in the house INTEL commitee, with that said I believe this is partly a personell problem with GEN Hayden I believe Hoekstra blames Hayden for some of the obstruction he ran into in regards to Able Danger also who cares what he thinks the Senate confirms appointees not the House.

    I think GEN Hayden is a perfect choice to take over at the CIA he is military and maybe that is what we need, the military stays out of politics as a rule and the CIA is a completely political agency right now this is why they are so disfunctional and GEN Hayden will clean house on this problem even better than Goss was.

    I am mysified why Goss is out with all the rumors about him having demoralized and hurting the effiency of the CIA well who really cares after all the CIA had proven itself to be disfunctional before Goss came in. I beleive the CIA should either be disbanded or changed to a new agency and mission perhaps The Strategic Inelligence Agency they would be concerned with longterm anylisis and no input into the INTEL involved in the GWOT or future military OP’s. All direct action OP’s should be transferred to the DOD. Just some thoughts.

  6. Jane W says:

    >No Jane, the real argument is not who should be the alternative but why it is that a Republican Congressman takes it upon himself to second guess Bush.

    Oh I just can’t buy into that point of view in a democracy. We’d do a hell of a lot better in this country if people “second guessed” with an actual point, than all the opposition for opposition’s sake. I don’t see what in that position comes under the heading of “bickering” or “posturing”.

  7. smh10 says:


    100% agreed.

    As for polls, so many have been debunked that is is hard for me to imagine that I would form any opinion based on them. It would be interesting to find out how many posters at this and other fine blogs have ever been “polled” by anyone concerning todays major issues.

  8. AJStrata says:


    You need to understand the mechanics of polls to understand their blind sides. The reason no one saw the 1994 revolution was because pollsters kept using their tried-and-true demographic models when establishing their voter models. If voters make a hueg change in opinion – and I mean huge changes – the polls will miss them because they see huge shifts as abortions – bad data.

    The polls for Bush are irrelevant. Watch the number pro-Dem. If those are in the sewer so are the Dems.

  9. smh10 says:


    Thanks for the info on polls.
    I agree about the polls on the President, he isn’t running for anything again, however, when the demographics show numbers like 41% dem .to 30%rep. voting in a poll would not one expect the poll to lean to the libs? I recognize that independents figure in here too, however, how does a pollster draw his final conclusion?

  10. Terrye says:


    It matters if the only reason he is doing it is to distance himself from Bush.

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