Nov 22 2011

Super Committee Provides Cain An Opening

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The incompetents in Congress have just handed the Herman Cain campaign a major life line. By demonstrating one more time why big-government is today dysfunctional on a historic scale, the Super Committee (of Super duds) has reminded the voters why we don’t need yet another career politician in the White House. Here is what I wrote back on August 31, 2011 when the super-committee super-fiasco was conceived by Congress-Critters unable to do their job:

This special committee is the stupidest part of all the lame compromises coming out of DC. It does two things. It leaves the decisions to old-time, long-in-the-tooth insiders who long ago lost their connection to Main Street America. It also mutes and sidelines all those small-government House freshman who were voted in last year. They will have little to no voice, even though they are the new messengers from a frustrated and fed up electorate.

As I said, if not now with default hanging over their heads then when? This delaying game is just business-as-usual. Make the cuts NOW. Don’t wait, don’t play games, don’t waste millions on BS media propaganda.

This is just another waste of time, another round of promised future better behavior, while nothing fundamentally changes.

So the super, duper, top-dog, incompetents in DC spent 3 months to create this epic fail. Why am I not surprised. Granted, it is all future cuts and no tax hikes now kicking in automatically – but it is both mindless and future promises. Is that the best we in America deserve, a frigging holding pattern as our treasury bleeds out?

The President is AWOL, more interested in cramming liberal policy nonsense down our throats than leading. We have a sea of ex and future Congress Critters running on the GOP side, now with the former House Speaker (former head of the mess) topping recent polls. Is it Obama light in Romney, or consummate DC insiders?

Does anyone want another round of musical chairs in DC, with pols fiddling while our economy tanks? Can we really afford 4 more years of the same old, same old from DC? Look at the EU for what the future brings if we just keeping sending career politicians to DC to protect the army of useless bureaucrats:

Brussels bureaucrats were ridiculed this week after banning drink manufacturers from stating that water can prevent dehydration.

Following a three-year investigation, EU officials concluded there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact.

3 years to decide water doesn’t provide our bodies water???? No amount of fine print policy nonsense can make this act sane. None. 3 years and probably millions of dollars later the only result we see is the same old one – bureaucrats can be pretty damn stupid.

My take is the voters will see this failure as one more reason to throw them bums out and stop electing insiders who abuse the system and our trust and instead look towards the unpolished Main Street candidates to go in and tear the whole thing down and start over.

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4 Responses to “Super Committee Provides Cain An Opening”

  1. dhunter says:

    Good AJ, I hope Herman seizes the moment, alas the entrenched fossils, Karl Rove, are already declaring him out even of the Vice Presidency.
    The same despicable Rove who presided over the tearing apart of George Bush and never uttered a defense of conservative policies. The same guy who bashed ODonnell on the night of her primary win because his favored far left RINO was handed his hat and told to retire.

    The elite fossils grip on DC is strong, they defend their money grubbing playhouse with extreme prejudice and the Presstitutes defend them and give them a platform to spew their socialist light rhetoric .
    We The People are fighting a Castle of corrupt, money grabbers and must cross the moat full of the Presstitute alligators and then breach the walls the corruptocrats have erected to defend their playhouse.

    Rick Perry saying he will cut their pay and send them home sounds nice until one realizes this professional panderer has not the power, even in the presidency, just more Hot Air for the ignorant masses and Newt, please the man has not a position that he won’t take both sides of in a pinch. Go home Rick and run the state that was handed to you with conservative policies in place that try as you might you have not yet ruined, and Newt, take a look at you and Pelooser there on the Global Baloney coach and understand your over blown intellect does not equal common sense solutions or real life main street, down home experience.
    Your millions made as a DC insider consultant and political game player should disqualify you from the job even as you try to hide the above and spew BS at us ignoramuses in hopes we forget who you are , Professor.
    If Herman can’t change direction then I am hoping for the Lady (Sarah) and the Trump (Donald) to get in, and articulate that the circus we just witnessed never ever envisioned cutting anything except the rate of the increase, no real cuts just cuts in raises thus ever increasing deficits and debt.

  2. dhunter says:
    Bye Bye Newt, we don’t need ya no matter how purty ya talk, its’ all just BS.

  3. Redteam says:

    “Rick Perry saying he will cut their pay and send them home sounds nice until one realizes this professional panderer has not the power, even in the presidency, just more Hot Air for the ignorant masses ”

    I don’t know myself, but I wonder if it is true that he can’t cut their pay and send them home.
    I was reading the other day that when JFK became president, the White House staff was 23 persons. by the time of his assassination, the staff was up to 1700+ and by 1971 the White House staff was over 5000. (a 24000 % increase) I don’t know if a congressional act is necessary to add a person, or to remove that person. But I do know that somebody needs to figure out what the procedure is to reduce staff and start swinging the ax.

    I certainly agree with you that there was never any chance at all of the super committee succeeding. (I may be wrong though, If the REAL purpose of the supercommittee was to insure that nothing got done, therefore, they MIGHT have actually succeeded)

    I do support you in wanting Sarah to be in the race. I think a combination of Trump/Palin would be a big winner.

  4. kathie says:

    This woman says Cain never had a woman probl

    National Review Online ^ | November 22, 2011 2:30 P.M. | Robert Costa
    In 1983, Eva Vachal, then 24 years old, was hired by Godfather’s Pizza… By 1986, when Herman Cain became president of the company, she was the corporate receptionist. For the next decade — Cain’s entire tenure at the Omaha-based firm — she continued in that position, answering phones and assisting executives with various projects. Vachal worked closely with Cain… She was close with other young women in the office, especially the assistants to Cain and the rest of the Godfather’s brass. They frequently huddled over lunch and coffee, discussing, among other things, their bosses, including the company’s gregarious chief executive….