Nov 16 2011

Presidential Character: Snap Decisions Or Bold Strategies?

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As  Herman Cain begins to feel the grinding pace of not only the Presidential campaign (which is brutal) but also the force of the Political Industrial Complex lined up against his bold plan to fundamentally change Washington (as opposed to Obama’s failed plans to change Amerika), we the frustrated voters need to step back from the media feeding frenzy and ask ourselves is Herman Cain the man to lead this nation?

Recently Mr. Cain has had a few minor policy flubs in lightening round interviews which he immediately walked backed. He admits when he misspeaks openly. The truth is though, no President better be making snap decisions in an interview. Yes, he should be prepared to make his case – but Herman Cain is right now operating without a Cabinet, without a full time professional cadre to provide advise, options and details from which he can craft a well thought out and balanced strategy. If we look at his 9-9-9 plan we get an inkling of how the man crafts his strategies.

And all that is positive. Given time and experts I am still convinced the man will develop well thought out strategies.

Besides, it’s not like we have not seen Presidents and Presidential Candidates make blunders on the campaign:

So if Obama gets a pass, so shouldn’t Cain? But of course Obama was the chosen winner by the media, and the same media wants Romney to be the anointed one for the GOP. Thus, no pass for CAIN from there – but we don’t need the media to explain life to us.

And let’s not forget Obama’s other epiphany – which took him and the same liberal media 2 brutal years to figure out:

Cain’s missteps are minor compared to Obama’s legendary failed results. Cain corrected his misstatements – Obama is intent on repeating his mistake by changing the name of the same government trickle-down policies that failed nefire and hoping the media can and he can dupe the voters into pretending their are fresh new ideas! Yeah, that’ll work. Speaking of screwy strategies…

The problem with Romney is he is way too much like Obama. Not only is his RomneyCare the same disastrous government intervention (and subsequent financial screw up) as ObamaCare. Not only does he believe in the clear science fiction of man-made global warming (which is different from the natural warming trend we recently experienced and which has disappeared or reversed over the last decade). Not only does Romney reach for government solutions first (instead of last, and only then with a gun to one’s head) – he is the same slippery talker who can rattle on for 90 seconds and say nothing concrete.

Obama’s only real gift was he could spin with slippery ease. He would prattle on and people projected their views to fill in his hazy words what they wanted to believe. Romney is also gifted in the non-binding,  misdirecting, dodging, political speak of politicians. That is why Newt Gingrich is so popular – he does not mince words. Neither does Cain. Newt’s only problem is he too is a creature of the Political Industrial Complex, and also known to switch positions when needed (same man-made global warming problem). While better than Romney, he is not as outside the DC cesspool as Cain is.

Interestingly, in Gallup’s latest poll the two front runners in terms of favorability are Cain and Gingrich, with Romney fading back:

Cain’s favorability has taken a temporary hit, and he may continue to slide. But the voters are cycling through their options because they know Obama is out in 2012. They just need to agree on the replacement (which won’t be perfect). It is clear they prefer a bold outsider who puts America before the Political Industrial Complex. All Cain has to do now is pivot to be a dedicated champion of the people – a Mr Smith Goes to Washington candidate – and he will become the front runner again. And I predict Newt is well on his way to stealing second place.

The other candidates have been evaluated and found wanting. The top 3 will be Cain, Newt and Romney – and Romney has no hope for the election because he splits the GOP and libertarians. Those too desperate to win they will take any old candidate are not in the majority this round. Obama is so damaged that we can have a bold candidate like Cain and still beat Obama. Obama is a cooked lame duck:

By contrast, only 35% have a positive view of his economic track record, and just 38% approve of how he is handling health care policy. It all adds up to an overall 46% approval rating for the president, with 52% saying they disapprove of how Obama is handling his job in the White House.

An incumbent is pretty much done when polling around 45%. In all the match ups against specific GOP contenders – and that wily generic GOP candidate – that is where Obama polls. No matter where the GOP candidate is Obama runs from 40-45%. They could be tied or 18 points behind, Obama is already sitting at those lame duck levels. More than half the people (not likely voters, just adults) disapprove of him, his policies and his results. And as Obama’s policies continue to grind into utter failure (health care costs rising, insurance being lost, unemployment remains high, deficits continue to mount, the housing market stays stuck in the basement) the number ready to try a new President will rise.

Folks need to step back and think (which I believe they are actually). Will we rush to judgement like we did in 2008 and allow ourselves to be led by the nose by the media and political industrial complex (who claimed McCain was the only option for the GOP – just like the claim now Romney is)? Or will we think for ourselves and send a clear message to DC?

The Tea Party movement and 2010 election (and many other elections since 2008) indicate the voters are going to send a signal.

Now we need the proper champion to carry that message – and I think Cain and Gingrich are the best of the pack to do so. And I think Cain has the overall edge since he is not a creature of DC. We shall see, but Romney has been anointed numerous times over the last few months – and it has not and will not happen. Cain has been declared done many times over the past few weeks – and it has not and probably will not happen either. The media and Political Industrial Complex (pols, consultants, talking heads, professional political pundits) are not in the driver seat this round. Just like they weren’t in 2010.

Update: Right on cue:

This might be the ultimate Cain clip, just because his response is the perfect synthesis of his good and bad attributes. On the one hand, he’s not going to pander with a slick answer designed to reassure some reporter. He’s doing this the Cain way. If you don’t like his response, keep walking. On the other hand: What?

Quintessential Cain.

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