Nov 09 2011

Looks Like Bialek May Have Been The Predator

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I have to laugh at the idiotic hand-wringing going on with the Cain sexual harassment/assault kerfuffle. Not that sexual harassment or assault is not serious (I am the father of 3 daughters so don’t even pretend to read too much into my views on Cain and his accusers). But the charges are lacking seriousness or credibility.

A sober analysis of Sharon Bialek’s claims quickly exposes a real possibility that Sharon Bialek is trying to gain some vengeance against the man whose organization fired her:

  1. Sharon is working for National Restaurant Association (NRA) and loses job
  2. Cain is the head of NRA at the time – so Sharon goes DC to meet Cain and ask for help getting a job?? Folks, think this through. She goes over the head of the people who fired her in the first place to get a job with the top guy? What happens when he compares notes with the ones who fired her? In what universe does this make sense?
  3. Sharon flies to DC and corners the top guy of the company that fired her on the brilliantly stupid idea from her then boyfriend where supposedly she rebuffed his overtures. They meet for dinner, drinks and an evening drive – so she says.

But what if it was the other way around? What if she made a move on him in hopes of getting her job back?

I am not the only one who stepped back from the scandal-mongering mob-think and realized the roles might have been reversed, with Bialek the predator and making false claims against a good and honorable man:

Some of Kurtis’ observations on Bialek were as follows:

“She has a history.”

“There is a lot more to this story.”

“I can assure you that there will be far more to this story.”

“Let’s put Herman or Sharon in the car and say their roles may even have been reversed, given her track record here.”

Really! And the other accuser has a history of attempting to extort money from employers as well:

A woman who settled a sexual harassment complaint against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in 1999 complained three years later at her next job about unfair treatment,…

To settle the complaint at the immigration service, Kraushaar initially demanded thousands of dollars in payment, a reinstatement of leave she used after the accident earlier in 2002, promotion on the federal pay scale and a one-year fellowship to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, according to a former supervisor familiar with the complaint. The promotion itself would have increased her annual salary between $12,000 and $16,000, according to salary tables in 2002 from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Kraushaar told the AP she considered her employment complaint “relatively minor” and she later dropped it.

Cain will not only survive this, but his support will grow. Americans will flock to defend a man wrongfully accused – and they will vent their righteous anger at a muckraking news media (‘news’ of course now being a complete fiction). As I said, the more the politically elite try to take him down, the stronger he grows in the eyes of the voters.

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  1. sjreidhead says:

    You must be kidding! The man is a total jerk, conducting one of the worst campaigns in recent memories. No GOP candidate, ever has even had such accusations made against him. He is a disgrace to the GOP and should be forced out of the race for the good of the party. To constantly keep damning the women who had the courage to stand up, knowing their lives would be destroyed by the far, libertarian right is simply deplorable. Cain is a disgrace to the Republican Party. He is incompetent, and has shown that he is incapable of crises management. He has failed his test, miserably. If the accusation were by one woman, I would agree. There are now five, and from what I hear from my sources there are others. I also have hard this is an on-going problem. Herman Cain has done this to himself. The fact that his campaign continues their idiotic blame game shows just how pathetic he is. Mark Block is one of the most corrupt political operatives in the business. Simply hiring him is a commentary Cain’s lack of judgement.

    The Pink Flamingo

  2. oneal lane says:

    Things are not looking good.

    1.Obamacare is advancing in the courts.

    2. Obama leading in the polls.

    3. Unions win Ohio.


  3. oneal lane says:

    Good news:

    1. Obamacare turned away in Ohio, but we knew that (symbolic).

    2. The OWS movement is becoming a farce, but we knew that too!

  4. Redteam says:

    Why were Cain and this woman in a car, alone, together? I can’t imagine ANY set of circumstances that would put them in a car.

    If I recall the scenario, she was somewhere in DC and Cain asked her if she wanted to go tour NRA headquarters (substitute ‘etchings” here)
    just the two of them, at night.

    Well, I concede it all sounds completely innocent.

    I can imagine what my wife would say if I told her I was gonna tour someone (a woman that I didn’t know) around my territory in the evening, all by ourselves.

    But, I’m sure she would think it perfectly normal…….. sure she would.

  5. Redteam says:

    And that’s why I think it never happened..

  6. lurker9876 says:

    Question…since Sharon was fired and she was supposed to fly to DC, where did she get the money to fly to DC from wherever she flew from?

  7. lurker9876 says:

    Interesting how the GOP candidates are congregating in two groups with Cain in the middle…alone. Cain eventually joined one group.

    Ya think it will be an interesting debate tonight?

  8. Frogg1 says:

    Ann Coulter’s article on all the Chicago ties and Axelrod having a history of sexual harassment smears is interesting:

    David Axelrod’s Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior

  9. Frogg1 says:

    CBS Atlanta had an investigator use “voice recognition” technology to evaluate the Bialek statment and Cain’s response. The lie detection software has rendered Herman Cain honest and innocent, but not so much for Sharon Bialek. And it’s 95% accurate according to the private investigator. According to the news report in the video linked in the article….the police use this equipment to tell if someone is lying and it is more accurate than a lie detector test.

    Investigator: Herman Cain innocent of sexual advances

  10. Frogg1 says:


    Bialek May Be in Financial Difficulties

    She previously said all her financial problems were in the past and she was in good financial shape now. Her boyfriend supported her statement:

    Bialek’s fiance, however, denied she had any current money problems. Harwood, a corporate executive in the medical equipment industry, said he supports her financially so she can stay at home with her 13-year-old son from a previous relationship.

    I think they both just lost their credibility unless this all happened unexpectedly in the past two days.