Nov 08 2011

Is Bialek A Woman Scorned?

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I noticed something quite vicious Sharon Bialek said on TV recently, something which could be a signal that her motives are more vindictive than victim hood. Recall the timeline here:

  1. Sharon is working for National Restaurant Association (NRA) and loses job
  2. Cain is the head of NRA at the time – so Sharon goes DC to meet Cain and ask for help getting a job?? Folks, think this through. She goes over the head of the people who fired her in the first place to get a job with the top guy? What happens when he compares notes with the ones who fired her? In what universe does this make sense?
  3. Sharon flies to DC and corners the top guy of the company that fired her on the brilliantly stupid idea from her then boyfriend where supposedly she rebuffed his overtures. They meet for dinner, drinks and an evening drive – so she says.

But what if it was the other way around? What if she made a move on him in hopes of getting her job back? Now that sounds like an idea a dumb boyfriend or girlfriend might cook up! What if she thought she could seduce her job back (or at least try some black mail  – no pun intended).

What if the one doing the rebuffing was the straight laced Cain?

Here’s Sharon’s line that triggered this train of thought:

“You know what I want to say to Herman is? If not for yourself, okay, to come forward and admit this — what is his wife going through? You know, that’s who I feel for the most in this whole thing,” Bialek said on CNN’s “American Morning.”

Sorry, but I am calling B*ll Sh*t on you Sharon! If you were concerned about his wife you would have kept your mouth shut like you did for 14 years (supposedly). And if you really did care about her, you would never have mentioned her n this at all. You wanted the media lens on her.

This has all the signs and sounds of vengeance. Sharon wants Gloria Cain to hurt, because she wants Herman Cain to hurt, because he ran the company that fired her ass! This drips with anger and meanness.

Now this makes much more sense than the story she’s weaving. Cain would not wine, dine or provide a suite to someone his company just fired! No way – not if they had good reason to fire her (like she royally screwed up or did something unethical). When fired that usually means never to be seen again.

What I hear is a fantasy from Allred and Bialek, one that has been running around Sharon’s little head for a while now. One that involves a plan to get back at ‘the man’. I bet Cain did not even give her the time of day in DC, just like he blew her off at the Tea Party event a few weeks ago. She is a woman scorned.

Now that makes a lot more sense – while were playing fiction anyway.



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  1. crosspatch says:

    Eh, apparently that congressional election was only the primary in Oregon. I was mislead by a “victory” email sent by the Cornilles campaign and by the fact that a primary election was held on a general election day.

    So Cornilles will be facing Bonamici in January for David Wu’s old seat.