Oct 11 2011

Anyone But Robamaney!

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My first response to tonight’s debate (as demanded by LJStrata and DJStrata) is the fact the GOP will make damn sure it will not only be anyone but Obama in 2012, but anyone but Robamaney in 2012.

Romney is a slight echo of Obama in terms of always looking for government solutions, when the right response is to neuter government and make sure it stays out of the way of a free market economy. What has really become clear is that Romney is so close to Obama on health care and other issues he can NEVER be the GOP standard bearer in 2012. Why vote for Obama light when Obama is on the ticket?

We know who the best leader for the GOP is – the one man who is not a career politician:

BTW, we also need to retire Huntsman and his cringe-worthy one liners (9-9-9 is a pizza price, he won’t comment on the Mormon religion). LJStrata all of sudden realized Governor Huntsman’s clumsy and cheesy comments invoked this fictional character:

If you are unfamiliar with The Huntsman of Freakazoid fame, then you have missed out on a very important fictional character:

Governor Huntsman’s corny one-liners has made him appear way to similar to his cartoon namesake. Stick a fork in The Huntsman

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  1. Mike M. says:

    I hope so, AJ. Romney is Obama with a modicum of competence in management. He’d be an OK candidate – for the Democrats.

  2. Wilbur Post says:

    Huntsman is the MSM’s choice for GOP candidate; that should rule him out right there. Romney is the Republican political class’s choice, not the rank and file’s, analagous to the way Obama was the Dem political class favorite in 2008 while the base preferred Hillary. We see how well that one turned out. If I have to, I’ll hold my nose and vote for a Huntsman or Romney over Obama in 2012… but I really don’t want to have to hold my nose.

  3. dhunter says:

    Everyone who wants Cain had better be ready to support him financially.
    The establishment plan is to starve the field! Romney for the long haul as he has his millions plus hundreds of big donor GOP and Disaffected Dem money men.
    Cain will need donations to mount a long haul campaign capable of getting his message out. He will need to SELL the 999 plan as the Presstitutes will attack it as taxing the poor and peoples food. I actually think he should exempt food from the sales tax portion.
    It is a good plan and the politicians HATE it as they can’t pander and buy votes with goodies to their constituents as the current code allows.
    Michelle saying that the sales tax implements a new tax and it could be raised is disingenuous.
    All taxes can be raised and the tinkering within the system is easier the more complicated the plan is, the current method of taxation is a politicians dream, so complicated no-one can explain it or understand what the latest change does.

  4. dhunter says:

    Oh and Cains plan captures the under ground cash economy and the 49% who pay nothing will have some skin in the game….. expand the base.
    It also eliminates the death tax, the most unfair and insidious of all taxes. I am sure the Lyin kING will love to pander on that. Why should those millionaire farmers and ranchers and small business owners be able to pass their fortune on to their heirs tax free?
    Because they have been taxed to death thats why!
    Previously SOME GAVE ALL, NOW ALL GIVE SOME, 999!
    Puts some certainty into financial planning!

  5. lurker9876 says:

    They are painting Cain’s 999 as the VAT, sales tax, etc. But Cain tries to explain that it is a temporary plan that will help them get to a better and permanent plan. Plus he believes in the Fair Tax plan, which 999 emulates.

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  7. oneal lane says:

    I have to agree, and I have warned previously, anyone who thinks Romney is going to repeal Obamacare is seriously mistaken.

    Once in office he would make a big deal about being proud to work in a bi-partisan manner to “Improve the Heath Care Act and move it forward and eliminate the bad parts” This is what the GOP insiders want.

    Again, don’ t judge them by their words, judge them by their record and pedigree.