Jun 19 2005

Fetuses Used to Remove Wrinkles

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Have we become a self centered and vain species? Apparently so. If to be ‘enlightented’ is to use dead human beings to look younger, count me in as the unenlightened. The Scotsman [free registration required] has a story about stem cells harvested from aborted fetuses for use by the wealthy (and sadly vain) in Russia. [hat tip WorldNetDaily]

WEALTHY Russians are switching from investing their roubles in luxury yachts and designer jewellery to stem cell therapies in an attempt to maintain the vitality of youth into their old age.

The treatments, in which stem cells extracted from aborted or miscarried foetuses are injected into the body, is the latest anti-ageing weapon, following Botox injections and facelifts, to keep Moscow’s youth-obsessed high society looking young.

What’s next?

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