May 01 2006

Who Reads/Writes Blogs?

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A new survey of bloggers and their readers has some interesting information on what kind of people hang out in the blogosphere. Take it with a grain of salt, it is not a good sample:

Several major conservative blogs didn’t take part in the survey, which was posted on 110 sites, and so the numbers were weighted in favor of Democrats.

Also take the post’s reporting with a grain of salt, it too is biased:

He said Republican blog readers tend to be older, more often male, have higher incomes and less education than Democratic readers — but only by small degrees.

Emphasis mine. This quote is from the President of Blogads, which may be accurate, but is clearly written to appease the insecure liberal mind. I have a simple BS degree in Biology. I also have helped design the computer systems for major DoD and NASA programs, as well as being well steeped in Chemistry, Bioliogy, Math, and Physics. And in each of these areas I have knowledge in a range of subtopic areas.

I now run my own company, and I am a whole 46 years old. I say this not to toot my horn, I think most everyone could do this with a little confidence and the opportunity to shine. I say this to point out my level of ‘education’ is not dictated by the number of degress on my wall.

The wife and I had our first child very young, while still in school. It meant postponing graduation and forgetting about advanced degrees. That is the kind of choice you make when you chose life over personal convenience. I have dealt with teams of PhD’s and to this day most scientists enjoy a good discussion with me on the topic’s of their interest. In a review I participated in last year the principle scientist was amazed at the questions I posed on his program, saying they were some of the best he had ever heard. Funny thing was, I thought his idea was the coolest thing I had seen and couldn’t stop asking about it.

The idea that someone has less education because they went off to earn a living instead of pile of sheepskin is truly an ignorant comment. It demonstrate’s an insecurity when someone has to keep comparing degrees between people. When I hit that line in the article I realized this was going to be another ‘left-is-best’ story from a besieged antique media. And I was not dissappointed:

“It’s a mark of their alienation” from other forms of media, said Carol Darr, director of the Institute for Politics, Democracy and the Internet.

Alienation? Am I ‘alienated’ from Barney the Purple Dinosaur because I find it a bit below my intellectual level and devoid of substance? Gimme a break. Want to see some education?  Check out the founder of the Institute above:

Seiger previously worked on Internet-related policy issues with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and with Congressman Edward J. Markey (D-MA) on the House Subcommittee for Telecommunications and Finance from 1993 to 1994.

If you are wondering about EFF, it has been in the news recently as a plaintiff in a case trying to expose NSA’s methods of monitoring of terrorists (and therefore their attempts to kill us). Somehow us less educated bloggers on the right were able to discover this linkage with a crazed far left group and someone quoted in a Washington Post story.  But the vaulted Post reporters failed to mention this conflict of interest. They also failed to mention that the US Government has moved to throw out the case against AT&T on the grounds it will expose national security details.

Am I surprised? Not really. It is a given these days every story has a back story that illustrates the corruption of our news media by the delusional left.

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  1. Sue says:


    The point they are trying to make, IMO, is only those that are ‘less educated’ would remain conservative. Once you have steeped yourself in a ‘higher education’, you would automatically put away your conservative ideas and embrace liberalism. And if you look at the colleges, you would see why they think that. What they should do is see how much common sense is lost when you gain book knowledge. ::grin::

  2. luc says:

    Sue, I share your opinion. It not surprising that “higher education” leads most leftward when you look at what the higher institutes of learning at leading universities being staffed by the likes of profs Cole and Churchill or people that are afraid of loosing the Taliban spokesperson as a star pupil?
    Individuals like A.J. are successful because they use their capabilities to learn for themselves rather than waiting to be tought by someone else; it is the same reason that they end up financially better off than most.
    Basically the question is: If stranded an a ddesrted island would you rather have G. Soros ( and his money) or A.J. Strata ( and his opinions) as a companion? In my case Soros would be a very lonely man 😉

  3. Sue says:

    I would rather have AJ Strata and his logic. His opinions would be a bonus.