Sep 27 2011

Senate Democrats & White House Cry “Wolf!” Over FEMA Funds

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The news media is either way too lazy, way too gullible, way too partisan – or all of the above.

The news out today is that all the bogus scare mongering about an inevitable government shutdown because Dems could not find offsetting cuts to cover FEMA’s disaster relief needs turns out to be all BS. We just got a big ‘never mind’, without even an apology or heads rolling for the false alarm:

After weeks of political brinkmanship in Congress, the threat of a partial government shutdown appeared to ease Monday with the disclosure that money to aid victims of natural disasters may last through the end of the budget year after all.

Good lord. How deep is the incompetence in government these days. I have seen the quality of management and execution completely deteriorate in some areas of my federal contracting world, but it seems what I thought were isolated screw ups were actually warning signs of a disastrous cancer spreading throughout the federal bureaucracy.

If the news media was actually doing its job investigating instead of simply being a repeater of political propaganda and spin, they would be questioning how the US Senate HAD NO DAMN CLUE how much money FEMA had on hand!

The revised estimate suggested there would be no interruption in assistance in areas battered by disasters such as Hurricane Irene and last summer’s tornados in Joplin, Mo., …

Was this a lie from the administration to fool the political rubes into hating the evil GOP penny pinchers?

Dems have to understand why America is rejecting their high drama incompetence. We are so fed up with them trying to be the world’s savior when they are truly and really not up to the job. But then to go out and create emergencies out of thin air (when there is plenty of money being wasted in the government every damn day to probably feed the world)?

I have a better plan – close EPA, the Department of Education and the Department of Energy and there is your disaster relief money. It will be a double savings. Disaster relief will flow to those in need AND the economic disasters that emanate from these organizations will be averted.

Message to GOP – stop being so cautious, and start investigating these lies.

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3 Responses to “Senate Democrats & White House Cry “Wolf!” Over FEMA Funds”

  1. dhunter says:

    Message to GOP – stop being so cautious, and start investigating these lies.

    Amen AJ,
    Alas I am convinced the GOP silence goes beyond stupidity or timidity and speaks only to their desire to not rock the boat, lest they be the next hen with its neck on the liberal presstitutes chopping block,
    or horror of horrors be totally ignored and not be able to get their pandering faces on the boob tube at all.

    These farciful debates could serve a useful purpose if the pandering fools would simply ignore the bait served up by the presstitutes to do intra party suicide and to every agenda serving question merely say thats nice, but I would rather talk about Barrack Obamas gunrunning to Mexico where two border patrol agents were killed, or Thats a good question chris but did you know the Obama administration gave a half a billion dollars to Solyndra a phony solar energy company run by big democrat donors that Bush had turned down, as they were going bankrupt and then allowed the donors to walk with thieir money while the taxpayers lost theirs.
    Or Chris did you know the same Warren Buffet who asks others to pay increaed taxes heads Berishire hathaway and they owe a billion in taxes going back to 2002.
    The preson who does this will win the nomination!
    She is not in the race yet but herman is making a decent start at it.

  2. TomAnon says:

    Well if you have never had to balance your bank accounts would you know how much money you had left?

    This is a symptom of an organization that has had unlimited spending for to long. Of course know one has bothered to keep track of the budget, they just create more as they go.

  3. ivehadit says:

    Amen, as well, AJ.
    Consultants are driving the republican car and they are listening to each other WAY too much.

    If they don’t know that the people have HAD IT, then they are not worth their fees. And I do have to agree with Rush, that there are republicans who are the same as dems…just want to get their hands on OUR money to spend, spend, spend. And I do NOT want to elect these guys again. No way, no how.

    I still like Perry and I love Herman. Perry is still ahead in the CNN poll…who are they polling may be the question.