Apr 28 2006

Just Missed Zarqawi!

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Apparently we came very close to capturing Al Qaeda leader Zarqawi the other week. From the Marine Corp Times:

Just nine days before al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi released his latest video, a special operations raid killed five of his men, captured five others and apparently came within a couple of city blocks of nabbing Zarqawi himself.

Then, the day Zarqawi’s video debuted, special ops forces killed 12 more of his troops in a second raid in the same town.

The raids in Yusufiyah, 20 miles southwest of Baghdad in the heart of the Sunni Triangle, were the latest battles in a small, vicious war being waged largely in the shadows of the wider counterinsurgency effort.

Man, it looks like the US hs a bead on this guy and it is only a matter of time. I’ll wager before the end of the school year, at the rate he is losing his protection.  And with the posse he has on his tail and the mood of the Iraqi people, the man will get caught:

It is a war fought by a secretive organization called Task Force 145, made up of some of the most elite U.S. troops, including Delta Force and SEAL Team 6. They have one goal: hunting down Zarqawi, Iraq’s most wanted man, and destroying his al-Qaida in Iraq organization.

Read the whole article – some cool stuff.

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  1. coffee26 says:

    Interesting. Have you read anything about this post I found at freerepublic? The post is called “CIA Type Leak in the Pentagon.” The url is at the bottom of this comment. I copied and pasted the whole text because it was so short and it speaks for itself.

    Heads up folks. People in the Pentagon say that an article by a story in Army Times by Sean D. Naylor entitiled “SpecOps Unit Nearly Nabs Zarqawi” releases CLASSIFIED, yes boys and girls, C-L-A-S-S-I-F-I-E-D information on special operations. (You’ll have to go to “Army Times” to read it. Copyright stuff.)

    There is to be a news release by the Department of Defense talking about how this story puts our troops at risk. (It might already be out there.)


    Question: Do we have a Mary McCarthy in the Pentagon?

    Answer: Sure seems as so.

    Question: Why is Army Times (a private newspaper) putting our troops at risk?

    Answer: They’re idiots.

    Question: Is this a continuation of the CIA leaks, now in DoD?

    Answer: If it walks like a duck….


  2. The Trifecta…

    First there was Osama’s tape, which included a call to open a new jihadi front in Sudan’s Darfur. Then Zarqawi. Now, we have Zawahiri spewing the same kind of stuff. The US military is broken in Iraq and that al Qaeda has succeeded. Yada yada yada….

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    For a good editorial cartoon that sums up the gist of the OBL and Zarqawi tapes Keving Siers has and excellent take


  4. The Sandbox says:

    Hot on Zarqawi’s Trail…

    I saw this over at Malkin (via The Strata-Sphere):Just nine days before al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi released his latest video, a special operations raid killed five of his men, captured five others and apparently came within a…

  5. Crzy4politks says:

    I hope that they catch Zarqawi by the end of the summer. It would make the Bush administration look good once again. And it would ensure that the Republicans would not lose seats but gain more! It would show that all the Democrats just how wrong they have been in calling for retreat. We are making progress. I know many people who have been sent over there to fight and every time I ask one of them about the reaction from the Iraqis and the Afghans they confirm that they are thankful for our work. So if we catch Zarqawi then we will show the world once again that we are doing the right thing.