Aug 31 2011

President’s Fraudulent Bus Tour – Fraud Was In The Story?

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Major Update: Some have questioned whether it is even possible to do plane rides given the path of the bus tour. After doing some Google Map analysis I agree that the story seems to be a fraud. There are no airports large enough to accommodate Air Force One near many of the stops. And it would be just as easy to drive to the next stop as go to the nearest airport large enough  for Air Force One and cargo planes large enough to transport the buses. Mea Culpa – should have done this check yesterday. Looks like someone fed us all a bit of fiction.

I can’t believe this is true. Obama did not ride the bus on his big bus tour. He flew on Air Force One between stops and then rode a couple of miles pretending to ride the bus through America.

>An AP reporter said that Obama might have ridden these expensive buses only one mile at each stop. Therefore, it wasn’t really a “BUS TOUR”! Obama spent most of the “BUS TOUR” on an airplane traveling between stops. It looks like Obama has scammed the American people again……..with the help of the liberal media.

Emphasis mine. If the drama-media is complicit in staging this fiction – as they clearly are – then we should all just turn our backs on them and look elsewhere for news. It seems our ‘news’ is more Hollywood than fact these days. I fail to see the point in wasting time watching journalism majors pretend they have a clue what is going on around them, or watch them make things up like this. Really, why bother – life is too short.

Just think of the outrage if a GOP President pretended to travel among the poor masses using a secure form of mass transit?

Good Lord, help us make it through the next year until November 2012. H/T reader Kathie

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  1. WWS says:

    You mean the country paid Mega-millions for the Darth Vader’s bus, and it was all just a *Prop* so the President could PRETEND he was riding in it????

  2. jwb says:

    That is why the media has become OPNS®–Obama Protective News Services.

  3. […] AJ Strata is the first to bring to my attention the fact that Barack Obama didn’t ride in that Canadian made bus, whether sitting in the front or back.  Well, that’s not true.  He rode on it for a few minutes at a time.  As for the rest of the time . . . well, you have to read this to appreciate it. […]

  4. cj_thespook says:


    That is an excellent point you make about the media and its trustworthiness. Being a student in the Intel field (2 more classes and I will have completed my BA! and then going straight into grad school) I often have questioned the validly of the medias reporting. Now, understanding we (the students) are instructed to scan articles for obvious bias; however, what is more difficult to discern is truth. We depend on honest reporting, but in so many cases we the people have discovered reporters who deliberately distort facts, flat out lie, or hide relevant information, information that could be critical to folks like myself who rely on bits and pieces of information to properly analyze possible threats to the homeland or forecasting future hot spots. For example, (this is a false scenario) I was tasked by my superior to answer the question, “Does Libya have any remaining WMD’s that could fall in the hands of rebels or terrorist?” The NYT’s reporter informs the readers that UN’s IAEA had successfully removed all WMDs in 2004 after Qaddafi’s announcement to the world he had given up all future wmd aspirations. Later we learn that the Times reporter relied on bogus information from a questionable source. The source claims to be a high-ranking official in the Kaddafi regime who had first hand knowledge of all things wmd related. Instead of checking out the source, the reporter trusted blindly and reported false information. Weeks later the human intelligence with boots on the ground report locations of hidden wmds that Kaddafi had hidden from IAEA. The reporter’s article gave a false sense of protection to policy makers and those involved in the Libyan mission. I plan to bring this issue up to my current professor in Critical Analysis class. The big question here is how does our intelligence folks protect against our own media’s hidden agendas or propaganda? Any thoughts?

  5. WWS says:

    interesting problem, CJ, one we all have.

    How can you discern “truth” from the flood of information available, little of which we can personally verify?

    You almost have to start with Pontius Pilate’s ageless question, “What is Truth?” Let’s just call it a reliable enough depiction of reality, one that we can base future actions on without fear of being harmed by such a reliance. If you can’t personally verify, it all comes down to Trust. How do you decide a source is worthy of your trust?

    The errors in any public report are not just from bias, which exists; there is also the chance that the reporter is just plain wrong, or that he made up the story to satisfy a deadline. Also, even if he had real informants, they can be feeding him fake information for their own purposes. (such as the Kaddafi plant in your story)

    Looking at all the sources of error makes it very difficult to take anything public at face value. I pretty much need to see someone who has not just reported stories, but who has predicted events about to happen accurately. If they can cross that bar, I’m willing to lend them a bit of trust. Until they screw up, of course.

  6. OFg8r says:

    Actually, this has been around for awhile now. It could be even worse. At least one report stated that the buses were airlifted by C-17 from appearance to appearance. Unfortunately, there is no verification of any of this. The fact that there is no verification, or denial, is another strike against the media. Since established blogs are reporting the fact, one would think that the media would investigate and either confirm or prove it wrong. One would be mistaken.

  7. cj_thespook says:


    Ask yourself who is the biggest producers of information, answer, the world media as you are aware. We, the consumers, depend heavily on them in some form and because of that dependence, there should be stricter rules applied. Similarly the rules that are applied to producers of food, medicine etc should likewise, be applied to the mass media. We the people depend heavily on these producers of mass information to supply the people facts, not assumptions, or their belief in what the facts are. Not unlike the food or medicine we depend on daily, we deserve untainted food and medicine. Due to a global dependence on information, the world must demand strict regulations when it comes to the necessities that sustain our lives. Reporters have a huge responsibility when it comes to reporting accurate news articles as well. The information they produce is widely assimilated globally be it in areas of business or governing; thereby, willfully allowing tainted information to circulate, the result could cost thousands if not millions of lives. In that respect, should a reporter deliberately mislead, falsify, or indirectly produce bad information, should they suffer the same or similar consequences one bestows on criminals? I truly do not see the difference in the two. If a reporter, knowing lies about an area that could cost the lives of many for the selfish purpose of being first with a story, tell me, is that not premeditated murder? If I as a reporter reported a falsity, and I knew the consequences that my lie could have on others, which resulted in the death of an individual or individuals shouldn’t I (the reporter) be held responsible? Am I to harsh in my thinking?

  8. cj_thespook says:

    Updated – Rush Limbaugh Repeats Fake Allegations That Obama Faked His Bus Tour

  9. DJStrata says:


    No you are not too harsh. Their crimes at a minimum is criminal neglect.

  10. Redteam says:

    cj, you said: “Reporters have a huge responsibility when it comes to reporting accurate news articles as well.”

    I’m not sure if that’s true..just saying..

    Certainly I agree that if what they say has a direct impact on a person, they are responsible, such as if someone is injured ‘because’ of what they said. But for just an everyday, run of the mill, news story, I’m not sure they have any responsibility to ‘get it right’
    I’m sure they feel that their ‘responsibility’ is to do whatever they can do to get the story out that they want to get out. As we all know, the objective of the MSM is to get Libs elected to office and I’m sure they feel like whatever they have to say to accomplish that is what they are ‘obligated’ to do.
    We all know that the ‘News’ people lost all semblance of responsibility to the ‘truth’ a long time ago.

    Does it surprise me that Obama is a fake? We’ve known that from day one. or before. Would it be a surprise if the buses were airlifted? Actually it would be more of a surprise if they weren’t. The whole administration is a scam.

    Sure there is such a thing as ‘freedom of the press’ but that freedom gives them the means to be just as dishonest as they need to be.
    The only news service I trust even slightly is Fox and I sure have lots of reservations about them. They certainly have some subjects that are ‘off limits to Fox News’. Fake birth certificates anyone?

    Anyhow, with news reporters, the best policy is ‘buyer beware’

  11. A Simple Obervation:

    “Air Force One” is a Call sign when the President is on a fixed wing USAF aircraft.

    Similarly “Marine One” applies whenever the President is on-board a rotor wing Marine aircraft.

    The 89th Airlift Wing flies the following aircraft —

    •VC-25A “Air Force One” (Boeing 747)
    •C-20B (Gulfstream III)
    •C-32A (Boeing 757)
    •C-37A (Gulfstream V)
    •C-40B (Boeing 737)

    Both Gulfstreams can operate from general aviation air ports and would be “Air Force One” with President Obama aboard.

    Simply pojecting the bus trip from VC-25 capable air ports is insufficient analysis.

  12. dbostan says:

    Solyndra and $575millions in stimulus went kaput today.
    The “green jobs” fraud is exploding in Obama’s face (and ours unfortunately).

  13. OFg8r says:

    Trent-Telenko has it right.

    As I mentioned in my earlier post; it would be a simple thing for the press to ask the question. Cynical old me, I assume there is a reason that they don’t.

    I asked the WH answer line, via email. I have not received a response, and will be surprised if I do. I also asked FNC if they were interested. Based on experience, they will also ignore me.

    It is very hard to know how much credibility to give to internet stories. Correction, it is very hard to know how much credibility to give to internet and MSM stories. However, when a story damaging to Obama is running free on the ‘net, and it is not repudiated by the MSM, my suspicions shift from the internet to the media.

  14. OFg8r says:

    Oh, BTW. AJ don’t under estimate the capabilities of the VC-25A. It is an amazing machine. Have you ever watched B-747s arrive and depart from St Martins, WI for instance?