Apr 27 2006

US Economy Steaming

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And the liberal media is surprised!

Gas prices are rising, as are mortgage rates. House prices in many once-hot markets have started slipping. The American automobile industry shows no sign of recovery. And the paychecks of most workers have not even kept up with inflation over the last four years.

Yet the national economy continues to speed ahead, with families and businesses spending money at an impressive pace. Forecasters expect the Commerce Department to report this morning that the economy grew at a rate of around 5 percent in the first quarter, the biggest increase since 2003.

They are called Tax Cuts!

Update: As expected, outstanding news on the economic front:

Casting off an end-of-year lethargy, the U.S. economy bounded ahead in the opening quarter of this year at a 4.8 percent pace, the fastest growth rate in 2 1/2 years.

The 4.8 percent increase in the gross domestic product marked a vast improvement from the feeble 1.7 percent annual rate registered in the final quarter of 2005, when fallout from the Gulf Coast hurricanes, including high energy prices, prompted people and companies to tighten their belts.

And I gather the Democrats are going to suggest we change our failed  policies, just like they keep wanting to surrender in a war now over.

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  1. wickedpinto says:

    “Surprised” I guess, translates as “full of shit.”

    But I admit, I’m a highschool dropout, who never read one fucking book written by a NYT reporter of any era (unless the guy who wrote “rise and fall…” or “order of the deaths head..” were NYT reporters.

    I just. . .read, and served, and read, and read more.

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