Apr 27 2006

Rockefeller, Joe Wilson and Niger Uranium

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Mac Ranger let slip some new details on the coming storm regarding the rogue ex-CIA types, Joe Wilson and one Senator Jay Rockefeller. I have written many times the under reported, unappreciated fact surrounding the Plame Game was Joe Wilson’s 2002 trip to Niger was not his first for Valerie or the CIA. Seems Joe just missed the good Senator at the airports here in DC.

I noted in this post the conditions in Niger in 1999 when Joe visited. A military coup d’etat had occurred and Joe was there after it happened, and bragged about how he talked (bribed?) the coup leaders into establishing a Democracy and stepping down. No one pulls of a coup and then quietly steps down without a good retirement plan!

This post posits that the 2002 trip was actually a mad dash to tell certain people in Niger to lay low because the US sensed a problem in the Niger uranium trade and suspicions about Iraq. With two teams in place, the addition of Wilson (with no expertise or current contacts) to go to Niger makes no sense whatsoever. Unless of course that was a cover for a different kind of trip. Note that Valerie’s positions in the CIA and at Brewster Jennings gave her a birds eye view of the uranium trade – and what we as a nation might trip over.

In this post it was shown a good trade good be made in closed down mines that still had plenty of uranium for the taking. Seems like we are going over information discussed many times on the blogosphere!

In response to the Douglas Hanson post at American Thinker, which shows how the UN and the IAEA have an oversight loophole, Mac Ranger points to an interesting article from Italy. It is from November 16, 2005 and mentions (once you find a translation site) some interesting things (in broken english spat out by the translators). The english is so bad from the translator no need to post it here.
Anyway, the Italian story mentions Senator Jay Rockefeller and his unique efforts against the invasion of Iraq. Among them is mention of “the relationship of the Senate American “. The story links the UN Oil For Food program and the Uranium trade (which I showed was possible in previous posts).

Then the story talks about a connection: “the French of the Cogema are in transactions with the magnates of the oil, comprised the group Rockefeller American. ” Wow. COGEMA is the French company (now Avera) that runs the Niger mines and monitors the uranium. Now I understand what Mac Ranger meant by this comment:

In the coming days you will see why Senator Rockefeller HAD to make such an emergency visit to Syria in 2002.

I had not made the connection until now that Wilson and Rockefeller both raced to the reqion in 2002! Maybe the heads up Rockefeller was giving Bathaast Bashir (and therefore Baathist Hussein) was not just about the pending war. The timing is right. Wilson went to Niger in February 2002, Rockefeller went to Syria in January 2002.

The article goes on to discuss the French Oil Company Elf, which is part or partner with oil giant Total, implicated in the Oil For Food scandal (see comments in this post and some here). I have long suspected Total could move OOF payments through Elf to COGEMA to pay for uranium shipments through another country like Libya. Proving it is well beyond my Google tools.

But then the articles mentions on Miranda Duncan, Grand Daughter of one David Rockefeller:

When David Rockefeller’s granddaughter, Miranda Duncan stepped down from Paul Volcker’s independent inquiry into the UN oil-for-food program it wasn’t, as the mainline media hinted, because the inquiry was giving an easy ride to Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Investigators Robert Parton and Miranda Duncan tendered their resignations to Volcker’s panel at the same time that allegations in oil-for-food were being ascribed to Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, through his admitted association to media dubbed “Koreagate man”, Tongsun Park.

According to the official UN read on the matter, Parton and Duncan resigned after making what was described as an unspecified “personal decision”.

The Italian article ends thusly:

But the tie between Irak, oil, uranio and war in these days is made tightened more and more..

As Mac likes to say, the noose is apparently tightening. Addendum: More dots between the Rockefellers and Total/Elf:

On the payroll as an attorney with Volcker’s Independent Inquiry Committee is Miranda Duncan. Duncan, who worked for UNICEF, is David Rockefeller’s granddaughter. It was Rockefeller money that built the UN’s Manhattan headquarters.


Potential conflict of interest number one for Volcker is the fact he held a seat on Power Corporation’s international advisory board.

Wealthy Canadian businessman and Power Corporation founder, Paul Desmarais Sr. is a major shareholder and director in TotalFinaElf, the largest oil corporation in France, which has held tens of billions of dollars in contracts with the deposed regime of Saddam Hussein.

Volcker sat on Power Corp board with one Desmarias, and hired Duncan to work the OOF. No conflicts of interest here!

Update: More on Miranda here, indicating she may have been trying too hard to unearth a family connection and was forced out of the investigation by the older generation of Rockefellers:

Duncan was effectively blocked from any ability to testify about what she knows by former boss Paul Volcker. Next reports begin to surface in the media that this wonder woman with a law degree is being advised by her legendary grandfather David Rockefeller to keep a lid on it.

Maybe she and McCarthy are going to be star witnesses???

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  1. Squiggler says:

    If I am to understand this post correctly, you are saying (implying strongly) that the entire over-the-top reaction to the Plame affair was a smoke screen to distract from the true story of Wilson and this cabal of CIA/exCIA/shadowy power figures/media cohorts that was going on. Why hasn’t Fitzgerald stumbled over this, even accidentally, during his investigation? I say … FOLLOW THE MONEY. I guess I still don’t get their objective … it can’t be “just” being against the war. Why would they care except for ideology or big money. I can’t see what ideological connections this group could have with Saddam, Niger, Syria, etc., but the Oil for Food was certainly a lucrative scam and so is Middle Eastern Oil. Ironic that the biggest outcry among the far left is “no blood for oil.” I guess treason for oil is okay though.

    What is the solution? How do you stop this runaway train? How much risk does an ordinary citizen take in speaking out? I don’t frighten easily, but this scares the bejezus out of me.

  2. ordi says:


    Here is another interesting connection. Paul Desmarais Sr and Former Canadian PM Jacques Jean Chrétien, also Former Former Canadian PM Paul Martin

    In 1974, Desmarais named employee Paul Martin, Jr. as president of a Power Corporation subsidiary, Canada Steamship Lines Inc. In 1981, he sold the company to Laurence Pathy and Paul Martin, Jr. The latter became Prime Minister of Canada on December 12, 2003. In 1978 he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada and was promoted to Companion in 1986. Desmarais is a staunch opponent of the Quebec sovereignty movement.

    Paul Desmarais sits on the advisory board of the Carlyle Group.

    Desmarais has two sons: Paul Jr. and André (who is married to former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien’s daughter France) and two daughters, Sophie and Louise.


  3. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    I just posted at JOM…

    Patrick J. Buchanan
    filed an hour ago (4:00pm PST)…

    “…McCarthy allegedly told the Washington Post our NATO allies were secretly letting the CIA operate bases on their soil for the interrogation of terror suspects. Apparently, McCarthy failed several polygraph tests, after which she confessed.

    If true, she was faithless to her oath, betrayed the trust of her country, damaged America ’s ties to foreign intelligence agencies and governments, and broke the law. The Justice Department is investigating whether McCarthy violated the Espionage Act…”

    He just affirmatively says so.

  4. kathie says:

    So what if you through Libya into the mix—–I have read in different places that Libya’s nuclear program was really Saddam’s, that is why he gave it up so fast.

  5. Seixon says:

    Maybe Wilson whisked off to Niger to tell everyone there to keep their mouths shut about uranium and Iraq.

  6. The Wilson, Rockefeller, McCarthy Ties…

    Very interesting stuff going on in the Mary McCarthy files. It appears many of us missed a few important connections:
    One aspect of her background so far comparatively unexamined is her West African uranium connection. She served in a key government p…

  7. Dennis says:

    Forgive me if someone has already pointed this out (I’m struggling to keep up!). I am sure that someplace several days ago, it was mentioned that Mary Loose Lips was in Africa in 2002 as well. It seems that a surprising number of people rushed over there (to handle the coup outwash for the U.S.?) in 2002. Was/is there any other reason (ie. political?) why the U.S. would be so concerned with Niger breaking up?

  8. smh10 says:

    AJ: Off Topic, but over at Captains Quarters Ed Morrisey has put up a logo which he is making available for posting by interested bloggers. Thought you might want to check it out as it sure would be appropriate for your site. Great work on the VIPS, Wilson McCarthy story.

  9. AJStrata says:


    That is exactly what I think – Wilson ran to make people go quiet. There were two other investigations going on – remember!

  10. MerlinOS2 says:

    Niger was in the news then and it is now with the attacks on the oil terminals and such causing speculators in the oil market futures pushing up the price of oil due to perceived threat level.. I have seen some analysis’s saying that perhaps 25.00 of the current price is due to “irrational exuberance”..put evil grin here

    Have we observed an example of the return from unemployment of under employed coup d’etat people…after all we need affirmative action for minority employment.

  11. topsecretk9@AJ says:

    Too my little Pat Buchanan bombshell…um I didn’t get the Dafna Linza WAPO memo in which she says “the whole matter has been referred” to the DOJ (thanks to JOM commenter Maybee)

    Sorry I blew up (as my boss used to say)

  12. The Latest On Mary McCarthy…

    Not much being reported on the Mary McCarthy saga in the mainstream press, however, certain industrious bloggers continue with their diligent research….

  13. Dennis: The real question is whose interests were Wilson, McCarthy and pals representing in their travels to Africa?

    The US interest in Niger was using it as a staging ground to maintain an intelligence relationship with France. Take uranium away from Niger and the US interest in the country plummets, along with another cooperative relationship with France.

    The trips to Niger and Syria may have been made to build a case against invasion of Iraq in order to protect bank investments. The Rockefellers created Citibank when it was called National City Bank of New York. An invasion of Iraq could threaten billions of dollars in investments loaned by Rockefeller banks to Canadian and French shareholders. Those financial stakes of the citizen became the interest of their respective governments because neither could afford to bankrupt billionaire tax payers, let alone major political fundraisers for parties in Canada and France.

    Fitz isn’t following the money because he’s not Secret Service. Treasury follows the money.

  14. FYI: John “Jay Rockefeller’s middle name is Davison. His middle name comes from Henry P. Davison. Davison was a partner in JP Morgan and company. Davison, along with Rockefeller’s banking interests, were made famous by their secret meeting on Jekyll Island to lay out their plan to create the Federal Reserve System.

    Davison and Rockefeller wanted a “Bank of England” type of system established in the United States so it could bail out banks so they don’t fold for making bad loans.

    Henry’s son, F. Trubee Davison, was a director of personnel for the CIA.

    A lot of these people are way connected in their lives. Jay Rockefeller(’54) attended Phillips Exeter Academy at the same time as John Heinz(’56) and John Negroponte(’56).

    When you think you’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel it just gets longer and longer and longer.

  15. xrayiiis says:

    I’m pretty sure I read that Italian article, translated, some time ago. I remember it talked about all the links between Volker, Rockefeller, Strong, the oil companies, etc. One of the blogs had a link to it, commenting on how it was not reported in the MSM.

  16. xrayiiis says:

    I’m not sure if my last post went through. I said I remember reading that article in English. I found it. on Free Republic, of course!

  17. AJStrata says:


    Yes, your comments went through but I had to authorize the posting of your first comment when you get on. Sorry for the confusion,

  18. xrayiiis says:


    Thanks. No need to apologise, as this is my first time posting, and it was the middle of the night.

    I just wanted to be sure you got the link.

  19. clarice says:

    A little news–I blogged this for AT but don’t know if it’ll make it thru the queue. On April 25, J. Walton ordered the SP to turn over for his inspection the CIA referral letter and accompnaying documents and today Fitzgerald turned them over to the judge.