Apr 27 2006

The ex-CIA Insurgents Infiltrate CIA

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Unbelievable news about the ex-CIA war on America:

But in today’s “leak culture,” the retention of former staffers as contractors and consultants has a clear downside. Consider this e-mail that I just received from a staffer on Capitol Hill, who spoke with an employee at an unnamed “three-letter” intelligence agency. It seems that some of the anti-Bush cabal are using contractor or consultant positions to stir up more trouble on the inside. My contact on the Hill reports:

“I got a call from inside the government. Someone wanted me to let people know that the people who were fired by Goss and/or have left thegovernment to write books have gone to work for intel outside contractors where they have just put on their badges and go right back into the agency and hang around just like before. I am told that they are in the lunch room talking to GS-10s and11s, and 12s to stir up a revolt.”

While these kooks play their power trip games, no one is watching Bin Laden.  No wonder we can’t find him, no one is trying.  They are all making book deals.

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6 Responses to “The ex-CIA Insurgents Infiltrate CIA”

  1. ordi says:

    These people are sick!

  2. Kaz-Man says:

    I’m confident Porter & Co. have an idea who these clowns are. Prediction: These rogue spooks are going to trigger a scandal that is going to make Watergate look like jay-walking.

  3. az redneck says:

    Prediction: They will be punished severely–about like Sandy Burgler.

  4. Synchronicity Redux…

    …Porter Goss has some serious housecleaning to do. And that explains why we keep hearing about disgruntled CIA officers – they are the ones who Goss is looking at as having leaked sensitive and classified information about operations crucial to obt…..

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Heads up all hot off the presses

    Which mean I came across this little tidbit after coming here earlier

    perhaps this indicates more how widespread the damage control/panic is spreading


  6. pull says:

    “While these kooks play their power trip games, no one is watching Bin Laden. No wonder we can’t find him, no one is trying. They are all making book deals.”

    You have your salaried guy and then you have the person who cares. America needs unity, a common cause, something that stands outside of elections. But, we have lost this and people have not noticed. They go to work and that is what it is. At best, a chore.

    This is fall out from the baby boomer generation. When “freedom” no longer means freedom for the poor and oppressed… and freedom means free and cheap drugs and sex and supporting ruthless monsters like the Viet Cong… what is left?

    It isn’t that the Left understands these things. The vast majority of them do not. It is on an unconscious level. They are the flotsam and jetsom being pulled by much bigger currents then themselves.

    So, these kinds of people end up everywhere. CIA. Senate staffing. Law enforcement. Everywhere.

    Bin Laden means nothing to them… except as a convenient guise. They do not even know what means anything to them at all. Not everyone is pure.

    They are caught up in their own impurities, their own shams…

    But, as a nation, we have lost very much in terms of direction. I think the conservatives have it. I think, in some ways, what we have today is brighter then ever before. But, should we expect unity of purpose? It is impossible in government and almost anywhere else.