Apr 27 2006

America: We’re Tired Of All Pols

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While the liberal media spins some new polls to paint a bleak picture for reps, the actual numbers show America is sick of them all, left and right.  Buried at the end of this fantasy piece is the bottom line:

Americans take dim views of both parties, giving Democrats a positive rating of just 33% and Republicans 35%.

So, the only thing I can tell Dems looking for a silver lining is they are worse than or as bad as the Reps!  Don’t expect this to turn into a electorial sweep to the dems this fall.

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One Response to “America: We’re Tired Of All Pols”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    Ah we have been told so much lately of the reversal of fortunes in congress in this election cycle.. could this just be self hype by the MSM or liberal sources…?

    I still to myself say that Regan was right when he told the dems that their party had deserted them..and it seems to be even more apparent now.

    Will be interesting to watch the election night coverage to see how the MSM taliking heads try to stretch the drama to hold on to ratings and viewership.

    Despite the seeming anointment of liberal takeovers, the ratings drudge reported for erramerica and the sales for Kos’s Crashing the Gate, sort of portend that this is an inkblot test than can be looked at by the extreme left as they contemplate the lint in their naval.

    But on a more positive note, many conservative bloggers have complemented the NYT on some seemingly more balanced stories originating there. One wonders if a certain major shareholder has taken them to the woodshed in order to put a plug in the dike, or maybe in the more contemporary term levee to staunch the flow of financial grief worse then their own reporting…

    Film at 11