Apr 27 2006

Open War Between Sunni’s And Insurgents

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Well, the civil war has broken out and broken out ugly in Iraq.  Not the one the leftwing media and liberals predicted, but it is out in the open.  Between Sunnis and the Foreign Terrorists.  Now that the US ‘war’ effort is over in Iraq (there is a new government which is an ally to us, so by definition we are not at war with Iraq), the divide between the Sunni’s and the foreign terrorists is cracking wide open.

A sister of  Iraq‘s new Sunni Arab vice president was killed Thursday in a drive-by shooting in Baghdad, a day after the politician called for the Sunni-dominated insurgency to be crushed by force.

These terrorists are such pathetic cowards.  The image of the Moorish warrior is being destroyed by pretend machismo demonstrated through murdering unarmed woman and children.  Nothing illustrates more the sick and warped thinking of these sewer rats than this kind of dishonorable killing.

What this will do is create a backlash in the Sunni community, because my guess is they are not going to tolerate this kind of insult.  And the truth is, they could do some serious damage to Zarqawi and his minions.  Many Sunnis learned at the foot of Saddam and his two sick sons.

Mayson Ahmed Bakir al-Hashimi, 60, whose brother, Tariq al-Hashimi, was appointed by parliament as vice president on Saturday, was killed by unidentified gunmen in a BMW sedan as she was leaving her home Thursday morning with her bodyguard in southwestern Baghdad, said police Capt. Jamel Hussein. The bodyguard, Saad Ali, also died in the shooting, Hussein said.

It was the second recent killing in Tariq al-Hashimi’s immediate family. On April 13, his brother, Mahmoud al-Hashimi, was shot while driving in a mostly Shiite area of eastern Baghdad.

On Thursday, two of the vice president’s brothers, one an army officer, raced to the scene to recover the body of their sister, Hussein said. She had worked on the government’s audit commission and was married with two grown children.

The television station Baghdad, owned by the vice president’s Iraqi Islamic Party, showed home photos of Mayson al-Hashimi, wearing an orange headscarf, and footage of her bullet-riddled white SUV, while playing mournful music.

The civil war is probably on, with Iraqi’s ready to purge their country of Al Qaeda animals.

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