Aug 09 2011

Wisconsin Prediction

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Major Update: As I suspected, the high turn out is not working to the Democrats favor. 3 Senate seats already called for the GOP [as of 11 PM Eastern] – one more and the Dems have no hopes of taking the senate. 3 more and the Dems risk losing ground in the next round when it is their turn to defend their seats. More over at Hot Air Update: Dems win one, but one more in the GOP column and they are toast. Not looking good for Dems and unions tonight.

Major Update: Looks like turnout is damn high in Wisconsin’s special elections today – nearing presidential election levels:

Various clerks in the recall districts are reporting steady turnout so far with some projecting numbers that will rival a presidential election.

In the 10th SD in western Wisconsin, River Falls City Clerk Lu Ann Hecht said today’s numbers could be as high as the 2008 presidential election.

I would wager this is bad news for Democrats, who needed only the left to come out, not both sides. It will be very interesting to see the results tonight, but if the Prosser election is any indication, high turn out means lots of Tea Party, Conservatives, GOP voters and right leaning independents are showing good energy. – end update

I am going to go out on a limb today and predict the Democrats fall way short of taking control of the Wisconsin State Senate in today’s Special (Whine) Elections. Looking at some late polling over at Daily Kos I see a disaster in the making for the left. Another epic fail as the nation turns their back on liberal nonsense.

Just as the Judge Posner revenge game failed, and as Governor Walker’s policies have begun already to save schools from bankruptcy, there is little rage outside the echo chambers of the rabid left. Only one of the 4 races polled looks like a Democrat pickup, and even that is dodgy. The rest don’t look close.

Polling in these kinds of races are basically wild guesses as to turn out. The normal 3-5% error is not possibly 10-15%. But to oust incumbents for voting their conscience is extremely rare, because we all recognize our democracy is completely predicated on letting the other side win occasionally, and letting the system play out even though we may not like the choice.

So few people really are in the mood to let democracy devolve into pettiness – as is the want for this round of special silliness playing out in Wisconsin today.

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  1. kathie says:

    The Unions are going to do everything, I mean everything to win. Doesn’t seem good to me.

  2. dhunter says:

    Kathie is right.
    All freedom loving Wisconsin Employers and producers, non-union taxpayers need to get to the polls because if there is anything the Rats are good at it is demanding more free stuff, biting the hand that feeds them and stealing elections.
    Watch the graveyard voters and ballot counters like an Eagle.
    We must stop this reign of terror from the left and the union hacks!

  3. crosspatch says:

    If you look at the polling on Kos, they show winning only one election. And that polling is from PPP which is a fairly left-wing polling outfit so they probably garnish the numbers with a few extra points for the dems.

  4. WWS says:

    I was in Wisconsin the last 4 days – in fact I stayed only 1/2 mile from where a rampaging mob of black youths attacked white fairgoers on opening night. The MSM is trying as hard as they can to pretend that this was something other than it was, or that it didn’t happen at all – but oh, did it ever happen. A mob of 300 – 400 black youths stopped cars on the road, breaking windows and dragging out whites to beat them. Men, women, young, old – all you had to be to get beaten that night was white. I’ve heard the eyewitness accounts.

    And the response of the police was pathetic – it amounted mainly to asking them to Please Not Do That – the handful of police that did try to intervene got beaten up, too. This was a mob of youths who thought they were “Entitled” to do anything they wanted, no matter how vile, and they went out and proved they were right. Except for a handful, they mostly all got away with it.

    What a shameful night! Wisconsin is outraged about it, and just as outraged at the way the MSM and the Dem’s pet Mouth Organ in the area, the Milwaukee Journal, are trying to foist a coverup of what happened. Too late – far too many people witnessed it, even if the media does refuse to acknowledge them.

    My relatives are very worried about how this election might go – no one knows for sure – but if Dems lose, it is going to be because of the outrage created by this incident.

    one other thing – every one of my relatives intends to be near the head of the line as soon as concealed carry comes into being this fall.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Republicans hold the Senate. Democrats took two seats, they needed to take three.

    There are two Democrat seats up for recall next week. One looks pretty good for the Republican, the other is close. So at best it looks like the Democrats may come out of this with a one seat gain or possibly a wash, no change.

    All that money wasted. Unions threw money at the Democrat candidates. Dems outspent Republicans 2 to 1. Note that since the passage of Walker’s bill that stops the state collecting union dues, union collections are down over 30%. That is going to hurt in next year’s general election in Wisconsin where the local unions are just not going to have as much money to spend on political activity.

  6. WWS says:

    This was Pickett’s charge for the Unions – close, but not enough. And they’ve wasted valuable resources that they are going to need badly on down the road.

    Heh Heh – The Darling – Pasch race, the deciding race and the final results to come in, was in my relatives district. The one where the State Fair riot happened. heh heh, dems – your own crazy violent constituents blew up all your hopes!

    Of the 2 reps that lost yesterday, one was in a heavy dem district (and that was close!) and the other just left his wife and moved out of his district to go run off with some 25 year old he’d been having an affair with. Yeah, I’d have voted against him, too!

    And all I can say is…. ON WISCONSIN!!!

  7. dhunter says:

    Perhaps instead of blowing 30 – 40 million dollars in an attempt to stack the deck with politicians who will pay off the Unions thus furthering their money laundering scheme, the unions should put this money into their pension plans as the taxpayers aren’t going to be real sympathetic to bailing out Union pension plans for union hacks who make twice what their counterparts in the real world do while doing half the work and ransacking the country when they don’t get their way.

    These union hacks are the US equivalent of the rioters and looters in Europe who are buring down businesses because the looters have had their freebees cutback and been ask for some sort of contribution.

    Never forget who visits the Lyin kING the most, Trumpka and Soros.
    The Short Change Artist may just light this country up to try to win again.

    By the way Palin is coming to the Iowa State Fair just when the major networks concentrated their correspondents here. Thanks Sarah for guaranteeing 300-400 correspondents with nothing to do will visit the Iowa State Fair, vendors, food servers, hotels and motels ThankYou!

    I wonder if the Lyin kING bus tour will follow the Palin bus tour. Look for lots of purple shirts and pre announced locations for the Lyin kINGS tour.
    Lots of stops at Universities where liberal professors will turn out the students for extra credits.