Jul 31 2011

Real Cuts Tuesday, Or Fantasy Cuts In the Future?

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The morons in DC are still not getting it. We have been given a choice – real cuts Tuesday or fantasy cuts 10 years in the future, after trillion more in generational debt. An epic fail.

The ridiculous plan proposed this weekend has a series of flaws. First and foremost, there are only about $900 million in cuts over ten years while we blow $1.5 trillion a year in runaway spending. All these fools could muster is 10% cuts on deficits, which means 90% of the deficit is still there driving us into bankruptcy.

Second, this pathetic commission is against the US Constitution. The HOUSE has to debate and pass spending bills. The SENATE has to debate and pass spending bills. This idiotic commission of 12 congress-critters to do what no one has been able to do in 40 years is naive. But it also gags the Tea Party and Libertarian freshmen sent to DC to fix the problem. It is a coup d’etat violating our representative government. It is the end of America.

So we either have these pretend future cuts (which don’t even hit until 2013) while we immediately raise the borrowing and dig a deeper hole for our children.

OR ….

We kill this silliness and force DC to live within its means this week. Pretend cuts in ten years or real cuts now? The choice is obvious.

Furthermore, the crap from the GOP elites is nauseating. Lindsey Graham admitted we could go into debt another $4-7 trillion dollars with this deal, but what we got was a new debate topic? Is he serious>

Pullleeaase. I ain’t paying those morons in DC $4-7 trillion more in debt to have the right to challenge their out of control spending.

I can get focus on the debate on spending this week – by hitting the debt limit and forcing all those hard decisions now that everyone wants to kick down the street until Thanksgiving. Fuggedaboudit. No more delaying tactics, no more fantasy promises 10 years from now.

Kill the bill, hit the debt ceiling and when the fat cats on Wall Street are screaming ‘uncle’ we make a deal on more rational – but immediate – cuts. If not now – never …

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  1. dhunter says:

    We now have both parties ripping the Constitution to shreds and stomping on it.
    Why, beacuse they are COWARDS concerned only with their own power, own perks, own jobs.
    They swore an oath to protect and defend.
    The same oath our military takes when they put their lives on the line and these COWARDS kick the can down the road and in doing so violate their oaths.
    They should be removed from office, all who vote for this travesty.
    No congress can bind future congresses to anything and the commission crap is, as AJ says, an unconstitutional usurption of representative government.
    Committees are fine but prescribing actual events, actual occurances, remedies, should the committee not come to some agreement is against the freedoms our constitution promises. To allow a two party system to rig the game such that certain elected parties are shut out is unconstitutional and I think the courts have already found that to be the case. And that is to say nothing about the unseemliness of shutting out the American people from the debate. I have had enough of dark of night, backroom deals, passed in the final minutes because of some concocted crisis.
    The congress had the duty to demand Commander In Chief (AWOL), come before them and ask permission for his illegal war and the COWARDS let him off the hook. Never even forcing the Lyin kING to go on record in front of his anti-war base and the American people and give just cause for the US military becoming subjects iof the whims of the UN and their involvment in an overseas civil war.
    The Two Parties are a corrupt travesty and should be taken apart at the seems, shredded, burned and buried by We The People who deserve better. Who deserve the Representative Govt. our constitution prescribes.
    We have lost our way because the schools teach two mommys and daddys, everyone is equally qualified and talented rather than teach history and about our constitutional form of Govt.

  2. WWS says:

    Agree with you, Crosspatch – this sets the playing field nicely for the next year, and after. In honor of the reborn NFL, let me say that this bill is not a touchdown, but it is a solid 1st and 10, and we’ve got control of the ball.

    and the left is getting ever more livid about this – they know that they lost, and that with all the leverage they had (Presidency, Senate) they should have been able to force some tax hikes. They failed! Because Obama has no nerve for a real fight.

  3. crosspatch says:

    I pretty much agree with Jennifer Rubin’s piece over at the Washington Post:


    Democrats lost on virtually every issue of principle (taxes, a clean debt bill, real spending cuts) because the president insisted above all else on getting himself to the next election without another showdown. (That position became more sympathetic to those who agonized through the last week or so.)

    Republicans should be cautious. The House held off the president and the Senate. It refused to raise taxes, and thereby maintained a stark and compelling distinction between the parties. It made some real, if not overwhelming, cuts. More was not possible. You can’t get Rep. Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform bill with only the House. You can’t insure an adequate level of defense spending with only the House. You can’t get Medicaid and Social Security reform with only the House.

    And I see that Mr. Reynolds over at Instapundit has now linked the same albeit with no opinion of his attached to the linkage. I think she is hitting the nail pretty close to the head with her observation, though.

  4. WWS says:

    I listened to some of Limbaugh today, just to see what he had to say, and he was quite critical – but this is one of those instances where I think he is wrong, and is missing the bigger picture. He was making the claim that the MSM is telling the Tea Party that they won just to make them feel good about the deal – but I don’t think the evidence supports that at all. The Left is saying that because *they* know that they lost! And they are sick about it, and they can’t hide how angry they are about it.

    And this sets up a dynamic that I think Rush doesn’t appreciate: Politics is at times quite like team sports, especially in the way that Winners tend to keep on Winning, and Losers tend to keep on Losing. There’s a good psychological reason for this; people who expect to win do the things needed to win, and people who expect to lose are already planning for failure ahead of time.

    From here on out, the Tea Party is expecting to win – and the Democrats are expecting to lose. They won’t say it out loud, maybe they won’t even admit it to themselves – but they are. Dems now know that the next 18 months are going to be one long string of defeats upon defeats.

    There’s no underestimating how powerful a political dynamic this is, especially when you remember that people in general, all ideology aside, tend to associate themselves with winners and to shun losers. That’s just the way people are.

    And soon now the Left is going to turn it’s hatred on Obama himself – no man is more disposed than a failed Messiah.

  5. crosspatch says:

    Thing is, by the time 2012 comes around, I think people are going to have had a belly full of Obama and if the Democrats don’t primary him, we are going to find Democrats voting for Romney in droves in the states with open primaries.

    I believe Perry will be the favorite among Republicans, Romney will be the favorite among Democrats, and crossover Democrats are going to swamp the votes for Perry by voting for Romney in open primary states.

    If Romney runs against Obama in the General, it will be Romney by a landslide because a lot of Democrats will jump ship. if it is Perry against Obama, it will be close. It is hard for a California Democrat to hold their nose and vote for a Texan. It is easier for them to vote for someone who was Governor of Mass.

  6. WWS says:

    Of course, the Republican nominee doesn’t need California, and I would already count on that state being lost. He *does* need the midwest – that’s going to be the true battleground this time around.

    The Dems have a bit of an edge in big states – California, New York, and Illinois will all go Dem. However, Texas and Florida will go GOP, so that balances it a bit. Those outcomes are probably unchangeable, so that won’t be where the real battle happens.

    Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania – whoever takes those states wins the presidency.

    This does affect the candidate selection to a certain extent – why bother nominating someone with the hope of doing well in California when you can’t win in California no matter who runs? I would advise the GOP to spend zero dollars on the California market and put all of their time and effort into the states where it will count.

  7. Jinny says:

    I’m wondering if there will be a primary for the Democrats. If there is, I’m watching U.S. Senator Joe Manchin. He is positioning himself perfectly. He’s against both the left and the right “excesses” and he sounds reasonable.

    Perry is a very effective campaigner. He eviscerated Kay Bailey Hutchison. While I have not voted for him every time he ran for Governor, I would prefer him over Romney any day.

  8. lurker9876 says:

    After today, Obama goes back on his campaign trail, starting tomorrow to celebrate his birthday with 35,800 dinner tickets. He already has 47 million or billion dollars in his war chest. How will he do after today?

  9. crosspatch says:

    California, New York, and Illinois will all go Dem.

    I wouldn’t be so sure about California. California has a history of electing Republicans to executive seats. What I see happening is that a lot of Democrats will cross over and vote for Romney during the California primary. The way we do it is both primaries are held on the same day. When you enter the polling place you ask for either a Democrat or a Republican ballot, no matter what your own party affiliation.

    My current speculation is that there will be more ballots cast for Republicans than for Democrats in the California primary.

  10. WWS says:

    The California primary really doesn’t matter – with no contested seat in the Dem primary, I’m sure you’re right. But look what happened to Whitman – there’s no chance that Obama loses California in the general.

    btw, Meanwhile, the market action today is *exactly* what I have been afraid of for weeks now, and I think another fast
    1,000 points down is a real possibility. (if not 2000) This has been a bubble market ever since spring – there has been nothing supporting it, and the bubble looks like its popping. People are waking up to the uncomfortable truth that all that happy talk about 4% growth in the second half of the year was pure B.S. – not only is there no chance of that, there was *never* any chance of that. Which means all the earnings estimates are about to be downgraded, and share prices will follow.

    If $2.3 Trillion in new debt can’t save this market, nothing can. But the biggest problem isn’t in the US, and this is one of the things almost every US commentator is missing. (Even Limbaugh) The Debt debacle is just a circus sideshow compared to what’s happening in Europe, where the debt contagion has spread to Italy and now is threatening to take down France next. All of the members of the EU are like hikers on a glacier, connected by a rope. Greece and Ireland, on the end, have already tumbled into the abyss. Portugal has lost it’s grip and is going over. Spain and Italy are wobbling and are the next to go, and since they are heavily indebted to France, the French go down next. After that, the UK, and then possibly even the German banking system.

    When the EU was created, they thought that the weakest countries would be given the strength of the strongest. They never imagined that the new unity would simply mean that when one part failed, they would all fail together! And yet that is exactly what is happening.

    Look at the price of Gold – soaring to $1650, by the charts now apparently on a parabolic rise to $1950. Just recently I was thinking $3000/oz by the end of 2012, but that may now happen much, much faster – there is a run on gold going on as depositors are bailing out of the European banking system. If China moves in a big way, we could even see $5000 an ounce.

    news item: the South Korean Central Bank has purchased 25 TONS of Gold in the last 2 months. That’s a $1.2 BILLION
    bet. Count on the Chinese to do the same and more soon.


    If you want to know the biggest worry behind the stock markets fall, the one that everyone knows and no one will
    say out loud: the chance of a 1931 CreditAnstalt collapse in Europe sometime in the next 90 days is now very, very high – it may even be more likely than not. That’s what has got everyone spooked.

    The EU may already be dead, and the dominos will be falling all over the world.

  11. lurker9876 says:

    wws, can’t wait. It has to happen.

    Moody does not look happy.

    S&P does not look happy.

    Reid threatens to use the trigger if the super committee fails to include tax hikes in the new proposal.

    Reid, go ahead and use the trigger. I’m fine with it.

    I do expect a gridlock of the super committee. I’m fine with it.

    Domino effects around the world will jar Obama and the Democrats to reality that we cannot afford to cut defense. So now what?????