Jul 30 2011

The Obama-Reid Debt Plan

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Obama and Reid are going to take the country to ‘default’ because they are mindless liberal zealots who arrogantly believe they are of the chosen few on Earth who can dictate to everyone what is ‘right’. They will take us all through hell to get their way.

Over at Powerline they are having a contest which is producing some amazing media pieces distilling down the issues we face as a nation right now. One of them – The Doorbell – encapsulates the Obama-Reid debt plan perfectly:

This is the path we are on, and the path Obama and Reid want us to accelerate upon. This is why there is a People’s Insurgency in the House. And this is why there will be no agreed to debt ceiling resolution until the political pain on the Democrats is so severe they give up their arrogant and ignorant plans. The battle is for the future of our children. The stakes are more than high enough to face this impasse with steadfast resolve and force the Dems into capitulation.

This is no longer about compromise. It is all about winning – as is the case when it comes down to survival.

Update: Boehner says it all today, as he calls on Obama-Reid to stop posturing.

At moments like this, the arrogance of Washington is most evident not in its actions, but in its inaction.

In the face of a debt explosion that threatens the future of our country, the Senate has not passed a budget in more than 800 days. The House passed a historic one in April.

In the face of a government shutdown this past spring, the Senate produced no solution and initiated no bill. The House did.

And to date, faced with the possibility of a national default that could destabilize our already shaky economy, the Senate has sent the House nothing, while the new majority in the House has acted twice.

Sadly for all of us, Obama and Reid are so arrogant they will never heed the calls for sanity until the pressure raises well above the current levels. Hang on, the ride will be getting very bumpy from here on out.

Update: Perspective on our current national debt

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11 Responses to “The Obama-Reid Debt Plan”

  1. lurker9876 says:

    Byron York notes at twitter:
    “That’s what matters. MT @emptywheel: If we focus on shutdown to come Tuesday, we can say “John Boehner shut down govt just like Newt did.”

    The mainstream media will follow suit….

    Will John Boehner lose? Or will the American Public wise up this time?

  2. lurker9876 says:

    I understand that Reid is trying to bring in more Senate Republicans by throwing them treats. I’m hoping that the Senate Republicans are smarter than Reid to NOT cross over until Reid comes up with a bill very closely matched to Boehner’s bill.

  3. kathie says:

    Reid and Obama are equally STUPID. My God, how did we elect these guys.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Because we had too many stupid Americans? They hated Bush, the wars, and spending so much that they had to believe that Obama was the answer in fixing the Bush problems.

    They didn’t bother to vet Obama.

    I see that the mass layoff trend is back….surely the unemployment reports are going to continue to look bleak.

    I’d hate to think that whatever the bill they finally come up with, Obama and the Democrats will use the bill to attack Republicans during the campaign period…”Blame the economy problems on the Republican bill!”

  5. kathie says:

    Reid does not have even dem votes for his bill and he knows it but did nothing while the house was working away. With the people we elected we deserve a default.

  6. lurker9876 says:

    I see that Obama’s blaming the House Republicans for wasting precious time to come up with a bill that cannot be passed in the Senate.

    So now Reid is filibustering his own bill until time runs out on procedure. Something happens at 1 am Sunday night.

    How’s that for wasting precious time, Reid?

  7. crosspatch says:

    I would like to know why everyone says the US will “default”. The debt ceiling means no new debt can be taken on. We have 5x the revenue required to pay interest on the existing debt. We won’t “default” on anything. Granted, the administration will have to make decisions on what to pay and what not to pay, but we have plenty of money to pay interest on the debt.

    Our existing bonds won’t “default.

  8. dhunter says:

    The Repubs are being played big time and I hope to hell they realize it.
    FACT: No matter what the Repubs do the Rats and their Presstitutes are going to try to blame the Repubs for the continuing economic decline and hope to erase the history of the economic abject failure the Rats plans have caused.
    FACT: Obama, Reid, Pelosi are playin these guys like a sradivarius.
    Boehner and McConnel have said numerous times no-one is talking about default, this will be resolved without that.
    They are showing their hand here. They are showing the Rats they are deathly afraid of what August 3rd will bring absent a agreement, so the Lyin kING, Dingy Harry and Pelosi smell fear and desperation and think that in the end the Repugs, so desperate for a deal, will cave and give the Ltyin kING his extension until 2013 and probably increased taxes.
    One deals, the others shoot it down, Reid filibusters his own bill knowing full well the optimal time for a deal is midnight on the 1st such that no-one has the time or the guts to read it, amend it, object itrather iout of fear just pass it.
    Desperation is no place to negotiate from and Boehner and McConnell seem to be desperately bent on a deal.
    I hope someone can talk some sense into them and the Tea Party can put some steel in those spines of jello else they will sell out the base and rescue the Lyin kING from his ever descending public approval.
    The very least they could do is give the Lyin kING a birthday present of NO DEAL! He intends to spend, party, fundraise and dance on the bodies of his enemies, deny the Lyin kING the pleasure, spoil his party. He richly deserves this in the least and Impeachment if the truth be told, or if the spines were stiff enough.
    I am not optomistic, we are talking two carreerist squishes, deal makers who don’t understand the enemy WANTS and is WORKING FOR the death of capitalism.

  9. Frogg1 says:

    “The Hill” has an article out that says according to Moody’s neither the Boehner nor Reid plan protects the AAA rating. They don’t believe the country will default even if the debt ceiling isn’t increased because we have enough income to service the debt. And, on top of that it confirms that it is actually the “long term debt and deficit problems” that put the country’s rating at risk.

    Link to article if you want to read it:

  10. Frogg1 says:

    Speaking about compromise…..why didn’t the Republicans in the House just stop with “Cut, Cap, and Balance”? Wouldn’t they have been in a better position to have a meaningful compromise with the Democrats if they had done that? By continuing to offer softer and softer plans aren’t the Republicans, in essence, already creating a ‘compromise bill’ that they then have to ‘compromise’ yet once again on with the Democrats? There are times when you compromise and times when you can’t. However, as a strategy, the diluted process the Republicans are following just doesn’t seem very smart to me.

  11. dhunter says:

    It leaves one with one of two choices.
    1.) Either the Establishment, careerist, Repugs are ignorant as to how to negotiate, having been insolated and isolated in DC for so long, with their every personal needs met, or
    2.) They and their mouth pieces the Roves and Krauthammers are in agreement that the Government is the answer. Bush thought so with his perscription drugs for everyone bill and these guys passed that. The careerists Repugs must be gone if we are to put our country on a path to solvency, perscription drugs for everyone financed by We The People and the more aggressive give away of taxpayer funds to buy votes with Government welfare will not stop if our choice is a Republican passenger train to insolvency or the Demrats bullet train.

    Perhaps a third choice,
    the Repugs honestly can’t see that their opponents are not good faith bargainers, they are dishonest to the core. They cannot and will not expose their real bills or socialist agenda because they would be on record and soundly rejected.
    This inability to know, acknowledge and face the real enemy dovetails nicely with number 1.
    The solution remains the same, remove them. ALL who have been in DC more than ten years must be gone!