Apr 23 2006

Dumb As A Fence Post

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Hillary as called for a ‘Smart Fence‘ along the US-Mexixan border. I am all for the fence. But has she never heard the phrase “dumb as a fence post”? Probably not – you only hear that in fly-over country.

So, what is a ‘smart fence’ you might ask (as did I)? Hillary answers:

“There is technology that would be in the fence that could spot people coming from 250 or 300 yards away and signal patrol agents who could respond.”

In other words, the fence has cameras and sensors on it. The posts are apparently still pretty dumb. Congress is looking into funding a project to infuse intelligence into fence posts later this year. They will do initial test trials on members of Congress first, to make sure no risk can come to the fence posts. Al Gore is claiming he invented the idea first using tree stumps.

This is what you get when pols hire advertising firms to ‘sell’ us on their ideas: smart fences. What will DC think up next?

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    Catching yourself on fire because you’re a terrorist asshole: PRICELESS

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  2. wickedpinto says:

    Camera’s are useful, but stupid as a basis. There are photo-interupters, like the ones she had installed around her house at public expense when she needed a new house so she could take over a Senate Seat, which for the most part are not very reliable in high heat and light environments. At least the cost effective ones. verious teritory interpupters of some sort would be interesting options, because then we can keep the INS people at a relatively small number, and turn them into fast reaction forces. However every single passive sensor of this type is expensive, and not very reliable when it comes to places have that have those tricky things like wind, and rain.

    You can have IR sensors acting as interruptors, but you are increasing the cost, you can have tripline tracking, which is only affective once, you can have camera’s that require more people to watch TV for 8 hours a day, thats just retarded. I love television, I have a television on most of the day, I don’t watch it much, I listen to it for a neet new update, and even as little as I watch it, I get bored pretty quick. So Camera’s require a lot of people with the fortitude to not get bored at the latest episode of “dry sandy desert.” Camera’s should be secondary instruments, not primary.

    Or. . .I don’t know, I think there is a technology that would limit the need for manpower, while also being endurent enough to defy the affects of nature, and requires very little maintenance. I need to look into it, but I think . .. . Concrete, at about 10 ‘ is a reasonable option. I might be wrong, but I drive, and concrete seems pretty plentiful, at least in it’s natural state on the ground, perfectly flat, covering vast expanses of the US. Also I think that with well trained concrete wranglers, we might be able to properly train concrete to . . . I don’t know. not let people under 8’ tall climb over it.

    This is a complicated technological issue, but with the right beurocrat patronizing me, I’m sure I will never come to a reasonable decision.

  3. AJStrata says:

    I know of all sorts of really technology for this kind of stuff. Unfortunately it should not be discussed on the Internet. Cameras and sensors will do for a description!

  4. wickedpinto says:

    I also argued “Cost”

  5. wickedpinto says:

    well, motion activated snapshots don’t count, because you still need a cost effective way to activate the snapshot.

    and concrete is the most cost affective.

  6. wickedpinto says:

    random question? why does “The Moderate Voice” actually believe that they are moderate?

    They are only moderate in TONE, but not in language. Silly silly fools.

  7. sbd says:

    From To The Point News

    For here’s how they can make their own Illegal Alien Detector.

    Industrial microwave burglar alarms, used to cover a large area such as a warehouse, cost less than 100 bucks. They are considered an obsolete technology, replaced by photoelectric beams or infrared motion detectors. (It’s because the latter’s protection area is confined by walls and glass; as microwaves penetrate walls and glass, more false alarms are generated beyond the protection area.)

    These now cheap microwave alarms have a range of less than 200 feet at a wide angle. They come with a rectangular horn that emits the microwaves. To greatly extend the range and tighten the focus, simply extend the horn by attaching copper sheeting or foil.

    Duck tape 36-inch sections of thin copper sheeting ( or styrofoam board with copper foil), extending each side of the horn, making sure the copper is in full contact with the horn and the angle of the horn/sheeting is continuously the same.

    If copper sheeting or foil is unavailable, substitute aluminum foil, which is 10% or so less efficient.

    The range of your now Illegal Alien Detector will be a mile for an individual moving and two miles or more for a moving vehicle. The focus at these lengths will be about one degree, or a little over the width of the full moon.

    Using two such IADs, each on a different frequency, you can triangulate the position of the individual or vehicle within a few feet.

    To tap into the frequency, you’ll need the circuit diagram (from the manual) to locate the output of the mixer circuit before it goes into the on/off relay (called a discriminator). That’s where to connect an audio amplifier and headphones. That way you’ll get an analog signal you can listen to instead of a binary on/off alarm.

    You need to hold it steady as any shaking will ruin the signal. So place it on a tripod, table, car hood (without the engine running!), pickup truck roof, etc.

    With practice, you can distinguish between the Doppler audio signal reflected by adults and children with their shorter arms and legs. You can distinguish between men and women (women’s hips move differently and you can actually hear the difference in the Doppler signal).

    A man with a gun will signal differently, his hands if carrying, his hips if holstered. A man with a rifle on his shoulder will move his shoulders differently. You can hear the difference with practice (and you’re not tone-deaf).

    You can distinguish between one and two people, two and five, five and ten, etc. If you connected the signal to a computer with a Fourier analysis program, you could count each person in a group of several dozen.

    Any Minuteman or enterprising Border Patrolman can afford and easily make an IAD. (Although the higher the power of the unit, the higher the sensitivity, and these are the more expensive models). Battery use is minimal so they can run all night on one charge.

    Spaced a mile apart, 100 Minutemen can protect a 100 mile stretch of border.

    Spread the word about the IAD and you’ll make protecting our border suddenly easier.


  8. wickedpinto says:

    reads like a mission statement.

    Okay SBD, thats a very good point, concrete, and what you said. 🙂

  9. FrankD says:

    I remember Ty Cobb (the real one), the Georgia Peach, and this one is certainly no Georgia Peach. He looks like, and probably is, a slicked-down version of a K St. mouthpiece for hire.
    I don’t see him doing Mary McCarthy any good, as if anyone could.

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