Jul 25 2011

When You Have Lost All Credibility …

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Obama’s prime time BS-er will go down in history as the prime example of how stupid you sound when you have lost all credibility and political capitol. Obama claimed we are here because Congress (HIS Congress) made promises it could not keep. Brilliantly dumb.

He also claimed the GOP wanted him to give in, and then demanded they give into him. Sadly for Obama, very few are on his side.

Yes – we want his butt back here in 6 months to explain why he should be given any more money.

Yes – we want him to cave to spending cuts and no new taxes

No – we DO NOT want to rubber stamp another debt ceiling increase as was done for his predecessors. Of course they were less mad about blowing large mountains of tax dollars.

No – we don’t want to punish corporations (who have plenty of lawyers and accountants to dodge taxes).

We know he rejected two bipartisan plans recently. We know he is rhetoric is 80% lies and misrepresentation. We know he can no longer be counted upon to match his rhetoric.

Bottom Line: He can avoid any defaults by prioritizing payments in the order of Troop Pay, Social Security Payments and Interest Payments. After that pay what we can afford.

That was the ‘big fail’ of Bully Pulpit speeches.

BTW: His call to contact Congress is going to backfire big time. Question: will he finally cave when he gets the coming ear full?

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  1. j4140 says:

    Yes, the phone thing will backfire, but BO has no idea that that could possibly happen. I think Clinton did the same kind of thing once too?

  2. lurker9876 says:

    A baby speech.

    The economy will continue to stagnate through next year.

    Will Obama and the Democrats TRY to use this deal as part of their campaign to blame the Republicans?

    Which is why I think Mitch WANTS to ensure Obama take FULL blame.

    The Republicans need to continue with the message that they are not at blame for the economy that will get worse.

  3. Woofguy says:

    Congratulations Tea Party. Looks like you have brought Mr. Obama to his knees.

    Keep it up…..

    What a weak, sniveling attempt at a speech.

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