Jul 22 2011

Will Denial Help Liberals Thwart The Will Of The People

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It is funny how people who are accustomed to controlling the political debate and influencing the mood of the people never understand when that ability has been ripped from them. In the debt ceiling debate going on right now, the left leaning news media – along with the rest of the Political Industrial Complex – have decided to try and ignore the fact that the nation does not want any more business as usual. As Ed Morrissey noted today, CNN buried a key poll number that indicates the people are lined up with the Libertarian/Tea Party members of the GOP House more than any other faction in the debate:

One has to go thirteen paragraphs into the story to find CNN addressing this at all:

Republicans like the “cut, cap, and balance” approach to the debt ceiling, as do Democrats and independents. Most Americans support a balanced budget amendment, and most, but not as many, think an amendment is necessary to get federal spending under control. A balanced budget amendment passed the House earlier this week, but a vote in the Senate is expected to fail.

Er, yeah. In other words, a consensus exists across all political lines that the CCB/BBA approach would be a good idea. When one scrolls down to the crosstab sections of the raw data, the consensus becomes very, very clear. The CCB/BBA approach wins majorities in every single demographic — including self-described liberals. Sixty-three percent of Democrats back the House bill. The least supportive age demographic is 50-64YOs at 62/37; the least supportive regional demographic is the Midwest at 61/39. Even those who express opposition to the Tea Party supports it 53/47.

So, did CNN make a difference in the momentum of the debate or the mood of the country by burying this little detail? Will the House GOP crumble if they don’t know America is four square behind them? In this modern era of the internet and blogs, did CNN succeed in keeping this little polling gem hidden from the public eye?

No, no and hell no.

This little game of trying to hide the truth is not working any more. The depth of denial on the left inside the Political Industrial Complex has reached a truly disturbing level. When leaders decide to ignore the will of the people to this level, they tend to get their heads handed to them by the voters (e.g., 2010 elections). So while the Dems and liberal media pretend they live in a different world, it will not change the direction this country is heading. All the threats from Obama and Senate Dems and the media about a price to pay for pushing a limited debt ceiling hike with real, near term cuts and no new taxes are all empty. These claims are so empty that it is they who are paying a price in terms of burning up political capitol – not to mention burning through the patience of the American voter.

This is how America really feels about the debt ceiling and the fools hanging onto those loser ways of trying to pass nothing of substance under the cover of fancy sounding (but contrary) words.

In other words, the pathetically empty proposals being tossed out in lieu of the House approach are so bad they are not stopping the momentum of the small government forces, they are adding fuel to the fire because it seems the dolts in DC just do not get it yet. We don’t need anymore growth in the federal government. Mark Steyn phrased it PERFECTLY in his column yesterday:

The pathetic spectacle of grown men and women sitting around in meetings trying to agree on “grand bargains” to save $43.7 bazillion in federal spending by 2023 before an allegedly looming deadline of August 2nd is almost too perfect a snapshot of Washington stupidity.

Here’s a newspaper headline from a yellowing cutting I found up in the attic:

U.S. Budget Deficit Hits Record $438 Billion For Year

Boy, those were the days! Flappers in rumble seats, wind-up victrolas, and deficits you could measure in billions. A more innocent age, lost in the mists of time. Gosh, you’d have to be pushing, oh, twelve even to remember it.

$438 billion was the record-breaking federal deficit in 2008. That’s all of three years ago. In 2011, it’s getting on four times as big.

Stunning, isn’t it? The fact is Obama and Reid (and Pelosi) got all the new spending they are going to get. They blew their chances and have been cut off from the piggy bank – by the owners of the bank.

Everyone agrees the Dems already got their spending and tax hikes – and they went too far. 2010 was about cutting back on that madness. So the Debt Ceiling debate is the first test to see if DC gets it.

CNN does not get it – clearly. The White House will never get it – that is beyond their grasp. The key really now is the Senate.

But the fact is, we will pass the pretend August 2nd date and Obama may attempt to violate his oath and the law of the land and punish segments of the public by withholding payments. I got news for him and the left – don’t even pretend to play that game. As has been noted many times there is $200 billion a month coming in – plenty to cover OBLIGATIONS! But discretionary spending, new starts, trains to/from nowhere – all are legally able to be delayed if the money is not there.

It is against the law to not meet one’s commitments if there are options available in front of them. Is Obama ignorant and reckless enough to go after Social Security payments or Military Pay? Only if he wants a fast track to congressional investigations. And trust me, the people would be behind it 100%. There are rules, and the fact the dems have not been forced to work within them recently does not mean they do not exist, or violating them is not serious. We are going to have to go without a debt ceiling fix on August 2nd unless Obama and the Dems realize they had their spending spree and it is now OVER!

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10 Responses to “Will Denial Help Liberals Thwart The Will Of The People”

  1. WWS says:

    encouraging that the desperate counterattack of the go-along-to-get-along republicans failed. We don’t know if Boehner was there or if he was just being painted there by the MSM attempting to paint him into a corner. All that matters is that he refused the bad deal at the end.

    NOW it gets interesting – now it gets serious. Now we get to find out who really has the nerve to stick to their position when things really get ugly.

    Odds of a stopgap, 90 day extension are going up.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    So the Senate Dems rejected the CCB but offered no plans? Now they’re going home for the weekend?

    Boehner and the House Republicans, stick to your plan. Don’t capitulate. Let the default happen.

    I’m ok with the 90 day extension plans and I mean plural. This will force the light on Obama for failing to agree to a plan and this will go all the way to election.

    Unfortunately, the lamestream media will attempt to put the blame on the Republicans.

    Charles Krauthammer said a few weeks ago that Obama has enough money to put on a very ugly and dirty campaign…but who can Obama go after? He will have to wait until national convention next year to figure out who to go after….not enough time, right?

  3. dhunter says:

    The Dems will have a plan, probably the gang of 6 hose job.
    It will be presented at the last minute and be of utmost necessity to pass to avert disaster of unimaginable purportions. There will be no time to read the bill. mccain will sign on as will grahamnsty, Collins, Snowe, Brown.
    the House will have to follow or fear being blamed for the collapse and unpaid ssi checks.
    Boehner told Rush yeaterday they could not let this go to default. The Repubs, by their fear, have chained themselves to the mercy of those who will not negoitiate, but rule by fear and decree.

  4. BarbaraS says:

    There is a reason all this is going on now. The dims are pulling the same trick they pulled on Bush Sr. They want the republicans to agree to raise taxes so that next year, when the public’s loss of memory kicks in, the dims can blame the raise in taxes on them. Same goes for the debt limit and any ills deriving from that. There can be no other reason for such a losing platform as raising taxes and not cut spending. To not send SS and military checks to the people entitled to them. I wonder when it or even if the republicans will ever realize they are dealing with scavengers and predators. There will never be any way to compromise with them because to them compromise means getting their way whether they are in the majority or the minority.

  5. WWS says:

    Louis Gohmert (my congressman) is on the radio right now, reporting on the House GOP conference committee this morning.

    Sounds like Boehner spent his time trying to convince them all to cave. This does not give me any confidence in the result.

  6. dbostan says:

    Do not doubt even for one second that O would NOT make the debt payments if given the opportunity.

    What better chance to hurt this country than this?

    As for the repubics, GOD help them (and us) if they cave.

    I do not see any bigger chance of starting a third, conservative party than the moment the repubics cave (if they cave)..

  7. lurker9876 says:

    Obama said this afternoon, “Waaahhh, wwwaaaaahhhhhh, wwwwaaaaahhhhh….!!!”

  8. ivehadit says:

    Ok, so can we make sure that we convince all the independents out there that the republicans are RIGHT to force this issue, that the consequences of RAISING THE DEBT is WORSE than not raising the debt ceiling?

    Answer: WE MUST.

    We must NOT let the media win on this. We MUST ALL have a heart to heart with our friends about the FACTS of this: FOUR BILLION A DAY INCREASE IN THE DEBT is the obama way.

    And Krauthammer and O’Reilly, KEEP OUT OF THE NEGOTIATIONS how ’bout it?

  9. WWS says:

    LOL, Lurker!

    And thank heaven that Boehner got fed up and walked out on the deal this afternoon – the secret deal that he kept denying he was working on. He found out in person why Obama can’t be trusted!

  10. lurker9876 says:

    wws, I watched Boehner give his speech and the q and a. I just could NOT believe the questions coming from the media and frankly, my dear, I don’t blame Boehner leaving the q and a session rather short with that final statement. Good for him.

    Cantor walked out of his committee weeks earlier with the claim that only Obama and the leaders can work up a deal. Yesterday, Boehner walked out with the claim that Obama cannot negotiate a deal and wanting to work with the congressional leaders. Guess Boehner will have to learn the hard Cantor way. There’s no way that they can ever come up with a deal because of their ideological differences. Boehner knows this.

    As long as the House Republicans stand strong, Obama and the Democrats have serious problems.