Jul 18 2011

Tomorrow, “We The People” Speak On Debt Limit

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The Sunday shows were full of liberals in deep denial over the 2010 election.

The talking points echoed from Fox News to ABC News was about how the vote tomorrow in the House of Representatives will not mean anything.

It was a silly and desperate act of pretending the 2010 election did not happen or had no meaning.

But the election did happen. And tomorrow will be the first time any legislation will have been put forth by anyone on the debt ceiling resolution. As Bill Kristol said, this is how it supposed to work. The Senate then should take it up, offer amendments and alternatives, but vote out their version. Then you go to committee. Then the President will have to act like the grown up he claims he is.

We The People spoke loudly in the last election. There was no doubt which party wanted to expand government and which wanted to reign it in. The latter won in a landslide of historic proportions. There is no confusion here, unless you are afraid to face reality.

Delusional denial is not the answer to last fall’s election. Anyone who wants to pretend it did not happen and it will not have repercussions is not truly American, or for democracy. The evidence of deep seated partisan fascism is in the denial of elections.

President Obama does not want to shrink government – at all costs. He and his administration have said they would rather tax small business (so called millionaires) to stave off government cuts. Even the Senate Democrats acknowledge they don’t want to make the cuts required to stop the destructive red ink:

Congressional leaders are giving tea party-backed Republican freshmen the run of the House this week with a plan to let the government borrow another $2.4 trillion — but only after big and immediate spending cuts and adoption by Congress of a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget.

This “cut, cap and balance” plan is set to pass the House on Tuesday but is sure to stall in the Senate, where majority Democrats say it would lead to decimating budget cuts and make it harder to pass tax increases on the wealthy.

Seems like the perfect plan to me, and a majority of the voters here in Middle America. Anything that stops government from growing and puts on a track towards deficit neutral budgets without crippling taxes is going to have the same shape and direction. The Democrats want none of this – too bad they are unable to dictate their partisan desires in this American democracy.

President Obama has offered painful cuts, but without shrinking government down to a manageable size. We know this because he wants tax increases with those cuts – but not to offset those cuts. If he were to offset the cuts, we would only be getting higher taxes!

Painful cuts plus crippling taxes. That’s his plan. Pain without any progress. Less services along with less jobs, but more money for DC to waste.

Talk about delusional! And few lefties inside the Political Industrial Complex get this.

Earth (or America) to the DC Bubble: You don’t have to ‘get it’. You have to abide by our democratic process and live with it. Denial is not an option anymore.

Addendum: This is the best political ad of this election cycle

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2 Responses to “Tomorrow, “We The People” Speak On Debt Limit”

  1. oneal lane says:

    I have have ceased to look for logical consistancy from the American electorate. To believe the polls Americans say they do not want tax hikes, yet the GOP ranks worse that Obama and the Democrats in the Debt debate. I know they voted in a conservative congress last fall but they voted in a Marxist for president 2 years before, when the could have had a very Moderate McCain. I am unsure what they really want.

  2. WWS says:

    As important as this debt ceiling is to our future, I can’t help but notice that it is serving mainly as a smoke screen to mask what I think is the most important development worldwide in my lifetime – the breakup of the EU.

    Breakup of the Soviet Union was big, but that didn’t threaten to destroy our financial system completely. This breakup does, because the American Banking system is tied into the Euro Banking system, and if one goes down, we all go down together.

    Best analogy I can think of: We’re all in the stands watching a 3 ring circus. Over on the left, in Ring 3, a group of clowns are staging a Punch and Judy show, and they’ve gotten most everyone’s attention. (the debt ceiling fight)

    But on the *other* side of the show, an even bigger group of clowns has set the tent on fire, and now it’s about to burn down with everyone inside of it, most of them unaware of what’s about to happen.

    That’s what’s hapening in Europe these days.