Jul 04 2011

Happy 4th Of July

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Sorry for the light posting – having a wonderful family vacation and reading an amazing book on Global Warming. I am half way through Micheal Crichton’s ‘State of Fear’ and I must admit the man was a serious researcher. His general context for the debate about AGW is spot on, and he really does do a number on the global warming alarmists and their shoddy claims. I hope to post on the book after I am done.

But today I want to reflect our America, and the malaise that has crept into its heart as we spend another 4th of July in the grips of economic chaos and DC incompetence.

It has been almost 3 years since the nation put its trust in a silly slogan: Hope & Change. Those 3 years have been a painful learning experience. we have reached a realization that DC has no answers, is not a special center of wisdom, has no superior motives or capabilities, and is probably the least competent element in our society. All the mythology about government bureaucrats riding in like White Knights to end poverty, disease and ignorance have been shattered after 3 years of liberal, government activism – resulting in clear and unambiguous failures.

While President Obama has learned there are no such things as ‘shovel ready jobs’ in the lethargic and bloated federal government, the American people have learned that bought-and-paid-for politicians are no match for the unbiased power of a market-driven, free economy. Democrats ran amok implementing every liberal dumb idea they have, proving once and for all the only result we can count on from DC is mountains of generational debt. Government is at its best when it is out of the way and letting people decide what they want and how to acquire.

The malaise is not depression or fear – as the numb skulls in the media want to assume, so they can grasp at one last thread of superiority over the dumb masses. The malaise is from the realization that the next step to recovery is another year away. While the fringes may fantasize about extra-legal or questionable solutions, the people know we must wait until the next election to make another course correction.

We got ourselves into this mess at the ballot box, and we will get ourselves out of this mess using the same tool. No one is ready for mindlessly tearing down 200 years of freedom that is America. We will work it out, and dismantle the beast of the federal bureaucracy in a manageable way. But it will be dismantled.

In a lot of ways, this 4th of July will bring us back to our Libertarian roots, a trend that has been building since 2009 and the elections in NJ and VA for governor. Because we see the corruption and incompetence building in DC. We see the illegal war in Libya and how DC could care less. We see how the President and Democrats are now pondering the near-treasonous act of ignoring the debt ceiling and piling up even more massive annual deficits than we have now. Annual deficits that would have been unheard of for an entire 4 year term under Presidents Billl Clinton and George W Bush!

We see the dual standards, where Pols and bureaucrats can waste or steal billions of dollars and everyday citizens are arrested for ever more petty and ridiculous infractions (like children running lemonade stands).

We see the job ahead of us, and know that so far there have been no solid reasons to accelerate the change of head of state. More and more evidence of chicanery and corruption are going to come out, from DOJ to EPA. Our government is infested with a cancer of incompetent control freaks. The only answer is to shrink the reach and power of the government so the ‘governed’ rule once more. And yet we have another year before we can act in a manner we are comfortable with – voting. We have time for criminal trials later.

No wonder this is 4th of July is introspective, centered around family and friends, and devoid of Hope – as we wait to make big Changes next year. We are resolute and determined, not excited or optimistic.

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  1. momdear1 says:

    For 20 years I have been trying to warn people that global warming and other environmental scares were hoaxes dreamed up by “hard core radical activists left over from the Anti-War and Civil righs Movements of the 60s.” After their Communist inspried revolution failed in the 60s and 70s these hard core radicals regrouped and came up with a strategy to orgainze local grass roots organizations to support their front line troops, mostly inner city minorities and gang members . The Environment was selected as the cause in which they felt they could mobilize the most people because just about every community has some kind of big nasty in their area at the time. Starting about 1985 these radical controlled national organizations paid canvassers (mostly college students on breaks) to go door to door all over the country with questionaires designed to identify issues of concern to people. These canvassers were funded by big left wing foundations (Ford, New World (Ted Turner) Pew, etc, and grants from movie stars sulike Barbara Striesand and her pals. Once identified and sorted into groups people were then invited to attend state, regional and national Workshops, Conferences, Conventions etc. where they were told they could network with others with like concerns and receive instructions on how to influence state and national officials. The true purpose of this massive organizational effort was “to unite and train all dissident groups to unite to support these people’s of color when they took to the streets to demand whatever type social justice they were demanding.” The first organizational effort was when Ted Turner and Hillary Clinton’s New World Foundation (Ted furnished the money and Hillary was on it’s BOD and served as it’s President)funded sending a known radical community organizer, who was trained at the Patrice University of terrorism in Moscow during the cold war, to East Los Angeles in November 1991 for the stated purpose “To Unite those warring gangs and focus their attention on their common enemies instead of each other.” This person went to LA in November 1991. the “Rodney King riots” took place in April 1992. Shortly after the riots there was a meeting of all inner city gang leaders, held inthe Midwest, after which satellite gangs of Crips and Bloods started springing up in schools all across the country. How do I know all this? I was on the board of directors of one of these national organizations when the plan was formulated.

  2. kathie says:

    And now Obama is their leader……….Holy Cow???!!!

  3. ivehadit says:

    Wow, momdear1, great post. And courageous. How do we get this word out?

    And AJ, “We need to get out of the habit of trading bureaucratic reach in one area for cuts in another.

    This will NEVER result in a smaller, leaner, more productive federal government.” RIGHT ON.

  4. Mordecai Subaru says:

    Some keep trying to say Obama is merely an inexperienced lefty
    I think he is way more than that

    and this obviouosly intelligent lady agrees with me:


    We have been taught to recognize the ‘enemy’ as something external to us and to our country and as a consequence have not recognized that a diffuse but organized internal enemy has been hard at work undermining our Constitution and the American Republic for at least 100 years.

    For the twentieth century, acts of war include legislation such as the Federal Reserve Act, illegal amendments to the Constitution like the Sixteenth Amendment, wars, assassinations, terrorist attacks, selective arrests and jailing, and economic terrorism.This has gone right along side the cultural war waged against liberty by communism.

    Everything that happened as internal war in the United States in the last century paved the way for the greatest internal attack waged against us in history–the installation of a foreign agent into the White House. We have names, institutions, the ‘alphabet soup’ agencies, and associations that tie them directly to the Obama usurpation.

    Installation of Obama an Act of War

    The placement of a usurper into the Presidency of the United States is an act of war classified as domestic terrorism:


    If you but shift your postulate to obama being an enemy agent, then every single action he has taken makes perfect sense,

    otherwise you have to conclude he is a stupid dolt,

    abd I don’t think he is a stupid person.