Jun 20 2011

Fly By 06_20_11

As summer begins to slip into full gear, I find me interest in politics waning. How many more ways can this neophyte administration screw up? How many more ways can it flaunt the law and replace it with naive and simpleton policies (Libya, Gunrunner, Obamacare, etc come to mind). The country is not going to pull out of this mess until it replaces the leaders in DC with one charter – cut government down to the bare minimum.

So in place of an in depth analysis of the ‘news’ of the day, I decided a Fly By was in order. First order of business – hope everyone had a good Father’s Day. Mine was, as usual, packed with sports for the kids. We did a 3.5 hour swim meet and three all-star soccer games over the weekend (barely missing out on a 4th). But not to worry, I also got a quick breakfast in bed as well as a 14 mile and 21 mile bike ride in.

All in all, a great Father’s Day.

But now to the less fun stuff. While there is a lot of hand-wringing on the right about holding to the War Powers Act, I am all for enforcing it – especially since every GOP President has followed its guidance since Ronald Reagan. Moreover, we do need to expose NATO as a paper tiger, so people understand “NATO” is just another acronym which means putting US military personnel in harms way. So I am 100% behind defunding the Libyan War effort. Especially given the fact President Obama ignored legal advice from his own administration. Advice that supports the position the UN and US acted illegally and outside their charters and rules.

Update: Hugh Hewitt notes that it is time for administration lawyers to decide whether they represent the interest of a wayward and ego maniacal President or the United States of America. I know where their oath of office points. – end update

On a more positive note, I have to hand it to Texas Governor Perry for his straight talk, and how to win the middle of America in 2012:

“We need to stop apologizing for celebrating life,” the Republican Texas governor bellowed at the Republican Leadership Conference in a finger-pointing, finger-wagging and, at times, bombastic, speech.

“Stop apologizing” for wanting to stem the tide of the “entitlement mindset,” he boasted.

“Our opponents on the left are never going to like us, so let’s stop trying to curry favor with them,” he said, before imploring the crowd to “stand up. Let’s speak with pride about our values. Let’s stop this American downward spiral.”

Not surprisingly, this will work for the centrist voters. You can honestly be pro life, but also realize their are limits on what can be legislated. To win the pro-life debate means to trust Americans to learn and appreciate life – not to brow beat them with laws.

But moreover, on the economic side of things Obama, Reid and Pelosi have been berating anyone and everyone who does not agree with their far left liberal policies. We are evil if we don’t see Obamacare as anything but a economic disaster that will gut out health care system. We are evil if we want to save Medicare from bankruptcy and provide a new, modern and sustainable version for the future generation (under 55). We are evil if we determine the government is bloated, wasteful, corrupt and inept.

All the berating the left does against common sense alternatives – especially from the Libertarian core of Tea Party – actually bleeds over to the centrists who agree in principle. It is time to not only stop cowering, it is long past time to stop insulting and complaining about centrists who would be more than happy to dump the Dems for a moderate conservative approach. And I don’t mean lefties talking conservative, I mean reasonable sized steps in the conservative direction.

There is no need to cower down because we find common ground right of center, and way short of the right fringe. The right needs to realize the country desires neither a leftward or rightward activist government.

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